As Sheila tried to comfort the big tough Irish man, she felt sorry for him. Quirvering from heaving sobs Tommy, finally realized that Sheila was right there beside him, trying to comfort him. "What do you want!" Tommy said in between sobs. "I want you to talk to me, let it out on me Tommy." Sheila said, her voice shaking with emotion. "You Don't UNDERSTAND!" Tommy shouted at her, then went back to crying but this time in a sitting postion with his face burried in his arms. "Don't understand? Don't understand! Tommy I've lost my husband, I know exactly how you feel!" "NO YOU DON'T" Tommy screamed at her, and with that he stormed out of the house only to collapse on the front steps crying even louder.

Sheila ran over to him, and for the first time, well at least the first time in years, Tommy let go totally and completely let go his sobs as Sheila held him and he--without hesitation-- sobbed onto her shoulder. Tommy let Sheila hold him and let him cry on her shoulder for a good 20 minutes, until he was all cried out, or so he thought.

"I'm sorry Sheil, I'm so sorry. I let Connor die, I let my only son die right in front of me" Tommy said, his voice still full of tears. "I shoulda watched him cross the road... I shoulda done something." Tommy burried his face into her body and said "I'm never going to see him again!" Heaving sobs again rose from his throat. Sheila stroked Tommy's long blonde hair and kept telling him it wasn't his fault. Then after another 10 minutes, Sheila and Tommy left and right before they parted ways, Tommy said something he rarely ever says to anyone, "Thanks for being there."