Summary: Inuyasha learns the concept of a birthday, and how close Kagome's is from now. He doesn't know what else to give her, other than one thing. InuKag.

Rated M for past lemon content.

Birthday Gift

I suppose you wish to know what happened to our 'happy family' after Kikyou left to the afterlife and after Naraku was killed. Well, sit down, get a cup of water, and let me tell you.

Kagome and Inuyasha said that they wanted another kid, but they never had it. Kaya grew up to be a lovely young lady. She took on her father's silver hair and a bad attitude worse than Inuyasha's. Yes, a rebel's blood was tainting hers.

And yes, Inuyasha was right in saying that his daughter was a human. No demon traces were ever found in her. Unless, that is, you count her sudden temper as a trait of a demon.

Of course, Kaede believed – shortly before passing away – that Kaya took on some of Kagome's priestess powers. They never found out, and Kaya never even heard of the idea of having the powers.

Kaede joined the afterlife with her sister when Kaya was 2 years old.

Ah, I suppose you wish to know what happened to Sango and Miroku, right? Well, I will tell you. Sango and Miroku left on their own journey to find Kohaku. After finding him, they began to rebuild the demon-slayer's village.

Now the two have four kids and train them for demon slaying. Just to carry on the tradition.

And, if you wonder about what the sequal to this will be, here you are. This will tell you what will go on in Kaya's future…

Away From Home
Summary: When trouble gangs up on Kaya, she is forced into modern times. How well will she fare in this new world? Who knows, but we all want to find out! Sequal to "Birthday Gift."

Warning, it is rated M for adult situations and foul language.

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