Own nothing.

Summary: Liam keeps having recurring dreams. And they're scaring him. Because they're true. ONE SHOT

A/N: This story is linked in with a story I'm writing, but it isn't uploaded yet. So none of it happens, ok?

Liam grabbed his younger brother by the hair, forcing him down. He crouched on top of him and rumaged in his pocket. Then he brought out a lighter and began flicking it in front of Charlie's face. He wriggled, trying to get free. Chuckling softly, he brought it closer...

Liam sat up, breathing heavily. Try as he might, he couldn't shake off the look of fear on that had been on his brother's face. And the feeling he had enjoyed it. He noticed his hands were shaking. 'It's times like this when you really need a fix.' He found himself thinking. he padded dwon the hall towards Charlie's room. He knocked gently on the door, his heart in his mouth. There was a groan from within and he pushed the door open, only to be assaulted by a pillow.

"G'way." Charlie mumbled, trying to get back to sleep.

"Charlie." Liam clutched the doorpost. His blue eyes met his younger brother's and Charlie relented, sitting up.

"Did you have another dream, Liam?" he asked.

"Yeah." Liam whispered, sitting down on the bed. "About that time with the lighter." Charlie winced and traced a white mark on the side of his face. "They keep happening," Liam whimpered. "And I used to enjoy them."

"You were under a lot of stress." Charlie said sensibly. "The only one that could blame you is me, and you don't see me pointing the finger." Charlie lay back down.

"Are you sure " Liam played with his hair.

"Got to bed, Mr Geeky Sex God!" Liam grinned and threw the pillow back to Charlie.

Liam watched as Charlie picked up Megan, then swung her around. Then he bent down for a 'serious' talk with Brogan, took Aaron off of Claire and played with him. Then he did a guitar duet with Caspar.

'Maybe, just maybe, what I did all those years ago actually helped Charlie.'

Maybe. Just maybe.

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