A flooding memory
Not my own
A face
I'll have never known.
Different eyes,
Different mind,
Two hearts beating-
Left behind.I'll be taken
In the morning light
As the sun breaks through
The cold of night;
Just a memory
Of the icy breeze,
And the silver stars
Over frozen seas

When we were flying,
You and I-
Hurled across
A moonlit sky.
All my thoughts
Were the deepest blue,
All my thoughts
Were made of you.

The lonely moon,
With its pale light
Saw our hands touch
On that haunted night;
And saw the sadness-
A flowing tide
From your innocent eyes,
Dark and wide.

A different light,
A different sound
And a peace at last
With the love I've found.
Bravest of the brave,
Please don't cry.
We all grow old,
We all must die.

I'll be gone
By morning sky,
When the sun breaks through
For you and I.
And we'll be flying,
Far away,
From that lonely time
Called yesterday.