Snake Eyes vs. The Crimson Guard Part 1

He pulled at the chains shackled around his wrists, but he couldn't rip them from the wall.

He had been captured and there was nothing he could do to free himself from the clutches of Extensive Enterprises and The Crimson Guard.

He had infiltrated Extensive Enterprises under loan from G.I.Joe. The C.I.A. wanted to know where one of their agents was because he had gone missing when the agent went undercover at EE. Two days ago they lost contact with him and have not heard from him since.

They had asked Snake Eyes if he would poise as a new employee and do some snooping for them. And the reason why they specifically asked for Snake Eyes was because he was the best infiltrator G.I.Joe had. But there were two problems, one could be rectified, the other couldn't.

His face was scarred which would make him stand out and he was mute, but steps were taken to insure he fit in. They did a plaster mould of his face and designed it so it would be average looking. But they couldn't do anything about his voice, so Snake Eyes applied for a desk job, where no one would talk to him, which was perfect! He could snoop around and not be missed, because if he had an insignificant job, no one would care about him.

But the ploy didn't last long when Cobra Commander made an unscheduled, surprise visit to Extensive Enterprises and accidentally bumped into Snake Eyes in the parking lot when he was about to leave. Snake Eyes was on his way home that evening, with Scarlet picking him up in a beautiful sports car. Seeing them both together triggered a mindset in Cobra Commander and he demanded them be held for questioning, believing them to be spies from a government agency or some other rogue agency.

He would find out later that it would be his nemesis in disguise.

Now Snake Eyes, still masked, was shackled to a brick wall in a dungeon-like atmosphere, underneath Extensive Enterprises. It was actually a jail cell, and in the jail cell with him was the missing C.I.A. agent.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this buddy," the C.I.A. agent said to Snake Eyes. "These people are crooks and the people I work for knew it!" Snake Eyes nodded. "Can't you speak? Say something." He shook his head. "Oh, you can't? You're mute?" Snake Eyes nodded. "Tough brake."

Snake Eyes shrugged his shoulders.

"'Ey! E'nuff talkin' in there!" A guard on the other side of a metal door shouted at them, and the C.I.A. agent was immediately quiet.

Suddenly Snake Eyes cocked his head up as he hear a collection of soft voices talking beyond the door. Due to his inability to speak, his other senses were enhanced, and trained as a ninja, he had learned to adapt those acute senses and use them for anything he wished. He could hear three voices, two of them sounded the same, one was different. He had heard these voices before: they were Tomax, Xomat and Cobra Commander.

"Your plan better work, twins, or I'll be very displeased," Cobra Commander expressed. "The Joes will no doubt make an attempt to rescue him, but I'm not ready to give him up without a fight. Are your Crimson Immortal troops ready for such an assault of that precedence?"

"Extensive Enterprises is ready…"

"For anything, Cobra Commander."

"Good," Cobra Commander said plainly. "But I'm not keen on your plan, there's a fatal flaw. The Brain Wave Scanner has never worked on Snake Eyes in the past, how do you intend to rectify this problem so you can condition him to work for us? I'd just kill him and get it over with!"

"A ninja's mind is the most disciplined of any martial artist…"

"But with enough conditioning, every man reaches his breaking point."

"I already have Storm Shadow, Slice, Dice, the Red Shadows, Firefly, and Zartan, why would I possibly need another ninja in my organization?" Cobra Commander said.

"True genius takes time to cultivate, Cobra Commander," Tomax said.

"Snake Eyes is to become our newest obedient super soldier."

"Go on," Cobra Commander insisted. "You have my attention."

"By utilizing memory ingrams…"

"And altering the brain chemistry…"

"We have the technology…"

"Via research done by Dr. Mindbender…"

"To bend a person's will…"

"To become our willing, obedient servant."

"In short, Commander…"

"Not even a ninja…"

"Such as Snake Eyes…"

"Will be able to overpower…"

"This new brainwashing technique."

"So, you're saying it's foolproof?" Cobra Commander asked.

They both said, "Yes," in unison.

Cobra Commander crossed his arms across his chest. "I'll believe it when I see it," he said. "But if anything goes wrong, I want him dead!"



And Cobra Commander left them.

"Well, dear brother, how should we proceed?"

"I believe we should soften him up a little."

"After you…"

"No, after you, I insist."

Tomax and Xomat went to Snake Eyes cell and the guard standing outside opened the door for them. Snake Eyes was still shackled to the wall, and on another wall was the C.I.A. agent he was sent to rescue.

"You're probably wondering…"

"Where your sweetheart is."

"She's safe…"

"In our office."

"And she'll…"

"Continue to be safe…"

"If you're…"


The sheer mention of Scarlet suddenly gave Snake Eyes the strength of ten men and he ripped one of the shackles from of the wall, a piece of wall came with the chain. He then yanked hard on the other one and it too ripped out of the wall as if it were tissue paper. Snake Eyes stood there with a chain attached to each wrist, and now with weapons to use.

"How the hell…" one said.

"Did he do that?" the other one finished.

"Those chains are…"


"He heard your sinister little plan and he's not going along with it," the C.I.A. agent told them. "Atypical criminals, you enjoy talking."

"Shut up!" They said in unison.

Snake Eyes swung one of the chains around and the twins ducked out of the way. He then swung the other one and it narrowly missed the C.I.A. agent. Both twins pulled out their laser pistols and pointed them at Snake Eyes. This made Snake Eyes stop his attack. But only for a moment. He quickly analyzed the situation and found a tactical error in the twins position. He knew he was faster with the chains than the twins were with their lasers. So he swung both at the same time and disarmed both men. Their lasers landed on either side of the room. One landed next to the C.I.A. agent and he tried to reach it with his foot, but it was just out of range. Both twins held their gun hand, they felt the same pain.

"You'll pay…"

"For that!"

But Snake Eyes wasn't going to wait for his punishment and ran at them, opening his arms wide. He closed-lined both men. They landed with a thud on the ground and were out cold.

"Nice work," the C.I.A. said.

But the danger wasn't over yet.

The guard who was outside, looked through the bar window of the metal door, after hearing the scuffle, and saw Snake Eyes free. He then saw the Joe had incapacitated the twins. So, he unlocked the door and kicked it in, with his rifle's safely lock off. But when he looked inside the cell, Snake Eyes wasn't there. Only the C.I.A. agent was, still shackled.

"Where is he?" the guard demanded from the C.I.A. agent.

"My father always said, look right, look left, look down, look up."

The guard looked up and Snake Eyes tackled him. Snake Eyes had jumped up and had used the walls of the small cell to balance his weight. It was a simple trick any ninja could do. After knocking the guard out, he took his rifle and shot off the chains attached to his wrists. Then he aimed at the C.I.A. agents shackles and freed him to.

"You're a handy guy you have around," he said to Snake Eyes. "Let's get movin' before more of these creeps in red uniforms come." They ran out of the jail cell. "I learned of Extensive Enterprise's connection with Cobra while I was searching through some computer files one late night, and that's why they grabbed me and brought me down here." They ran down a long corridor to an elevator and Snake Eyes pressed the button. "What's your story?" Snake Eyes didn't reply. "You don't say much."

When the elevator reached their level Snake Eyes heard a rustling of voices on the other side. He quickly grabbed the C.I.A. agent and started running back down the hall. "Hey! What's going on?" he asked. His reason soon become apparent when they were shot at by more guys in red uniforms. Crimson Guard Immortals ran after them.

Snake Eyes dragged the C.I.A. agent into an open doorway and returned fire. This held the Crimson Guard Immortal troops at bay. But it would be only a temporary measure as he saw his rifle power source was getting low on energy. He backed into the room all the way and barricaded the door with anything he could find. Then he quickly looked around and found a sizable air shaft, big enough for an average sized person. He pointed to it. "You want me to go in there?" the agent said. "Are you nuts? I won't be able to fit in there." Snake Eyes pointed insistent. "Awright, awright! I suppose you want me to climb through the vents for a way out and then bring help back?" Snake Eyes nodded. "Gimme a boost!" So the agent climbed up on Snake Eyes shoulders and removed the vent cover, then climbed inside.

Laser blasts hit the door and soon the four C.G. Immortal broke through, but all they found was Snake Eyes. "Freeze!" one of them said. But Snake Eyes didn't like the tone of his voice and gave him a roundhouse kick to the head. He then gave another a punch to the face, and barreled through the other two, throwing them against the wall in the corridor. All but one of the them were rendered unconscious. And as Snake Eyes fled, the last one fired off a blast and hit him in the shoulder blade.

Snake Eyes felt the pain, but kept on running and soon reached the elevator. He entered and pressed the button to the top floor of Extensive Enterprises. His shoulder ached, burned from the laser blast, but he chose to ignore it, to deal with it later at a more appropriate time. Right now, he had to get to Scarlet whom the twins said was in their office on the top floor.

Meanwhile, Tomax and Xomat were waking up from their beating from Snake Eyes, and the C.G. Immortal who had shot Snake Eyes, came into the room. "Sir," he addressed both of them. "Are you alright?"

"Of course we're not alright," one of them said.

"Implement security procedures for the building," the other one said.

"Make sure nothing…"

"Gets out!"

"Right away, sir," the C.G. Immortal said, and he left the room.

"He won't get away…"

"From us!"

-- tbc