Chapter 18

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"So? How do I look?" Steph asked Amy, looking in the mirror at her reflection.

"You look good," Amy said approvingly, nodding her head. "You're my little masterpiece."

"Your little masterpiece? What are you trying to say, Ames? That it takes a lot of work to make me pretty?" Steph asked, narrowing her eyes playfully at her friend.

"Actually, yeah," Amy said, and then she had to duck quickly when Steph threw a pillow at her. "Hey, you're going to mess my hair up! I have a date, too, you know!"

"Right," Steph said, looking back at her reflection again. "You have a date with the dork of the decade... No, the biggest dork in a century, Shane..."

"Come on, Shane isn't that bad. He's always looking out for you," Amy pointed out. "Always being the protective older brother and everything... And he lets you hang out with him at school. How many guys do you know that would actually do that for their little sister?"

"I know Shane's a good brother, and I know he at least has a few brain cells since he chose you for a girlfriend," Steph laughed. "Besides, you know I love Shane. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't know Chris, and life just wouldn't be so great..."

"Come on, let's make sure we look perfect before we go downstairs," Amy suggested. "The guys are already down there, and we're going to have to make the perfect entrance..."

Shane and Chris stood at the bottom of the staircase, deep in conversation. Actually, Shane was doing most of the talking, and Chris was nodding his head in agreement. "And, I just can't stress this part enough, man. You're my best friend and everything, but I don't want you putting the moves on my baby sis or I'll seriously have to kick your ass," Shane said, completely serious.

"What? You'd kick my ass?" Chris asked incredulously.

"Hell yeah, man, I'd kick your ass for my little sister," Shane answered.

"Man," Chris said, pretending to be dismayed. "Whatever happened to that little saying... Bros over hoes?"

"Are you calling my little sister names?" Shane asked, getting angry.

"Calm down, dude, I was kidding with you," Chris said, putting a hand on Shane's arm. "I have nothing but respect for Steph. I want to make her happy, I want to make her smile. I love your sister, and my intentions with her are completely pure."

"Love? That's a big word," Shane said, looking awed. "Are you sure?"

"I wouldn't say it if I wasn't sure," Chris replied. "But you can't tell her yet, though, because it might scare her off. All we've shared so far are a few kisses... Ok, more than just a few kisses, but-"

"Spare me the details," Shane interrupted. "I understand that you love her and all, but don't tell me about the kisses you two have shared. It's sickening and disgusting and-"

"And your date is coming down the stairs," Chris cut in, pointing at Amy, who was already halfway down the stairs.

Shane stopped talking and looked up the stairs, where Amy was approaching. She looked nervous, and he couldn't help but smile. She was nervous because of him... He waited for her to reach the bottom, and when she finally did, he reached out and took her hand. "Wow, you look great," he said, smiling at her. "Casual, yet elegant..."

"You're making me blush," Amy said, blushing lightly as she held his hand.

"But you look cute. Am I supposed to keep that to myself?" Shane asked, kissing her lightly on the cheek.

"I guess you don't have to," Amy replied with a little laugh.

"You guess?" Shane asked, laughing also. "What do you think, Chris? Should I keep my compliments to myself, or should I let my girl know just how great she looks tonight?" When Chris didn't answer, Shane turned around to look at him, only to find him staring up the stairs without blinking. Shane turned to look up at the top of the stairs and instantly knew the reason why his best friend was so speechless. "Steph?"

"Yeah?" Steph asked, smiling at her brother as she made her way down the stairs. She was trying her hardest not to fall down the steps. She'd seen something like this on Not Another Teen Movie, and she didn't want her entrance to be as horrible as the girl's on the movie. She could just see herself tumbling down the steps now... She was sure that Chris would be the concerned gentleman and help her up, but she would be totally and completely mortified...

"You look great, baby sis," Shane said as he watched her come down the stairs. "I've never quite seen you look this way before."

"Great isn't the word for it," Chris said, in a sort of trance as he watched her make her way down the stairs. He waited for her to reach the bottom of the stairs before reaching out to take her hand and lowering his voice. "Steph, you look...beautiful."

"Beautiful? But I'm wearing jeans... I'm not even dressed up or anything," Steph replied, blushing and looking down.

"Oh, shut up, you do look beautiful, and it's all because of me," Amy joked as she watched Chris stare adoringly at her best friend. "After all, I picked out your clothes and I did your hair..."

"You know what? Steph could be covered in an inch of mud from head to toe and Chris would still be giving her googly eyes," Shane teased, shaking his head at his friend. "He's so in love..."

"Shut up!" Chris warned, snapping out of his trance when he heard Shane mention the "L" word. "I told you that in confidence," he mouthed to him.

"What?" Steph asked, looking back up at Chris. "What's Shane talking about?"

"Um, nothing," Chris said quickly, glaring at Shane. He'd have to have a talk with him later... "Why don't we get out of here? The movie is probably going to be starting soon..."

"So what movie are we going to see?" Steph asked curiously as they all headed for the door. "Hopefully it's not a scary movie..."

"See No Evil," Chris answered, glad that the subject had been changed. He didn't want to scare Steph away, and if she found out just how much he liked her, she would probably run in the opposite direction. "I heard it's scary, but don't worry, you can hold my hand..."

"Or other parts of you," Steph joked. Shane poked her and sent her a look, and she grinned at him. "Just kidding... Don't be so uptight..."

At the movie theater...

"So, what movie do you want to see?" Paul asked, looking down at Trish. They were standing outside of the movie theater looking up at the movie listings.

"I don't really care, I just don't want to see some pansy ass chick flick," Trish replied, rolling her eyes at the thought of watching another chick flick that ended the same way they always did. "I mean, they're all the same. The boring, dorky girl wants the popular, athletic guy who's dating the hottest girl in school, and somehow, the dorky girl always gets the guy. That never happens in reality..."

"I thought you girls were supposed to like those types of movies," he replied, looking down at her with one eyebrow raised.

"Not all girls like those types of movies. Some of us like scary movies, too," she answered. "Guys aren't the only ones who like guns, blood, and guts... Hell, some of us even like porn... Give me a good porno and I'll be your best friend!"

"Why Trish, I never thought you'd be the type to watch those types of movies!" he exclaimed, pretending to be shocked.

"How else was I supposed to learn how to drive a guy wild in the bedroom?" she joked, wiggling her eyebrows at him. "Those flicks are pretty educational, if you ask me. I've learned so many different...techniques from watching those. They're definitely worth the money."

"I agree... So when are you going to teach me what you learned?" he asked as they moved up in line.

"Win our bet and get Stephanie off Chris's back, and I'll give you the ride of your life," she promised with a wink. "You'll think Jenna Jameson's doing you..."

"I like what I hear... I'm definitely going to win this bet," he said as they reached the ticket booth. "Two tickets to See No Evil, please," he told the guy at the counter. He looked back down at Trish, giving her body the once-over. "Don't worry, if you get scared, you can, you know, sit on my lap and I'll...take your mind off the movie."

She squeezed his arm and smiled up at him. "I might just have to take you up on that offer," she said with a wink, then looked away from him. "Your lap will probably be more comfortable than the seats in there anyway..."

Oh yeah, somebody's getting laid tonight, and that somebody's gonna be me! he thought, smirking at the thought. By the end of the night, he was going to know Trish Stratus inside and out... He laughed a little to himself, making Trish look up at him with one eyebrow raised. "What?" he asked her with a grin.

"What the hell is so funny?" she asked him curiously.

"Nothing's funny... I'm just thinking about all the different ways I'm going to be able to make you scream," he told her.

"You're going to be the one screaming," she countered. "Now pay for the tickets already... The movie's going to start soon and I want to get some snacks."

"Whatever you say, Stratus," he said, shaking his head and thinking about how great it was going to be to get her in bed. "Whatever you say..."

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