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Riza wasn't sure what to say. Roy was still breathing hard, and was now watching her warily. Rain drops still dripped from his long bangs, and she knew he hadn't been feigning that lunge, or the change in his eye color. The only reason he'd stopped, as far as she could tell, was because he'd touched her.

"What happened?" She asked again, softer this time.

He shook his head.

"I do not know. I…there is something strange about you. I know there is; I felt it from the moment you came in here. Whatever it is, it is keeping me from hurting you."

They stared at each other for a few moments in silence, each wondering about the other, and trying to figure out what was going on. Finally, Riza broke the silence, even though she knew he wouldn't be able to answer her question.

"The woman who was here before, where did she go?"

"I think she left, thinking that I would come after her when I was done with you…strong as she is in magic, she could not defeat me when I am…with the flame."

Roy took a tentative step towards the cavernous doors, and then looked back over his shoulder at her.

"You have to come with me. I am not sure if I can make it…without you."

Her look, one of terror mixed with disbelief and confusion, made him sigh.

"You do not want to stay here, do you? We had better get out as soon as we can…unless you want to wait for her to come back. She will, eventually."

"But…you…you killed people! Hundreds of people! How could I ever trust you? How do I know that this isn't all some weird trap, and as soon as I leave this room, you won't rip me to shreds?"

Tears leaked out from her eyes. It had been a little too much to deal with at one time. Moments ago, she had thought she had seen her death, death in the form of a young man with flames in his eyes. Death from a dark and violent legend.

And now the fire demon wanted to help her? To come with her back to her world?

It all seemed a little too good of an ending for her, compared to how the story was so far.

She almost screamed when she felt something warm wrap around her. Roy was still dripping wet, both from the rain water and from the blood of cuts made by flying glass, but he burned with an internal heat that seeped into her, comforted her.

"Do not worry. I am sure…that everything will work out, somehow. You must…be strong for both of us. We…could not make it outside without each other."

He pulled away to meet her eyes.

"I trust you. I...I do not even know your name, but..." He shook his head slightly as she opened her mouth. "No. Do not tell me, not yet. The ones who would want to harm us...they could use your name against you. It is best that I know as little about you as possible."

Another pause.

"Will you come with me? Will you help me find my way up to the sunlight? It has been a very long time...since I felt the sun."