Out Time


" Are you almost ready?" Maddison called from the downstairs. She had come over to make sure that Raymond was okay before the funeral. She looked over to Horatio who was sitting in the brown sofa that was in the living room, lost in thought. They had all been through so much with in the span of days, but Horatio had taken most of the responsibility onto his shoulders. She sighed heavily as she turned to the stairwell again, not hearing anything from Raymond. Going up the stairs, she found him standing in his bathroom, staring into the mirror. His eyes were already red from crying and he wore a expression of deep sadness. Maddison stopped short of going into the bathroom and embracing him, instead she turned to go back down the stairs.

Raymond looked up at her and wiped his eyes quickly. He cleared his throat and attempted to smile as he said, " You know, you walk almost as quiet as Horatio."

" I was just coming up here to check on you. It's almost time," Maddison said quietly. " You need a moment?"

" No, I was coming down. I just got caught in the moment, ya know? I can't believe that she's gone, Maddie."

Maddison saw his need and went to hug her brother. She felt as he let his emotions out, and she tried to soak it all in for him. Her mind wandered to when she lost her own mother , and how much Raymond had been there for her. After embracing , she looked into his eyes and spoke gently.

" You remember what you told me, when my mom died?"

" I told you that she would live always, if you allowed her to."

" Well, the same goes for you, Ray. Yelina will always be in your heart, as long as you allow her to be there."

Raymond glanced at her and smiled. She was right. As tough as this day would be for him, he felt somewhat better that Maddison was there to support him.


" Robin, we are going to be late," Tim called as he buttoned up his black shirt. He had spent the better part of the night at the hospital with RJ , and he had gotten off to a slow start. When he did awake , he found his bed empty, and cold. It had been like that for almost three days now. Robin had refused to sleep with him or even talk to him. She would spend every moment either looking at pictures of her son, or by his side at the hospital. It was a rare miracle that she was even home this morning.

He saw her as she came down the stairs, with a disheveled look about her and toting a huge bag. She didn't look like she was dressed for a funeral.

" Why aren't you dressed, Robin?" Tim asked frustrated.

" I'm not going, that's why." Robin replied adroitly.

" Robin, this is Yelina. We have to go."

" I didn't say you couldn't go, Tim. I just said that I'm not going. I'm going to the hospital to see RJ."

" Robin, you can't keep blaming me for this. I didn't pull the trigger," Tim responded angrily.

" I blame you Tim, I do blame you for this. My son is lying in a coma because of what you subjected him to all those years," Robin replied as the tears began to form.

" I'm not going to get into this today with you Robin. I have a friend's funeral to attend. Are you coming or not?"

" I think I made myself clear about my intentions, Timothy. Go."

" Robin,..."

" I said go, Timothy," Robin replied as she stared him down icily.

Tim returned her stare then picked up his jacket, " Fine. I'm gone."

" Might as well, you don't care about him anyway," Robin said as he turned to walk to the door.

Tim stopped and thought to turn around, but put that thought away. He wouldn't dignify that with a response and he didn't feel like he had to explain himself to her. He loved his son and he grieved for him every second, but he didn't feel the need to blame anyone. RJ was a CSI , he knew what dangers awaited him every day he stepped into the lab, just as Tim knew.

Without turning around, Tim said, " I'll be back after the funeral."

When the door opened and slammed, Robin let the tears flow down her face profusely. Nothing would ever be the same between them.


" Hey, hotshot. I just wanted to come by and see you before Yelina's funeral," Jacinda said as she grabbed RJ's hand. She had stopped by to peek in on him to see if there was any change, but as always, there wasn't. She gazed into his still face and felt the tears as they dropped onto her hand. Just a couple of days ago, they were together and happy. Now , Jacinda faced the possibility of losing him.

" You've got to come out of this RJ. I - I can't live without you. I just get sick at the thought of it. Your parents are having it rough. Your mom blames your dad for this. Wake up , RJ. Please," Jacinda pleaded with him as she squeezed his hand. She gently pushed a strand of hair from his closed eyes and let her hand travel down his face, feeling the stubble that was thickening. How could she go on without this man? She sat there for a moment more , before she glanced up at the clock that hung on the wall, then she kissed him lightly on the forehead as she attempted to let his hand go. She looked down at their hands intertwined and felt the shock as he held on to her. "RJ?"

She looked up to see his eyes open slightly and a small smile on his face. He said something softly and she had to lean in to hear him.

" I love you," RJ whispered as he closed his eyes. Instantly, Jacinda heard the monitors as it recorded a flatline . She felt as his hand lost it's grip on hers and fell limply to his side.

" RJ, no..." Jacinda said as she heard the doors swing open. Nurses and doctors filled the room as they hurried to save him. Jacinda stepped back out of the way and watched with horror as they worked feverishly.

" Ma'am, you can't be in here," a nurse said as she tried to usher Jacinda out the room.

" No, I'm staying," Jacinda said angrily through her tears. If this was his last moment, his last breath, she wanted to be here.The nurse glared at her and then left her. After ten minutes, Jacinda heard the worst words that she could have ever thought.

" Time of death, ten- thirty," the doctor said as he stopped compressions.

Jacinda let out an anguished cry and sunk to the floor as the doctor switched off the monitor and the room got quiet. A nurse helped Jacinda to her feet and she continued to gaze at his lifeless body as the room cleared.

" Can we call someone for you, Miss?" the nurse asked as she glanced at the handsome young man sadly.

" No, I'll do it," Jacinda said as she walked over to him. The nurse sighed softly and took her leave. The young woman needed her time alone with him.

Jacinda lifted a shaky hand to his face and caressed his cheek. No more would she feel his kisses , no more would she feel his touch or hear his voice, his laugh.

"Robert,..." Jacinda said shakily. How could she find the strength to keep going? How would they all find it?

The End

Author's note: I know, bad form for killing RJ, but I have some things in mind for the next part. Let me know what you all think. I already got one bad review , I think I can take more... just be civilized . lol