The Second Turn of the Wheel of the World's End – In the Devil's Lair

Summary: WARNING: Spoilers to The Order of the Phoenix.Who would imagine that after coming back from hell you would have to live with the Devil himself? Sequel to The First Turn of the Wheel of the World's End. Sirius+Severus Slash

Category: Adventure/Action, Romance

Pairing: Severus/Sirius

Author's Notes: Black Stones is a brand of cigarettes that are totally black, thinner than the other brands and cherry flavored. Well, this is my "epic" in 3 parts. This is the second, it's not finished but we'll get there. The Third Turn is still a plan. READ THE FIRST TURN before you read this or you'll get totally lost. Hope you enjoy it. Love feedback.


The smoke filled my lungs in a comforting way. The breeze blew cold on my breast, I was shirtless, still savoring the afterglow of a good fuck. I looked at the overgrown garden at my front yard and the street lamps beyond, deep in thought. This nameless room, which belonged to none, was now ours. HE, the most hated HE of the history of my life had now become WE. Bizarre, isn't it? How life goes by? I looked at the black cigarette between my fingers… Slim, dark, elegant… An invitation to a slow death. Yeah… just like him. Has been killing me for almost 20 years now. Not that I'm complaining… Always loved to hate the bastard. Made life worthy living, yeh know. I needed to be there to stop whatever Snivellus was up to. To smack that sneer out of his face.

The smoke tasted like his skin… Funny that Severus would smoke a muggle brand… God save Black Stones(1)! I smiled. How ironic… Of all potions smells that could cling to him, the one which did was his smokes' smell… Cherry. I sighed.

It was so much easier to let him go when I hated him…

But nothing would ever be like it was before…

That was a promise.