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As I gaze out over the lake, at this particular moment, I have no cares in the world. My still slightly bruised chest moves easily underneath my tunic as the air fills my lungs and the soothing sound of the gentle waterfalls keeps the conflicting thoughts about what I'm about to do at bay.

I'd been a week here on Naboo now, and finally, after talking with Padme and a few words with Obi-Wan when he called to see how I am doing; my head seems to be near enough straightened out. Of course, there is a lot more that Padme knows than Obi-Wan does; I don't think I'm ever going to be able to tell him what I did on Tatooine, or what I'm about to do now. But Padme…she knows everything, everything I've ever felt or thought or done because she will soon be my wife…Mrs Padme Naberrie Amidala Skywalker, and we decided that there should be no more secrets between us.

But I still can't get my head around the fact that she agreed. When we first got to talking, the first question I asked her was whether she only said yes because I was near enough at death's door. I was soon put right about that.

I look down as the fading sunlight glinted off the golden durasteel of my replacement arm. I hate the way it looks and I felt so sure that my whole life was ruined because of it, but Padme's overwhelming confidence in me and the unfaltering dedication she has to show me she isn't bothered by it makes me realize how stupid this whole ordeal has been. It should have been simple, straightforward, go get Dooku and end the war before it began. But because of me, he got away and our search for him was halted because I couldn't keep my head straight.

Obi-Wan has talked to me about this, and everytime, his reassuring words boosts my confidence just that little bit more. There are two people in my life that I just can't live without, and those two people are my family. Everything that has happened on Tatooine is in the past, and that is now where it has to stay. I will never go back there, and Padme and Obi-Wan both know that. It's a place where my past ends and my future begins, and my future is here with the both of them, traveling the galaxy, saving people who need to be saved.

I turn round as I hear footsteps approach and smile at the Naboo Holy Man that Padme had found to carry out the service. We both have a lot of confidence and trust in him, purely because he is a long time friend of Padme's family, and he has assured us that anything that goes on here will be taken to the grave with him.

I step away from the balcony and into my spot to his right. I give a slight wave as R2 and 3PO trundle out to the balcony and R2 beeps and whistles excitedly. After spending so much time with him, its funny how quickly I have picked up the meaning of his coded language and can practically understand everything he says.

Then comes Padme, my angle, the light of my life. It's cheesy and I know that at some point everyone says it, but she really is the only one that I could spend the rest of my life with. I feel my jaw drop as her beautiful chestnut hair gleams in the sunset, and small rose petals fall gently around her. Her silk lace dress hangs delicately around her, the train gliding gently off the floor. The sunlight catches the smooth material in its sun kissed rays and makes it shimmer as she walks smiling towards me.

I breathe in gently as she stops just in front of me, at first looking down at the floor before bringing her deep chestnut eyes to meet my blue ones. She smiles gently at me as the holy man's words softly whisper along with the calming winds song.

Then it hits me and I smile gently back, we really are here, both of us getting married to each other. It had only been a couple of months since we were reacquainted after 10 long years of being apart, but every year that I had been away was filled with dreams and thoughts about Padme. That was what pushed me harder to continue my training, to keep me and Obi-Wan alive. I wanted to prove to Padme that I wasn't that funny little boy she left all those years ago, I wanted to show her that I had grown up, that now I was more than just a friend and we were meant to be together as my dreams had shown.

"Anakin Skywalker, do you take this beautiful young lady to be your wedded wife?"

I look to the Holy Man then back at Padme, smiling a smile that I don't think I have been able to for many years. I see slight concern in her eyes as I hesitate to answer and I quickly look down at the floor, swallowing my tears as I realize just how quickly my dreams were coming true. Looking back up at her, keeping my loving gaze fixated on her sun kissed face, I mutter the three biggest words that I know will change my life forever.

"Always and Forever."

I can see Padme fighting the urge to fling her arms around my neck and kiss the life out of me, and I know she knew that I was fighting the urge to do the exact same thing to her. I listen as the same words are spoken to her and my ears ring with the honey sweet voice of her as the words are whispered from her lips. The last few seconds of the Holy Man's speech was just a blur in my ears. Padme takes my left hand in her hers, and I gingerly hold out my right one to her. I smile as she takes it without hesitation in her warm hand. I can't feel anything in the replacement limb at the moment, Obi-Wan wanted to get me off of Courascant as soon as I got better which left no time for modifications, though I told him I'd be doing modifications before too long.

I watch out the corner of my eye as the Holy Man smiles over us and steps gently out of sight. He had told us before the ceremony that he wouldn't hang around. But my gaze doesn't follow him, at the moment I couldn't care less if he blurted our union to the whole world. As Padme looks up at me with concerned brown eyes, I can tell that she is still worried about what could happen if anyone finds out. Without hesitation however, her forehead quickly meets mine, and as though our lips were magnets, we were soon locked in a loving kiss, one that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Nothing that anyone could do to me would make me forget this moment, the moment that my life as Anakin Skywalker, lonely lost slave boy ended, and I truly began as Anakin Skywalker, married to the prettiest girl in the galaxy, Padawan to one of the greatest Jedi masters in history as far as I'm concerned and the happiest man alive at this point in time.

As we separate, Padme's smile falls into place and she draws in closer to me, releasing my hands and wrapping her arms tightly round my waist. My arms take their place round hers and we gently turn to look out over the lake. Her head rests against my chest and I hear her sigh contentedly and look down to see her eyes closed, breathing in the cool evening air as I had been just a few minutes before.

"Ani…we did it."

"And there isn't anything that can happen that will tear us apart."

Suddenly, Padme pulls gently away and looks up at me, her brown eyes again shining with concern and a slight hint of fear. I take her shaking hands and hold them, frowning concerned.

"What's wrong? I thought this was what you wanted."

"Anakin it is, it really is. But what you just said…there is something that can tear us apart."

I sigh as realize what I think she means, and pull her close to me again.

"Padme, if the Order ever found out, I would leave it to be with you. There isn't any way that they could get me to stay unless the accepted that me and you are together. We love each other and that isn't something we should be ashamed off."

"I know that…I was talking more about what happened in the med center."


"I…I lost you Ani…you were consumed by dark and I couldn't get you back, I had to call Obi-Wan to save you. What if that happens again Ani? What if it overpowers you and there isn't anything I can do…I would lose you then…I couldn't live if that happened."

"Padme…I was weakened in the med centre remember. Most of those healers were trying to kill me anyway. I promise you, with Obi-Wan and you by my side, there isn't anything I can't fight. Our love will always prevail over anything…anything and I don't want you worrying about that, alright? This is our special day, one that should be remembered for joyous reasons. This is the turning point in my life Padme and I couldn't be happier that it has come."

I smile down at her and see the calming smile appear back on her face, eyes swimming with tears as she cuddles back into my chest, closing her eyes. But instantly I feel something inside of me is wrong, and I know that I have just lied to her. The dark that attacked me in the med centre was my own, one that still resides deep in my heart, my soul.

As I look back over the lake, I can see shadows forming everywhere, and I know that no amount of praying or whishing would get rid of those shadows…no amount of love or protection was going to stop the shadows from creeping back up, Palpatine had damn near told me that. My mother's words rang through my head and I sigh as she reminds me, you can't stop change, no more than you can stop the suns from setting.

A big change in me had happened, and I cant stop that, I cant stop the sun of my life rapidly setting as somehow I know, frighteningly, that my days as the good man that I know I am are numbered. I managed to gain the love of my life, but I just cant shake the feeling that I am losing myself in the process.