Chapter 1

"I'm bored!"

"Me too!"

"We should do something."

"I know! Let's make a sex tape."

"We could be directors!"

"The hottest directors in Hollywood!"

"Have you seen One Night In Paris?"

"Yep. Let's name this One Night In Randy."

Evil laugh. "Now what guy are we going to get to screw Randy Orton?"

"Gene Snitsky!"

"Oh hell, that's mean!"

"So what! Randy Orton is a little bitch."

"You're soooo right!" Puffs on homemade blunt. Blows out smoke. "Dude, you gotta hit this."

"What the hell are you smoking?"

"You know that fake grass that comes in Easter baskets?"

"Don't tell me..."

"Easter basket grass covered in chocolate syrup, rolled in the paper from a brown bag."

"You're a dumb ass...but let me hit that though."

Passes homemade blunt. "So are you gonna call up Gene Snitsky or should I?"

Coughs uncontrollably.

"You ok?" Slaps companion on the back. "You have to exhale. You can't keep that smoke inside."

Cough. "This is some-" (cough) "-toxic shit, dude."

"Duuuude, I know!"



"Dude infinity! I win!" Blows raspberry.

"Let's find Snitsky."

"First let me finish smoking this blunt."

"Ok, then we'll find Snitsky."