The Things I Do For You

Summary: In an AU world, Ethan survives. In an AU world... Well, you'll have to read and find out! Very Charlie Liam angst. Rated T for violence.

Remember, this is an AU universe. I know it doesn't happen!

Don't own anything. This goes for all chappies.

Chapter 1: Charlie

"He's not dead." I looked up from my guitar to see Claire standing there. "Aren't you relieved?"

"I bloody well am not!" I stood up, trying to make my point. I hate being small.

"You shot to kill! You could've gone to prison!"

"He was a bloody murderer! He tried to kill me! And suceeded!" I was so angry I slapped her across the face. "Claire! I'm so sorry!" But she had already walked away. "Damn you Charlie Pace! Wouldn't it have been easier if you'd bloody died!" I was in such a mood that I'd grabbed a fix before I realised it. I heard someone stop behind me. "You can come out not, Locke."

"Are you going to take that?" Locke's steely eyes narrowed.

"I bloody well am - not - am -not! I don't bloody know!"

"Why do want to?" Locke patted the rock beside him. I plonked myself down on it.

"I just lost my temper and hit Claire." Locke made a tutting noise and I felt a strange urge to hit him round the head with a tree trunk.

"Why?" I broke down at that point.

"She was criticising me. For shooting Ethan." Then we froze.

Staring at the mad guy pointing a gun at my head.

Yes, it's short I'm afraid. But it's not a one shot this time, I have it all planned out. Every gruesome detail... Mwahahaha... cough, splutter

For Zoe and Amy, my muses.