AN: This was done for a dare at a forum. This is also the first InuYasha ANYTHING I've ever written. I hope people like it. :looks around nervously: And it IS a one-shot. Don't expect anything else for it.


She never understood why she was drawn to boomerangs. Or why she had such a fear of losing her family, especially her younger brother. But she did protect them with a fierceness that frightened herself at times. And the one time she had she had seen a movie with the killer wielding a sickle, she found herself having a panic attack that only became worse when said sickle was dripping with blood.

But she learned to deal with it all and carried on with life even if it did seem like she was missing something.


He always wondered why he would sometimes wake up in a cold sweat, grasping his right hand as though he were afraid of it or what it might do. And, sometimes, he swore that when he looked at the palm, he could see a gaping hole sucking in the things around it. But, then he would look again and see that his palm was whole and there was no hole and no wind.

And his obsession with the female derriere was a source of laughter to all that knew him as it would usually result in a hard slap to the face.

But it always felt like something was missing until one day...


It was accident this time. He didn't mean to do it. He had simply been walking behind the most divine woman he had ever seen when he had tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. Naturally, he had reached out to grab something to stop him from falling and it just happened to be the posterior of the gorgeous lady in front of him.

He watched from his spot on the sidewalk, his hand still resting on her rump, as she stopped moving and stiffened. Long, dark brown hair swung around from it's high ponytail as she whipped her head around, eyes screaming murder at him.

"Just what do you think you're doing!" she shrieked, rearing her hand back and slapping him with all her might.

For a moment, he saw stars, then his vision cleared and he suddenly felt like he was home. The urge to ask if she would bear his child came from the deepest recesses of his mind, surprising even him.

"It was an accident! I swear!" he defended, pushing himself to his feet and raising one hand innocently as the other rubbed his red and beginning to swell cheek.

She huffed, for a moment looking like she wanted to deck him, then felt a strange warmth come over her. A timid smile came to her lips and she relaxed her stance slightly; she felt no danger from this man, even if he did grab her inappropriately. The words Houshi-sama sprang to mind and she nearly laughed out loud. There was no way this man could be called a monk.

Introducing herself, she stuck out her hand to shake his in the Western style greeting and invited him to join her for lunch in apology for the redness and possibly soon-to-come bruising on his face.

He accepted her invitation and they continued down the sidewalk, side by side.

But his hand seemed unable to control itself and it soon made it's way over for another rub at her back end.

The scream of hentai echoed through the streets and the mark he found himself with this time he knew was well earned.

The End.

By the by, that's Sango and Miroku reincarnated for those who don't know. :grins: