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Slave Girl

The crack of a whip was the only sound that could be heard echoing through the empty courtyard. Often a young man, about the age of 18, could be seen laughing with other slaves and the owner's son over a joke but today that was not the case. Today it was his turn to great the new slave arriving to work on the Potter's vineyard. He was told not to move from the front of the house until she arrived and only then to report back to the younger Mr. Potter.

In the distance he spotted a blur of red walking up the dirt road toward the house with a burlap bag slung over casually one shoulder. Brushing aside a lock of sandy brown hair he pushed himself off the side of the house to great the person.

At a closer distance he could see she was wearing worn leather boots and a simple travel stained toga. Red hair curled around her face, bouncing as she walked. Head down to fight against the wind she finally reached him. Remus gave a greeting as she came to a stop. Looking up and she grinned.

"Are you Remus?" She asked.

"Are you Lily?" He said back.

Emerald eyes sparkled as she answered, "If I wasn't do you honestly think I would be here, in the middle of nowhere, on a vineyard?" using her arms to gesture to the fields and the mansion.

"Well then Lily, welcome to the Fireside Vineyard." Yes. He was defiantly going to have to tell James about this one.