Hello. Tis me Gaz, yes I am obsessed with Zelda as much as Invader Zim. Why do you think they nicknamed meGaz? Now. I do not own Zelda, Nintendo does. I do not own Zim either, though this story has nothing to do with Zim. Infact, I do not own anything, well...I own SOMETHINGS but well..er.. just read the story.

This is drum roll a novelization to Zelda Ocarina of Time! Tis like the game, though I twisted it a LITTLE in some parts. Like..There are no (or not realy) any doors in the dungeons/temples. I mean think about it, a living object (GDT and Jabu Jabu in this case) don't have doors inside them. You do not have doors inside you..do you?I hope not. That would be PAINFUL. Nowalso. Thisstory contains SPOILERS. Yes, the allmighty spoilers. If you do not want to know the spoilers..er..play the game. Or just spoil it! Now..you read!

Also, this is the HYLIANS' religious belief, ok? So don't hunt me down.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Chapter I - The Child of Destiny

Years and years ago, before time ever begain, the three godesses; Din, Nayru, and Faeroe desended from a distant nebula. The universe was empty then, no life, no water, nothing. The earth was also empty-A wasteland of desert. Din, with her flaming arms, made the land more livable. Nayru, with her wisdom, created law. And Faeroe,created creatures to live by the law; The Hylians, the main race, the Kokiri, the elf-like children in the forest, the Zoras, the fish-like people, The Gorons, the rock-eating people who lived in the hot, mountianous areas, and the Gerudo, the theves who lived in the desert, entirely composed by women. Excpet, every one-hundred years, aman was born to someday lead the tribe.They created the land of Hyrule.When their work was complete, they merged into one and formed the Triforce, which would forever live in the Sacred Realm. Only onehad thedestinyto one day to touch the Triforce, and have his or her wish granted; The Hero of Time.

Though it was not The Hero of Time who would one day touch the Triforce.

Milinuems passed.

The Hylians thought the Gerudos weren't that annoying, one rarely had an encounter with one. Were that was. Something changed once a certian man took over. He wanted more thanone section of Hyrule, but all of it. Though, that was not possible-unless he had power. The only power the Triforce could give him. But he had no idea where the gate to theTriforce was, no one knew, except possibly the Royal Family, and of course, the six sages. He became obsessed with finding the Triforce, at all costs, no matter what. Because of that, an Imprisoning War broke out

Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo wanted the Triforce. Nobody actually knew that except a few.

Ten years passed.

Though Ganondorf never found the Triforce, his quest didn't end. The Imprisioning War ended, but Hyrule was still kept well-gaurded.

The only place in Hyrule that wasn't guarded was the KokiriForest,on the South side of Hyrule. It was guarded by magic, magic casted by the Great Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the Kokiri. Nobody, except the Kokiri could get into the forest, but, if a Kokiri left the forest, they would die. The Kokirieach had his or her own fairy,one to guide them through life. Though one boy did not have a fairy. The Great Deku Tree knew it, they boy didn't, but he was special.He would soon go on an adventure that would change his life forever.

Oi, bad chapter name. But it gets better...To be continued.