Safe Haven

"You sure you want to go through with this?" Buffy asked, "You know there are other ways of dealing with Glory…"

"Name one that doesn't involve you or one of the others getting hurt?" Dawn asked, "I'm the one she's after, and as long as I'm around, you're all in danger."

"It just seems so extreme, that's all." Buffy sighed as they made their way down the corridor, "And it's not like I'm going to be there to keep an eye on you like mom would have wanted."

"Relax; she's got us!" Xander put his arm around Anya, "How much trouble can we get into on a military base?"

"With you're past history, do you really want me answering that?" Buffy asked, "Look, just take care of my little sister for me, ok?"

"I'll guard her with my life." Xander hugged his friend, "I just wish Willow could have made it: she'd kill to see something like this!"

"Someone has to guard the fort and keep Giles out of trouble." Buffy smiled as the door and the end of the corridor opened, blue light spilling out into the passage way, "Good luck."

"They'll be fine." Riley nodded, all business, "I do this all the time."

"Yeah, but you have a choice." Buffy looked at her ex, "You sure this is safe?"

"Safer than staying in Sunnydale." Riley clicked on his radio, "Control, this is Finn: we're good to go."

"Rodger that. " A voice replied, "SG-1 are waiting for you on the other side."

"Ok ramblers, let's get rambling." Riley walked up the ramp leading to the Stargate.

"Dawn." Buffy took her sisters hand, "I'll come get you the minuet I've dealt with Glory, I promise."

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Dawn smiled, "Just don't do anything stupid like getting yourself killed, or I'll have Willow bring you back to life just so I can kick your ass!"

"Get in line, Dawn Patrol!" Xander ruffled her hair, "Come, they're waiting."

Dawn gave Buffy one last hug, before lifting her bag and walking up to the event horizon. She stopped at the last moment and looked back.

"Remember what I said: no getting yourself killed!"

"I promise." Buffy nodded, "I love you."

"I love you to: that's why I'm doing this." Dawn stepped into the wormhole and vanished.

The Stargate disengaged with a thud.

"I assure you that you're sister will be quite safe." General Hammond did his best to sound reassuring, "Captain Finn is one of our best team leaders, but even I was a little surprised when he came to me with this request."

"Riley's a good guy." Buffy nodded, trying to hold back the tears, "I miss him."

"Well, considering what I've heard about you, I could make an opening here for you at Stargate Command…"

"Thanks for the offer General, and for the help, but I've got a goddess to kill."

"You'd be surprised how often I hear that…"

The End

I'll ways avoided writing a Buffy/Stargate crossover, as I've never seen how to mesh the two universes together properly. Then today this just popped into my head.

Strange world.

Let's keep it that way.