Hey all, look who's back! Thats right, its me and the Star Wars gang! Epsiode 4 is nearing completion butI thought of this little thing here whileI was sitting in English and thought you might like something to keep your wait for episode 4 entertained. If you are new to my fan fic, then welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see and if you do, check out my other one, my alternate ending to ROTS.

Alrighty then, this one is basically just after Yoda and Dooku's fight in AOTC when Anakin is waking up from losing his arm. The various chapters will be written from different characters points of veiw, the first of course, being Anakin's. I'll stop chanking now and let you get on reading. Enjoy, Reveiwand May the Force be with you always. xx

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing of Star Wars, it is all george lucas' wonderful creation. All i do is delve into his world and twist the story round a bit.

I gasp as the pain flows through my arm. No…I look down to see not my arm, but a horrible writhing stump where it used to be just one minute ago, the end still glowing like it could at any moment catch alight.I'm breathing heavily, and the sweat is pouring down my face. The battle comes back to me, flowing through my head like a holo-movie, I watch it all, watch myself lose my lightsabre and half of my arm along with it. I kick myself for being so stupid, for allowing myself to fall into Dooku's trap.

Obi-Wan's boot shift's underneath my head, and I groan as he slides out from underneath me. I feel two strong hands reach under my arms, well what was left of my right arm, and pull me gently to my feet. I'm barley able to stand, the pain growing more intense as my thoughts are diverted from the past back to the present. I didn;t understand how he managed to liftme, he himself had been injured too, but one quick glanceat Obi-Wan told me that he was alright, and that he was more concerned with me, as always.

I hear my name yelled from across the hanger, and look up to find Padme standing fearfully in the doorway. I limp slowly towards her, but she has reached me before I could take two steps. Wrapping her arms around me, and my remaining arm around her, we no longer cared who was watching this display of affection. Well, I didn't, it was a relief to be able to have someone holding me close, like my mother had done, but Padme, ever the diplomat, quickly realises her mistake and pulls away, holding my arm to keep me upright. However, her dainty frame is not quite enough to support my flow of pain and weakness, and I feel my legs buckle underneath me, bringing me down cursing Dooku all the way for what he has done.

But I never hit the ground, as Obi-Wan is there to catch me, like he always was and will always be. Slipping his arm gently around my waist, pressing a hand firmly on my chest, he kept me upright, the look of concern growing rapidly on his face. I hear him mumble something to somebody, but that's all I can make out. A low distant, rumble of noise that somehow sounds vaguely like my Master. The edges of my sight grow black, as I feel the burning pain course up my nerves, through my stump.

Noises come from all around me, and I close my eyes as I am lowered back onto the ground, or what I thought was the ground. I felt a squeeze on my hand, and open my eyes to see Padme clutching it, supporting me in the only way she could. I smile weakly at her, holding back the screams of agony that want to escape from my dry lips. Then a hand sweeps over my forehead, and I look up into the eyes of my Master, and I hear him clearly although his mouth doesn't move.

Anakin, relax. I have to put you in a healing trance until we can get you back to a med centre. It will stop the pain, and you will be comfortable.

Slowly I nod underneath his kind, guiding hand, and do as he instructs. As my eyelids flutter closed I hear him mummer again, and feel Padme's hand stroke my cheek, and sneak a quick peck to my forehead. Then, Obi-Wan's power takes over, and I shut down deep in a healing trance, slowing my heart rate to a steady pace, trusting Obi-Wan to bring me back.

Yes this is short, but all the chapters will probably be like this. So guys, review, reveiw, reveiw...if you dont mind that is! lol