Well after a nice little one week break, it's back to writing for me. This time, new story, new plot, same characters, same weird style curtosy of yours truly. And now I'll shut up so that you can read.

Athrun frowned at the annoyingly cheerful sign, displaying the words "CLOSED FOR THE WEEK!" in bright red letters. His favorite coffee shop had just declared a one week vacation, leaving him tired, hungry and coffee-less.

"If I don't get caffeine in my system... there's no way I'll last the rest of the day..." He muttered with a sigh. All things considered, at the moment he was running on about 3 hours of sleep, a saltine cracker and God's good will.

He began walking down the street, dressed casually with his left hand in his pocket, the right carrying around his briefcase, which among other things, contained a laptop, books and a variety of other accessories. Turning the corner he scanned the street, silently pleading with whatever higher power existed that surely there was another source of caffeine somewhere. His prayers, were answered as he spotted another coffee shop, smiled and walked in without hesitation... then upon entering halted his step to look around.

It was a bit different from what he was used to. He was used to just going to the counter, ordering a coffee then sitting down and pulling out his laptop and working. But it appeared that here... you sat down at a table and there were actual waiters and waitresses. Shrugging it off, he opted for change and ordered a table for one by the window.

Sitting down, he pulled out his laptop immediately, and began working. Suddenly a voice interrupted him.

"Sir? Can I help you?" A young Asian woman with glasses, black hair done up in a ponytail that reached down to the nape of her neck, and acheerful... almost hyper demeanor stood in front of him, holding a notepad. She was smiling happily, fully dressed in what appeared to be the cafe's uniform: a black skirt that just reached the knees, a white shirt and a green apron.

"Oh yes... umm just a coffee will be fine." Athrun replied. The girl nodded, wrote it down then scuttled off. Curious, Athrun's eyes followed her, and watched as she...

Tossed the pad to a random blond that just walked in, pointed to him, then strolled behind the counter. Removing the apron, she hung it onto a hook on the wall and disappeared into the back. The blond girl turned to him for a moment and Athrun quickly averted his gaze back to his laptop's screen.

"Hmm, so where are you now?"

To any other person, Lacus' voice would appear quite calm; however Kira could hear the excitement in her voice. He could just picture her pacing back and forth on the stage, cell phone in hand.

"Just got off the plane. I'm heading back to my place..." He smiled. "I heard from Athrun you got the part?" He asked, clearly not surprised.

"Yeah, I'm really happy about it. It's a huge role, but one of my favorites." Lacus confirmed. "Think you'll be too tired to do anything tonight?"

She hopped off the stage and strolled over to an audience seat, where she sat down. Kira drummed his fingers on his briefcase sitting on his lap.

"Mmm, not sure. What do you have in mind?" He asked.

"Well you've been gone for a few months... I was thinking that we could all get together."

"'All' meaning?..."

"Me, you, and Athrun."

Kira looked out the window as the taxi pulled up into his apartment.

"Sounds okay... We might have to make it a tad late though, and I don't think I'll be able to pick you up, so get Athrun to."

Lacus tilted her head in confusion. "Why? Something wrong?"

"Ah, I'll explain later." Kira responded dully, cradling his cell phone between his shoulder and head, while handing a bill over to the driver.

"Why can't you tell me now?" Lacus asked, curiosity mounting with every passing second. Kira unlocked the door to his apartment and stepped in, greeted by a mountain of boxes, property of his new roommate.

"It's a long story. Let's just say... I need to help do some unpacking."

Minutes passed, and Athrun still stared at his laptop screen. He wanted to know what had happened to his coffee, but at the same time barging up there would be rude. Suddenly, he heard another voice. Not recognizing it as the same as the girl from before, he turned.

"Hey. Are you the guy that ordered the coffee?" It was the blond girl. Athrun blinked.

"Yes. Yes I am."

The blond nodded. "Okay then. Just making sure. She's off her shift now, so I'll be your waitress. My name's Cagalli and if you give me a second, I'll be right back with your coffee." She explained. Athrun shrugged.

"Okay. Sure"

A few minutes later, Cagalli re-appeared carrying random items on a large tray. He watched her circulate tables... it looked like she was pretty skilled. She easily balanced a try with 4 odd some plates and several drinks on one hand, using the other to distribute the food. She finally stopped at Athrun's table.

"And for Mister Alone, a single coffee. Want anything with it?" She offered, passing him the coffee.

"No I'm good." he replied, raising his left hand and waving an open palm while accepting the cup with his right. He began promptly working on his laptop again until she hugged the tray to her body and crossed her arms.

"So, how's it going?" She asked conversationally.

"Hm? Uh... okay." Athrun responded looking up from the screen at her, somewhat caught off-guard.

"Well that sucks." Cagalli frowned.


"That sucks."

"How so?" He inquired with a curious and somewhat amused smile on his face.

"Because why would you put up with an okay day when you could be having a great one?"

Athrun thought for a moment. That made sense... but it really had just been an average day.

"Anything happen today at all?" Cagalli pushed.

"No, not really." He repeated.



"You sure?"

"Yeah." Athrun insisted.

She sighed and turned to walk back to the counter. Athrun continued working at his computer without a word, until a bagel was promptly tossed in front of him.

"There. Free bagel. NOW anything interesting happen?"

Athrun looks up to find what appeared to be a semi-exasperated but still very... amusing waitress.

"Besides flying bagels, no." He chuckled. "Still nothing. What? Are you trying to bribe me with breakfast food?"

"No... but now if someone else asks you how your day was, you can say 'Great! I got a free bagel!'" Cagalli smirked.

"Do I get any free cream cheese?" He joked.

"Don't push it." She warned, mockingly wagged her pencil at him.

"You're strange... I don't even know you." Athrun muttered, more to himself, then to her, while picking up the bagel and inspecting it.

"I didn't POISON it... sheesh. If I did I'd get fired." She frowned.

"That's not very reassuring." He laughed. "Your job before my life, eh?"

Taking a bite, he began to rack his brain. Well really nothing had happened. The day was average. But he may as well just tell her about his day and let her decide what she thinks is interesting. "Okay, let's see what happened." He began. "Well I found out my favorite cafe was closed for the week."

"Aw, that's too bad. So that's why you're here?" She pondered. "Thought I didn't recognize you."

"So then you've been working here for a while then?"

"Not really…about two months. But that's still enough time to get to know the regulars." She explained.

Athrun nodded and continued, after swallowing some coffee. "Hmmm oh one of my friends got the lead role in a play." He grinned.

"Well that's cool. Good for her." Cagalli encouraged.

"Yeah... she's also my best friend's girlfriend. Her name's-" He paused for a second and broke into a huge grin. "Hey... don't you have tables to wait on?"

"Hm? No, not really. It's a slow day..." she shrugged.

"I don't think so..." Athrun's grin widened, noting the people behind her who were waving around their cups demanding more tea. "Those wonderful people over there would beg to differ."

Cagalli turned and frowned. "Geez... coming! I'm coming..." She hurried off. Athrun finished his lunch, then gathered his stuff to go. Leaving $2.00 on the table for the coffee, since the bagel was free, he stood up and left. Pushing open the door, he paused for a moment and took a look behind him, only to see Cagalli taking another table's orders. Shrugging, her stepped out of the café and onto the street.

"Interesting. Guess my day was different in more ways then one..." He noted thoughtfully, not even realizing the smile on his face.

Cagalli finished refilling drinks and turned back towards the man who had been alone. However, taking a quick glance, she noticed that he had already left.

Poor guy looked bored...

Walking over, she picked up the $2.00 that he had left for his drink, and smiled to herself.

"Guess he really DID take it as a free bagel. Heh..." Gathering the bills, she halted suddenly and recounted them. Gradually a frown spread across her face and she bolted out the door. Looking down the street, he was already nowhere to be found. Feeling the anger inside her building... she did the only thing she could do. Cupping both hands around her mouth, she took a deep breath…


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