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The Endar Spire; 0423 local time.

The attack came out of nowhere, but then again most attacks did; it was part of their very nature, but the sudden deceleration as the Endar Spire was yanked out of hyperspace was the very last thing that any one on board expected. Carth Onasi braced himself on the console of the bridge before looking around to check on the crew. No serious injuries, he thought as his eyes went to the data screen and widened in horror. An entire Sith fleet dominated the entire monitor.

"Get me the Jedi NOW!" He commanded the Ensign, he could see the terror in his wide eyes as he went about his task. "Bring us to port! I want those gun batteries warmed and ready. How far are we off from the planet." The stat's where there instantly as he accessed the information. We aren't going to make it out of this intact. the thought was there but he banished it instantly. As the comm. signaled he had the Jedi on the line.

"What is it Captain, why have we been pulled from hyperspace so soon?" the irate voice belonged to Bastila Shan the missions commander.

"We've managed to land right in the middle of a Sith ambush Commander, an Interdictor has pulled us out of hyperspace short of the target system. The Sith are beginning to form up and close in."

"I'll be there as quickly as I can Captain, can we hold them off long enough to reach Taris?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Very well, alert the crew, it looks like we're in for a rough ride." With that the comm. went silent and Carth turned to the Ensign once again.

"Open all channels to the crew - he waited for the nod then continued. - Attention all personal, we are at Red Alert, I repeat Red Alert. All hands are to report immediately to there assigned stations." With that the connection was severed, "Isn't your bunk mate still in her quarters?" He asked the Ensign.

"Yes sir, she received a concussion a few day again and relieved of duty till the medic could certify her to fly again."

"You better go let her out of her quarters then, I can guarantee that she isn't going to want to lay down for this, you are dismissed." The Ensign turned to leave, but Carth was already focusing on the battle to come, if we could only hold up until we get close enough to the planet. It was imperative that the Jedi make it. But the outcome looked grim.


It wasn't the sudden jerk of the ship that woke her, no it was her head as it connected with the ground. She'd managed to fall out of her bunk, was all she could think as she lay on the floor and moaned softly to herself. Her head had already pounded from the blow she's taken some days before in a damn training exercise of all things.

She just lay there for sometime, letting the spinning of the room come into some kind of order. But she was suddenly interrupted in her quest for clarity by the activation of the intercom.

"Attention all personal, we are at Red Alert, I repeat Red Alert. All hands are to report immediately to there assigned stations."

She groaned again as she managed to pull herself into a seated position, what could it be now. not that she had too much to worry about, she had been relieved of duty after the accident, but damn this better not be another drill.

Minutes seemed to go by and she didn't bother to move, her head seemed to be beating out its own rhythm that was no where near in time with the ship board siren. The sudden activation of the room door caused her to frown, but it slid open to reveal Ensign Ulgo blaster in hand, a wide look of fear in his eyes.

"Come on quickly you need to get and get dressed."

"What's going on Trask?" She asked even as she managed to pull herself upward and make her way to her locker. Quickly she slipped her uniform on, trying desperately to keep the room from spinning. She had just managed to stand up straight and get her melee weapon strapped when she was hurled against the bulkhead by I violent shock.

"Damn it, we need to get to the bridge, we're under attack from the Sith!"

"What? Are they after the Jedi?"

"That's what the Captain thinks, are you steady enough to get moving?"

"I can make it." They stepped out into the corridor and where instantly covered by a hail of blaster fire.

"Damn it, they've managed to board us. FOR THE REPUBLIC!" Trask screamed as he rounded the bend and began firing. Raven shook her head briefly before she reached behind her back and withdrew her Zhaboka double-bladed sword, she made sure her grip was tight and firm before she followed Trask round the corner.

Trask was taking cover by one of the bulk head connections, as she ran past him. She didn't even bother to take out her blaster, her skill with the blade had always been her best attack - outside of a cockpit that was.

There where three Sith troopers taking fire at them, she managed to dodge the first volley of fire, she slashed diagonally across the first stomach, but didn't hesitate with the next move. The down swing connected with the next trooper who spun as she caught against their shoulder. She felt the third as they turned to fire at her but was cut down by a blaster bolt to the face plate.

"Are you insane? If you're going to use your melee at least activate your personal shield. It might just give a chance of making it off the ship." She waited for Trask to catch up to her before they continued onwards towards the next closed bulkhead. As Trask fiddled with the manual release he glance down at the blade in her hand, then back up to her face.

"That's not standard issue."

"No it's my own, a gift from an old friend." Even as she spoke the doors slid open to reveal a Jedi in the midst of battle with a Dark Jedi.

"This fight's too much for us, there's nothing we can do." Trask spoke as they watched the action before them. Frustration burned through Raven as she watched helplessly as the two Force wielders battled. With a final blow the Jedi managed to cut the Sith down only to fall victim seconds later to an explosion across the bulkhead. Raven gritted her teeth at the injustice of it. They could have used her help to make it through the growing number of Sith.

No sooner had she spoken then three more Sith rounded the corner into the line of sight. With a brief glance at Trask she activated her personal shield and charged forwards, just in time to see a grenade explode where she had been. She didn't let it slow her down though as she attacked with vicious force, her first blow cleaving a trooped in two.

Distantly she heard Trask as he yelled out for her to duck, but she was already moving, spinning and jamming her fist into the next trooper before using the momentum to continue on with her attack. Moments later and she stood in the midst of the dead. Trask was making his way towards her as they reached the main corridor of the ship.

"This is going to be tight quarters if the Sith have managed to take the bridge, so be ready." Even as he spoke he was already assessing the manual over ride for the door. As it slid back she cursed, the Sith had already taken the bridge they swarmed towards the pair as the began to fight. She was so caught up in the shear momentum of attack - parries - attack, that she was stunned by the sudden absence of attackers. A brief glance around revealed the dead and dying around her as Trask came forwards once again.

"You're good with that thing. But we need to dump the computer codes and get to the escape pods." So saying he assessed the computer and imputed his pass code before pressing the sequence that would send out a last message to the Republic fleet before erasing the computers core memory. Together they moved towards the next bulkhead and Trask once again went to work, only to curse and thump the metal a moment later.

"What is it?" She asked,

"The damn lock's been jammed."

"Here let me try." She handed him her weapon as she set to work, instead of using the usual subroutine she re-routed the controls through a minor system. It would only hold for a few moments before the power would melt the wiring but they didn't need to worry abut closing the door again.

"How did you do that?" Trask asked as the doors slid open.

"Let's just say that me and slicing have a friendly acquaintance." She took her weapon back as they moved forward. They where abut to head to the left when the bulkhead directly ahead of them jerked open. The figure it revealed was dressed all in black and spun his red tipped dual lightsaber before him, the look on his face was triumphant.

"Damn a Dark Jedi. You need to get to the escape pods and let the Captain know that the ship is clear and that the codes have been erased."

"What? Trask we need to go now!" She didn't even have time to finish as he ran forward to face the Sith. She tried to follow him but the bulkhead closed locking her out. She banged her fists against the door in frustration before she turned to the left door. It slid open easy enough to reveal the elevator that would take her down to the escape pod deck. With one final glance at the other locked door she sighed as the doors slid shut.

The sudden crackle of the speaker system made her jump before she recognized the voice.

"I'm tracking your life sign through the environmental systems. Do you think you'll be able to make it to the pod bay?" Captain Onasi spoke, his concern was evident in his voice.

"I'm on my way now Captain, is the rest of the crew away?"

"We're the last on board Lieutenant, there are no other life signs visible." For a moment she couldn't answer as a rush of grief filled her over the death of her friend.

"The memory core has been erased Captain. I'll be there as quickly as I can."

"Make it fast Lieutenant, the ship isn't going to hold up for much longer." With that the speaker system fell silent moments before the elevator stopped and the doors slid open.

She made her way down the corridor, her attention intensely focused on her surroundings. The nearby comm. crackled to life again.

"There's a Sith trooper ahead at the cross section, if you activate your stealth belt you should be able to get close enough to take him out before he notices you."

"Thanks Captain." The Comm. fell silent again, as she reached for her belt. the only trouble with a stealth belt is that she had to deactivate her personal shield in order for it to work. After she had turned off her shield she switched the belt n and waited as the odd shivery sensation stole over she skin.

On silent feet she made her way forward, stopping every time the guard's attention turned towards her in order to remain undetected. She was only three feet away from him when he turned once again, at this close the distortion effect created by the Stealth belt was noticeable, the shimmering of the refracted light caught his attention. Not bothering to turn off the belt she struck, two quick decisive blows and he was down. Only then did she switch off the belt. immediately turning her personal shield back on. She noticed the grenades attached to his belt and smiled. She palmed them and quickly made her way down the corridor on swiftly silent feet.

At the next bulkhead she quickly secured her blade to its back harness, the grenades gripped tightly in her palm. As she activated the circuit to open the doors, she took a second to spot the two Sith, before aiming and releasing the grenades. They two never had the chance to even bring up their weapons in defense as the explosion, through them to the ground. Her blade found one and then another in quick succession, before she whipped it round to her rest at her side. She toggled the comm. system to speak to the Captain.

"Is there any way of knowing just how many are behind this door Captain?" It took a moment before he got her answer.

"There's at least five life signs in there, your going to have to think of something. There should be a deactivated droid in there with you. There should be part to fix it in the footlockers or you can hack into the security system from the terminal and get a little…creative." She looked over at the terminal and grinned.

"I think I'll stick with my good old fashioned hacker skill's Captain, thanks for the heads up." The comm. went silent again as she got to work.

It took her moments to bypass the log in sequence, any code she knew wouldn't have worked since the core had already been erased. She pulled the options menu up and scanned through the list till she reached the cameras. Selecting the one for the room, she groaned as she noticed the troopers stood waiting.

They weren't just any troopers, these where the elite. You could tell be the blood red stain to their armor. She tapped the select button again and frowned as she noticed a new option menu. Listed was the overload for the power conduit that was situated in the next room.

She smiled as she tapped it and the highlighted option switched back to the camera again. She watched as the overload began, and as expected the electric charge jumped from conduit to the nearest Sith trooper. For once those menacing armors where of actual use to her as they acted as there own insulators, trapping the electricity inside the suit frying the occupant. As the last fell to the ground, she logged out of the system and moved to open the door.

She kept her blade firmly in its harness but grabbed the elite's Sith war sword, if they where going down to the planet they would need all the weapons they could carry. Clutching the weapon in he hand she made her way to the next door and started to run down the corridor. Seconds later an explosion fro behind her sent her sprawling across the deck. Scrambling to her feet she kept moving. Bastila must have made it away, the Sith had started targeting the ship directly.

As she rounded the next bend she was faced with two more Sith troopers, but she didn't even hesitate, cutting them down with swift movements, desperate to reach the pods before it was too late. She didn't even feel the gash as the second trooper cut across her thigh. She felled him one handed taking his head clear off. She didn't slow as she rounded the next bend and reached the bulkhead door. She entered the emergency code that was a permanent fixture on every Republic escape pod bay even though the core had been wiped clean.

She threw herself through the door just as an explosion rocked the corridor behind her, sending sparks and debris through the air. She landed hard on the deck, and was grateful for the hand that reached out and lifted her to her feet. She lifted her gaze upwards and met the Captains, a hesitant smile forming on her lips.

"It's about time you got here Lieutenant, there's not much time left. There's only one pod remaining so its going to be a tight squeeze."

"I don't mind sir."

"Alright then, lets get moving." Carefully he lowered himself into the pod and strapped in, then with a little maneuvering she managed to squeeze down through the gap. A sudden jolt through the ship caused her to loose her grip and she landed heavily on the Captain's knees.

"Sorry sir." She mumbled. A warm chuckle tickled her ear.

"The names Carth, Lieutenant. And you might as well get comfortable because there's no where else for you to sit." Even as he spoke he pressed the release that would seal the doors of the escape pod tight. Trying to settle in as gently as she could, she felt his arms go round her waist seconds before they where ejected from the ship.

She looked up through the single portal as the moved away from the ship. When they had reached about two hundred meters a huge explosion ripped through the hull of the Endar Spire and the resulting shockwaves slammed into their tiny pod. Gasping at the sudden increase in speed, she gripped tightly onto the safety bars.

"Relax Lieutenant, we'll make it."

"Yes sir, but will we make it one piece?" She quipped, before she had time to think. Again that warm laughter filled her ears as a sudden lurch caused Carth to grip her even tighter.

"I like your sense of humor Lieutenant, it beats being pessimistic."

"Yes sir, and sir, my name's Raven. I figured you should be on first name basis with someone who literally fell into your lap." Seconds later they hit the outer atmosphere with a god awful lurch that sent Raven flying forward. Her head connected with the side of the pod and blinding light shot through her. Distantly she heard Carth's vice and his arms as the struggled to keep a hold of her.

"Damn is Lieutenant, you need to stay with me. We're nearly through. Raven…Raven answer me!" His voice faded off into the distance as the blinding white light began to swim into darkness.

She didn't feel the deceleration as they passed through the atmosphere and the thrusters fired to slow them even more. She didn't feel the impact as they crashed into the Uppercity of Taris. She never noticed as Carth managed to squeeze past her and out of the hatch. She didn't even feel him carrying her in his arms quickly away from the crash site. Instead she was blissfully unawares swallowed up by the darkness.