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Arya: oookay.

Evil: what?

Arya: nothing.

Ajihad: lovely singing voice, dear, just lovely.

Evil: thank—wait. What the hell are you doing here! You're dead!

Ajihad: urgh… (gurgle)

Eragon: ew… blood and gore…

Arya: squeamish, now are we?

Eragon: …no…

Arya: right.

Evil: anyways, on with the actual story…

Taking another sip from his two-pint mug of beer, Eragon giggled. Saphira raised her massive head from her keg and stared inquisitively at him.

What? She asked him. He shook his head.


you're drunk, she stated accusingly.

So what if I am? It's not like you can talk.

She didn't reply, but just stuck her snout into her barrel again.

Eragon glanced over at Orik, who was gulping down mug after mug as though there was no tomorrow. Arya sat calmly at the end of the table, quietly sipping a glass of water and looking vaguely disgusted.

An idea suddenly occurred to Eragon. He leapt up, jolting the table and sloshing beer onto the table, and shouted, "Let's play Truth or Dare!"

Arya didn't even look up at him. Orik frowned. "What is this new madness?" the dwarf demanded gruffly.

"It's a game," Eragon explained, grinning. "You ask someone 'Truth or dare?' and they answer with either truth or dare. If they pick truth, the asking person gets to ask them a question and the answerer has to tell the truth. If they pick dare, the asking person gets to think of a task, it's better if it's embarrassing or stupid, and the answerer has to do it."

Orik blinked.

"Get it?" asked the Rider. Orik nodded slowly.

"Will our elf friend be joining us?" he tipped his head towards Arya.

"No," she said flatly.

"Oh come on, Arya," Eragon pleaded. Saphira looked beseechingly at her. Arya came dangerously close to rolling her eyes, but relented.

"Alright, Argetlam," she said with a sigh. "I shall play."

"Okay!" Eragon sat down and motioned at the seat beside him. "You'll need to be closer to us."

Arya reluctantly switched seats, perching on the edge away from him.

"Who wants to start?" he asked cheerfully, taking another swig of ale. When no one volunteered, he said, "I will!"

Saphira took a small step backwards.

"Okay…" Eragon surveyed the small crowd of upturned faces. "How about… Arya! Truth or dare?"

Arya put her head in her hands. "How did I know? How?" she muttered. "Dare?" she said hesitantly.

He grinned wolfishly. "Drink a pint of beer," he said holding up his own mug and drinking.

Arya nodded. "If that is your bidding, Argetlam."

Another pint was brought to her by a server who lurked nearby, and she raised the massive thing to her lips. Her delicate hands looked lost on the huge vessel. With a half-smirk, she downed it in one go.

"Wow," Eragon breathed. "I didn't know you drank."

She shrugged. "Old habits die hard, I suppose."

"So who's turn is it now?" asked Orik.

"It's Arya's," said Eragon. "Because I just asked her."

"Then I choose you, Eragon," Arya said, a small note of amusement in her voice. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare," he wagged his eyebrows suggestively. "As always."

"You should cut back on the drink, lad," Orik commented.

"Mm, indeed," Arya agreed. "I dare you to skip around this hall once, singing the most woman-like song you know."

Eragon blushed, but got up from the table, setting down his precious drink. He thought for a moment, then started skipping.

"Ring around a rosie," he sang, beaming. "A pocket full of posie. Husha, husha! We all fall down!"

Just as he was reaching the 'husha' bit, he passed by the server, who ran off to tell his queen that they had found an insane Rider, and that the entire world was doomed.

Eragon had to repeat his song three times before he reached the table again and sat down. Arya was laughing.

Laughing. Really laughing. Not just chuckling as he'd seen her do before, but really, really laughing.

"That's the first time I've seen you laugh," he said, touching a hand to her cheek. Apparently, he still had enough soberness in him to think about that.

She quieted right down at that.

"Anyway," he said, the liquor taking over his brain functions once more. "It's my turn now. Arya, truth or dare?"

"We're feeling rather left out over here," said Orik indignantly, standing beside Saphira with an arm around her neck. She nodded her agreement.

"That's too bad for you, then, isn't it?" said Eragon pleasantly, then turned back to Arya.

"Truth," she said.

"Tell me about Fäolin."

"That's not a question."

"Okay, let me rephrase that. What did you think of Fäolin?"

Arya looked away. "He was, as I said before, a proud warrior. But he was also… caring, kind, considerate. He always had time for me, even when I had done something silly. He always listened…"

Eragon sighed. "Okay, okay, stop."

She stared up at Eragon. "Is it my turn?"

He nodded.



"Do you have feelings for Solombum?"


"That's not an answer, Saphira," said Eragon.


Arya smiled. Orik looked at them like they were crazy, as he couldn't hear their thought-conversation.

My turn. Orik. Truth or dare?

They all looked at the dwarf expectantly. He blinked. "What're you all looking at me for?"

"Oh!" Eragon explained. "Saphira's asking you."

Saphira! Why not broadcast your thoughts to Orik too?

Because it's difficult. His mind's so rough. Eragon glared sternly at her. Fine, she relented, Orik, truth or dare?

"Truth," he said.

"Truth?" Eragon frowned. "Truth is for girls."

Hey! exclaimed Saphira.

"That's impolite," commented Arya.

Are you married? The dragon asked.

"Yes," said Orik. "To a lovely lass, with a long beard…"

Arya's eyebrows shot up and she glanced over at Eragon, who wore the same expression of horror and mild disgust. "A beard?" she whispered dubiously. Eragon shrugged.


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