This is a very odd idea I had while I was reading something. It's starring my two favorite characters, Roy and Riza, and unlike my other stories, this will be completed because I actually have an ending in mind. Nothing too graphic in the story yet, but it will later on, blood, and suggestiveness and whatnot. No spoilers for the series.

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She'd heard the stories of course, everyone had. You couldn't grow up in the town ofSeiryin without hearing them. She hadn't ever really believed them, though. The tale of a demon who could throw fire using only a pair of magicked bracelets seemed too far-fetched to her, even though strange things certainly happened around town now and then.

But a fire-thrower? Until a few days ago, she'd thought it was only a story used to frighten young children, to keep them from wandering towards the forest. It was common sense of course. Anyone could tell that there was something in there, and at the very least, it was dark, and the breeze never seemed to quite ruffle the leaves of the trees in the dark forest the same way it did with the ones that grew in the sunlight.

So yes, maybe it hadn't been the best idea to go there alone, especially at night. But she hadn't really been thinking clearly, and most of all, she'd wanted to be alone.

Alone, yes. Away from her increasingly nerve-wracking, if well-meaning, family. Away to the silence that she wanted so much.

And the silence that held danger.

She'd tried to fight back, but, for reasons she could never quite recall, she'd left her guns at home. And try as she might, she could never fight off five men unarmed. To her surprise, they didn't knock her unconscious, but instead they together dragged her, still kicking and trying to get lose, to the heart of the forest. It soon got so dark that she couldn't see at all, though she still struggled in vain, hoping maybe that if she caused them enough trouble, they'd change their minds and let her go.

No such luck. They seemed reluctant to hurt her, though, and for the most part, subdued her with minimal force. She caught a few murmurs of "You know he wants 'em untouched", and that only made her worry more. Frantic thoughts raced through her head, and she reflected bitterly that she hadn't really done all that much during her time on Earth. Well, I certainly never thought I'd reach my end this way. I always thought I'd die of old age. Wishful thinking, I guess…

She was rudely jerked back to reality when they threw her onto the floor. A cold, slightly wet, stone floor. Her back hurt where the rough stones rubbed through the thin fabric of her shirt.

"Here," one of the men tossed her a long, dark red dress of some sort of silky material. Despite the darkness it still shimmered oddly when she held it. "Put it on. You have to look nice for him, you know." He grinned at her, showing two rows of yellow teeth, some missing. When she glared at him, he only chuckled and turned around. The rest of the men followed suit. "Hurry up and change. Don't try nothing funny either."

Riza held up the dress and frowned. It didn't seem like she had much of a choice but at least if she was going to die, she'd die looking pretty…

After she'd changed into the dress, the man with yellow teeth grinned at her again. "Pull your hair down, sweet heart. Or I'll do it for you."

She had to stop herself from taking a step backwards. He smelled terrible. Hands trembling, she undid the clip that held her hair up and let the long blonde strands fall down against her shoulders. Yellow Teeth grinned again, and roughly pulled her behind him. "Looks like you're ready now, princess. Enjoy your last few moments of being alive." He sneered at her face as he shoved her through a set of huge iron doors. Riza reached out, but the doors slammed shut before she could step forward.

Another? Yet another one, sent here to tempt me? And…even more beautiful than any woman I've ever seen before…A dark figure with pale skin and black hair and eyes blinked slowly, watching Riza sink to her feet in front of the huge doors. There's something…different about her. Something I haven't felt in any human before. Somehow…I can't. I can't harm her. There's no way I can turn her. She can…help me. If only…I can get her to trust me…She hadn't noticed him yet. She was still kneeling in front of the doors, as if she could somehow make them open again. She really is beautiful…even in despair…

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