The Second Turn of the Wheel of the World's End – In the Devil's Lair

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Author's Note: Here we got… To the End. If you don't grasp something try to remember the First Turn. There is a reason they are parts of the whole. I would like to thank, for being my first reviewer and pushing me on (hope you are better in your German!) and Dragonclaw Mistress, for good critics. They were very helpful in developing the story.


Purposeful steps filled the room. Each of them calculated to make a determined amount of noise that would call the intended amount of attention. Few people have this kind of control over their steps. It takes years to perfect such a technique and this man was a master. He held total control over his weight, over the effect his black leather boots had on the granite floor of Grimmuald's Place's Hall and also over every emotion he might have shown.

The purposeful steps reached the stairs, purposefully climbing each step without hurrying or losing its pace.

Harry, Draco, Lupin and Tonks looked astounded. Who dared play such a tactless prank? Harry tried to stop the man, but even a war hero could be too surprised to react quickly. Severus always said you could never let your emotions rule you, and Harry remembered that words as the impostor sent him and the other three to the other side of the room hitting the wall hard with 4 perfectly aimed Expeliarmus from the first ladder of the stairs.

The man didn't pay them much more attention. He took his purposeful step to the first room near the stairs.

Their bedroom.

"Somehow I knew I would find you here." He said caressing the soul of the only other person in the room with his deep voice that sounded like velvety night sky.

For the first time in a month the man in the chair moved without aid, turning electric blue eyes to the newcomer.

"You are not you. How dare you come to me as you?" Said the man they said had gone mad, Sirius Black. His voice was strained and he seemed to wish the impostor's death with fervor.

"I can be no other than myself, Black. Stop this nonsense." Said the impostor. The way he said the other's name just too similar to that used by Black's late lover.

"You Polyjuiced Bastard! Stop acting like him!" Black said squeezing the impostor's neck hard. He had, in the blink of an eye, crossed the room and attacked.

Although very good a fighter, Black had spent a month without moving. His hold was slack. The other man used that to backhand his attacker.

Black's face stung as both men stood as if frozen in place.

Black turned his face back to the man that looked like Snape.

They held each other's stare a few more seconds.

Sirius kissed Severus.

He kissed Severus as he had kissed him that first time in that very room. As if there was no tomorrow. As if there was no past, no present, no future. As if they were two parts of a whole.

The kiss dropped all barriers between them and Sirius saw Severus memories of his "second" death.

Once again Severus stood on the nothingness without sound.

Well, here we are. He had thought looking around. Bellatrix was there with him, but not for long. He rejoiced for a moment. Not for long, either.

Sirius absence hit so much harder this time that he thought his soul would vanish.

He wished his soul would vanish.

What do you do here again, Saint Thomas?

Oh… It's you. Severus recognized the "voice" of the man who had helped him when he had come for Sirius' body and soul. The man who wore glasses and a dark blue kimono, The inventor of Ariadne's Spell. Well…It seems obvious but I can formulate if you like. Severus said with irony I died.

Where, then, is your lover? Asked the man in glasses.

He lives. Severus answered.

You must get out of here then.

Severus raised an eyebrow.

You hold with me a debt of gratitude. You said you really wanted to thank me. I told you to stay with him. You're bound to do so. The weird man smiled.

And the next thing Severus remembered was waking up inside a coffin, his own coffin, and thanking profusely the one who had the idea of burying him with his wand.

As they ended the kiss, Sirius raised his eyes to Severus'.

"What took so fucking long?"

"Oh… Do yourself a favor, Black. Shut up."

"Good idea." Sirius kissed Severus again.


Of the SECOND turn.