At the red Ribbon headquarters

Dr. Gero smiled at the completion of the upgrades. He then began to wonder something. Since the original Red Ribbon satellite was still orbiting the earth he could get a read out of where Androids 17 and 18 where. While both of them where too weak for his plans he could find out if they had aquired anymore information on Goku's friends. Connecting up through their minds he found nothing of interest in 17's mind but found quite a bit in 18's.

"So she married the enemy…. Not only that but they have a daughter. This will work brillantly." He thought as he walked toward Android 23.

"Android 23 go and collect android 18 and her daughter. If her husband Krillin is alive then kill him. Bring them here. I have planes for this child. Plans that I want my failure android to wittness." Gero said with a evil smirk.

The android that had once been Goku bowed and walked away. Heading toward Kame house to collect what Gero had requested.

At Kame House.

Gohan had left Master Roshi's and headed for Kami's lookout. Knowing that he might be able to get some information from Dendai. He had no idea that a few moments after he left his father would be ariving to take a couple of his friends. Inside of the house 18 was crying softly. She had never let Krillin know how much he ment to her and it was killing her inside that he was gone. She quit reading his powerlevel and that itself was enough to stop her heart. But when the old man had told her what had happened. It nearly killed her. She had asked Marron to step outside and play for a while. Her mind would have been completely distracted but the sounds of a scream made her head snap up. She ran to the door and saw Goku. It was Goku but he couldn't be senced. That ment that Gero had gotten to him.

"Drop my daughter you son of a bitch!!!!" She shouted as she ran toward him and slammed her fist into his gut. The surprise of the attack was enough to make the once powerful Saiyan warrior move backwards a little. However his grip on Marron was still holding.

"Dr. Gero has commanded that you be brought back to the red ribbon army headquarters." He said in a flat tone.

"The Fuck if my daughter or I am going anywhere with you!!!" She said as she tried to kick him in the balls. This time however he blocked her attack and began on the offencive. Stricking her in the stomach she fell forward. At that moment Android 23's chest was hit with a mega Kame Hame Ha wave. The attacker stepped forward. For once in her life 18 was glad to see Roshi.

"Leave them alone Goku." Master Roshi said to his former Student.

"there is no Goku. I am Android 23. And they are property of Dr. Gero." Android 23 said flatly.

"Then they leave over my dead body." Roshi said hoping that he could buy them some time.

"As you wish." The android said as it formed a ki blast in his free hand.