Lily looked worried as she and James walked out of their house for a day together without hiding inside. James saw this and said, "Relax honey nothing will happen, Harry will be fine, after all he is just with mum and dad (A/N James's mum and dad are still alive).Lily cheered up a bit at this , "I am worrying about nothing besides it's been a long while since we two have been out alone so might as well enjoy the evening" she thought.

They went to see a movie, James bought the tickets and they both went and sat inside, soon both of them were absorbed in the movie.


Marcus Potter sat on the couch watching the television, with one arm around his wife but suddenly everything went cold, it was as if there was nothing good in the world it was like all the happiness was being sucked out of him just like how it happens when a Dementor was here , he realized that Voldemort had come, quickly turning to his wife he said, "Take Harry and go to Hogwarts you will be safe there, I will hold him off to give you some time" seeing that his wife was about to protest he gave her a gentle shove in the direction of Harry's bedroom, She ran upstairs.

Turning towards the door he saw that Voldemort had already entered, he could do nothing but watch as the green light sped towards him , in his last moments he prayed that his wife managed to take Harry and escape

After killing Marcus Potter , Lord Voldemort who was so feared that nobody dared to say his name, the one who could not be defeated moved towards the staircase and went up to the room where he knew that the boy who possibly had the chance to kill him was. He opened the door with one flick of his wand, killed the only one who stood on his way to kill the boy.

He moved on to the boy, Harry Potter stared at him with those large green eyes so like his mother , for a brief second he wondered whether his decision was right , after all when even Dumbledore the greatest wizard couldn't defeat him what can a small child do but the thought immediately vanished as he remembered the prophecy , his eyes hardened and he said not even bothering to give the curse his full power "Avada Kedavra" but something happened that surprised him the killing curse went near the boy it rebounded on him as if there had been a shield which was very powerful he realized suddenly why this had happened someone had given that boy a powerful protection ,He shouted with all his might willing the curse to not to kill him, but it only made him lose his body but at least he hadn't died and when he returned to his body Harry Potter was in for it.

Lily and James returned to find the house in ruins and found Hagrid outside holding Harry, crying though it seemed like howling and Harry looked like he was asleep, when he saw them his eyes opened wide in surprise but instantly hardened, "Who are you?" Lily looked very confused at this question , she had known Hagrid since her first year and they had always been friends and now Hagrid was asking who she was , James was in a similar state of confusion "Why, Hagrid it's us Lily and James , Can't you recognize us? What is the matter with you Hagrid why is the house like this and where are Marcus and Rose? They were taking care of Harry" he said , for a brief second Hagrid's eyes looked as confused as they were feeling but it was gone in a second "How dare you try to convince me that you are Lily and James and try to tell me that it was Marcus and Rose Potter who were inside , Death Eaters" Hagrid roared and spat the word Death Eaters as if it was a Disease but then it was a disease James thought , Hagrid waited for them to answer but they were both too confused to pay any attention to him , he let out an impatient breath and seized both of them , a moment later everything went black.

When they woke up they found themselves in Dumbledore's office "what happened one moment we were watching a movie and when we went home we.." Lily remembered what had happened now and knew that they were going to have a tough time convincing everyone that they were indeed Lily and James and not some Death Eaters disguised as them.

They got up and saw Dumbledore, Hagrid and Professor McGonagall, it was very odd, Dumbledore looked at them his brilliant blue eyes unusually cold, "Hagrid tells me that you have an interesting story to tell, we are all ready to hear it even if it takes all of the night" he looked at them even though his tone was polite his eyes were still cold and hard. They told him the whole story but Dumbledore didn't believe even one word of it and they knew that from his eyes. "Hagrid, they won't tell the truth ask Professor Slughorn to bring me some Vertiserum".

When Professor Slughorn entered he was about to hand over the potion to Dumbledore when he saw who it was being used on, "What is this , Albus? You are using vertiserum on my favorite student and her husband and you ask me to help you", "rest in peace, Horace I am not going to kill them or anything I am just going to see whether they are lying when they say that they are Lily and James after all we don't want a Death Eater to know all our plans", Slughorn still looking a little uneasy handed over the vertiserum to him, he poured the vertiserum into James's mouth and started the questions ,

"Who are you?"

"James Marcus Potter"

"when were you born?"

"October 13"

"if you are James Potter then where were you tonight when your house was attacked?"

"I was watching a movie with Lily"

Dumbledore looked satisfied with the answer and then turned towards Lily.

"Who are you?"

"Lily Jasmine Evans"

"When were you born?"

"May 28"

"Where were you tonight when your house was attacked?"

"I was out with James"

"Well it seems that we were wrong about you" he said cheerfully when the Potions effect faded, "I think I must inform this to Remus, he should have gotten the owl I sent him, Minerva would you mind using my floo network to tell Remus about this?" "Certainly, Albus" she replied but before she went she tuned towards them for a brief moment and before they knew what was happening she was hugging them both tightly and a moment later she was gone.

Dumbledore looked surprised at this but smiled , "James , you and Lily both need to attend a trail tomorrow , the trail of Sirius Black" he said his blue eyes turning grave.

"What do you mean by the trail of Sirius Black? What did he do?" , Dumbledore looked surprised and said "Why James he was your secret keeper and he betrayed you by telling Voldemort didn't he?" , Lily shook her head and said "No , professor , Sirius cam up with this plan , we change Peter into our secret keeper and he would be a decoy so that no one would go after Peter" she said in a soft voice. "Then I believe I have to go to the ministry right now and Remus would be coming soon and Minerva would show you to the place where you all will be staying" and with that he took a kettle and murmured "Portus" and the next instant he was gone.

They heard sound behind them and they turned to see Remus emerging from the fire as soon as he saw them , he threw himself at Lily who was the one nearer to him , she hugged him and next he pulled James into a hug.

Professor McGonagall smiled and said "I believe I am supposed to show you to your quarters , follow me" and with that she left with them following her.

They all looked around in wonder as they entered their quarters, it was decorated in red and gold and it looked so cozy , they parted ways to get some sleep and Lily laid Harry down in a crib which was there and they both fell asleep.

They woke up to the sounding of heavy pounding on the door and Lily opened the door sleepily , only to be pulled into a suffocating hug , when the person released her she got a good look at who it was and a big smile lit up her face.

After waking up James they went down to Breakfast and ate it hungrily or at least Sirius and James did while Lily and Remus looked thoughtful.

They all decided to take a walk after breakfast , they walked alongside the lake nobody saying anything each lost in his or her own thoughts wondering why their close friend had betrayed them and if they were to be blamed for his betrayal.