Summary: Inuyasha learns the concept of a birthday, and how close Kagome's is from now. He doesn't know what else to give her, other than one thing. InuKag.

Rated M for future lemon content.

Birthday Gift
Chapter 1: Birthday

Inuyasha jumped out of the well with only one thing on his mind. Where the hell was Kagome! She had been gone for eight days and he was getting impatient. He walked up to the door of Kagome's home then paused in his actions. Why wasn't he going through her window? With that question asked, he jumped to his perch outside her window. He peered inside to see if she was there.

No Kagome.

He opened the window and got inside. It sure smelled like Kagome, but why wasn't she here? She was always here when he was waiting for her! He looked over to see the bottle of jewel shards on her desk. He picked it up and stuffed it in his haori.

"Why does she leave them out?" He asked himself. He examined the room longer before going out the proper way. Using the door intended for going into a room.

"Demon!" Gramps yelled at him. Inuyasha's eyes grew wide as he spun around. He had believed Kagome when she said there were no demons in her time! As Inuyasha prepared to pull the Tetsaiga, he was stopped. The old man threw sutras at him. After getting several in his hair, the old man stopped.

"Oh, it's you, Inuyasha." He stated simply. That was a hell of a way to reply to someone's presence when you just threw things at them!

"Where's Kagome?" Inuyasha questioned. Gramps must've not heard him, because he went downstairs. With no one else to converse with, Inuyasha followed him. The old man sat down at the table and Kagome's mom turned around. Her green apron was on, like it always was when Inuyasha was here.

"Inuyasha!" She seemed shocked that the hanyou had visited them again. "Would you like something to eat dear?" She asked him. Inuyasha flinched. Dear! Why did she call him that? The mother noticed his expression and gave him a bowl of rice. How can you expect to offer him food and him say no?

"Where's Kagome?" He asked again. Gramps must've hear him this time, because he attempted to tell Inuyasha the answer. His chopsticks were waving in the air as if they were dangerous while he talked.

"Kagome left with that young man… Ho…" He struggled to remember the boy's name. Ho-what now? "Hojo!" He finally announced. Inuyasha flinched at two things. One was the loudness of his voice being broadcast into sensitive ears. The second was Hojo. He'd seen Hojo hugging Kagome before. His Kagome.

"But then he dropped her off at her friend's house. They're having a sleepover." Kagome's mom explained. Inuyasha gulped down the food in mere seconds before he paid attention to what he had just been told.

"Alright…" Inuyasha slowly said. He got up and left the house without another word. He could catch traces of Kagome's scent, mixed with the boy – Hobo, was it? – and something else he couldn't quite name. Hadn't Kagome referred to it as a car before?

He followed the smell as people watched him. Here he was, smack in the middle of Tokyo and he was wearing those clothes. An odd thing to be sure. He glared at anyone who dared to stare at him as he continued on his way. After walking around for some time, the sun had begun to set. He had gone from one large building with "S-E-A-R-S" written at the top, and then to another that had "J-C P-E-N-N-Y" written on it. He didn't know what demons or things those were.

He continued to follow her scent, smelling it strongly in one spot. The large hut was about the size of Kagome's home. Would that make this another home? Humans could only have one home, right? He tried to ignore that fact and jumped up to find a window sill. He found one shortly and looked inside. He saw Kagome, and she screamed the second she saw him. Three girls were sitting next to her on a bed. Through the window, he heard what she said.

"Inuyasha! You pervert! Look away!" She wasn't dressed, she was changing clothes or something, since only her pants were on. When Inuyasha failed to look away, she said the only word he'd ever dread. "SIT!"

Inuyasha's face was sent strait for the ground. He fell off the second story from the shock of her scream, then was pushed into a face-plant in the dirt. His ears managed to catch the sounds that the girls inside were making.

"Oh my gosh! Who was he Kagome?" A girl said.

"He's totally hot!" Another girl said. The third one was quiet… For now.

"Is he the possessive jerk-of-a-boyfriend you have!" The third finally piped up. Now for Kagome's answer… Wait, what was a boyfriend! Wasn't that the thing that came before mating? Yeah, Kagome told him about that when he was asking about Hobo. Were they talking about him?

"That's Inuyasha… I'll be back." He heard Kagome's footsteps fade and a door slam outside. He pulled his face out from under the ground and looked up at the fuming Kagome. She was completely dressed this time around.

"Inuyasha! What are you doing here!" She asked rudely. He shot up and folded his arms defensively.

"You were taking too long so I came to get you. I followed your scent." He said. She shook her head then paused.

"You mean you walked all the way to Sears then to JC Penny's before coming here?" She asked. Inuyasha blinked at the little rage she was showing then nodded.

"Yah, so what?" He asked her.

"So what? That was 100 miles that I put on Hojo's car for him taking me shopping!" She screamed. Inuyasha flinched as the three friends he had seen showed their faces.

"So, Kagome, what's his name?" One of them asked. He kept his arms folded and gave Kagome a glance saying he wasn't leaving. She took the silent note and turned to the confused human girls.

"This is Inuyasha. He's… He's the one that I've been telling you about—But we're not boyfriend and girlfriend!" She quickly said. Inuyasha couldn't help but feel a little bit offended at how fast she had said that. Was she really that embarrassed to be around him? She had nearly said that before she finished her sentence.

"Why does he have dog ears?"

"Doesn't he know Halloween is long gone?" Hallow-what? Inuyasha's ears twitched and the girls all gasped.

"The ears moved!"

"Are they real?"


"Can I touch them?" Inuyasha covered his ears as the three girls continued to bother Kagome with annoying questions. Were they like this all the time! Kagome made a motion with her hands before going to Inuyasha. She placed his hands on his shoulders and he removed his hands from covering his ears.

"Inuyasha, I'm here to celebrate my birthday… Can I spend the night here? I'll return tomorrow night or something. I just want to be with my friends now." She said. Inuyasha slowly nodded then made a gruff noise.

"Okay…" He watched as she went back inside the home and then he retraced his steps towards her home. Took him long enough, but he got in before it was too dark to worry.

He walked in to see the little brother and his mother at the table. The boy – Souta, right? – smiled at the instant sight of seeing Inuyasha.

"Inuyasha!" He cheered. Inuyasha smiled faintly before sitting down next to him. Kagome's mom seemed to be psychic or something.

"What's on your mind?" She asked the hanyou. He looked around, as if unsure she were talking to him, before looking back at her. Yep, she was talking to him.

"What's a birthday?" He finally asked. She smiled as Souta went upstairs and into one of the doors.

"A birthday is celebrating the day someone was born… You see, we measure age by years. So, each year we celebrate the fact that someone was born." She told Inuyasha. He paused.

"When is Kagome's birthday?" He asked her. She smiled then walked him over to a calendar.

"This square is today. This square is two spaces away. So, that means in two days, then it will be her birthday." She said. Inuyasha nodded then looked outside. It was dark out, and going to break the news to everyone else at this time would be hard. "Understand?" Inuyasha turned his attention to the lesson at hand then nodded.

He walked up to Kagome's room and fell down on her bed. It was so relaxing. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath of her scent. It was so relaxing just to smell her. He soon fell asleep.

He woke up the next morning and went strait for the well. He had to tell the others of Kagome's birthday. On his way out, he spotted Kagome's mom again. He walked over to her as she cut something up.

"What do you do on a birthday?" He asked her. He knew it was special, from the way that she made it sound, but exactly what would they have to do for her birthday?

"You give the person gifts." She replied with a smile. She showed Inuyasha something and left it in his clawed hands. "This is called a necklace. If you want to give it to her, then you can. I'm sure she'll like it if you can't think of anything else."

"How many 'years' will she be?" He asked.

"18." She replied.

Inuyasha left to the well with that one line in thought. If you can't find anything else. He had to find something to give Kagome, not just this necklace. Something he thought of himself, not a gift from her mom to him.

He jumped in the well, glancing to each side as the blue light surrounded him. He'd tell the others about the news then wait for Kagome to come back from the other home she'd been at.

- - -

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