Chapter 1

Stephanie felt more depressed than she'd felt in her entire life. There was no other way to describe it. Her life was completely crazy at the moment. The divorce between her and Paul had just been finalized the previous week, and life as a single woman was just...weird. So she was making her return to the wrestling business, to something familiar, in an attempt to make things they way they used to be, before she'd married Paul...

She walked backstage at Raw, wondering where Paul was. She didn't want to see him. No doubt, he was somewhere around the place. Although he was no longer her husband, he was still a major part of the company, and there was nothing she could do about that until his contract expired.

Before she knew what she was doing, she was at Chris Irvine's locker room door. She'd always been attracted to him in all the worst ways. That was one of the many reasons her marriage hadn't worked out, the fact that her heart never fully belonged to Paul one hundred percent. Chris had always had a portion of her heart, always...

She knocked on the door and it swung open immediately. And suddenly she was face to face with the man of her dreams.

"Chris?" she said in a soft voice, nearly breathless by just seeing him in person after almost two whole years.

He looked at her, wide-eyed. "Stephanie?"

"How are you?" she asked.

He gaped at her, then rolled his eyes. "Oh, now this is classic," he said in a sarcastic voice.

"What?" she asked, confused. Was that sarcasm I just detected in his voice?

"You get married and you don't talk to me for like two years," he said angrily. "And now you come back and expect for me to be all happy to see you? You're a funny person."

"But I-" she started, but he rudely cut her off.

"Tell it to the door," he said coldly, and suddenly, Stephanie was face-to-face with his closed locker room door with him nowhere in sight.

She couldn't believe it. What had happened to the Chris she had once known? The Chris that she had loved? The Chris that held a portion of her heart that she would never be able to take back? The Chris that admitted that he loved her as much as she loved him?

Tears started streaming from her eyes as she slowly began to walk away. If she didn't have Chris, who did she have?

The answer was simple.

No one.

She headed for the privacy of her office, knowing she wouldn't be disturbed there. Very few people knew about her coming back, and she decided, Maybe it should stay that way...