The Things I Do For You

Summary: In an AU world, Ethan survives. In an AU world... Well, you'll have to read and find out! Very Charlie Liam angst. Rated T for violence.

Remember, this is an AU universe. I know it doesn't happen!

Chapter 3: Claire

I couldn't believe Charlie had hit me. I must have struck a chord. I feel such an idiot.

Then, suddenly, there was a shot. We were all calm one minute and terrified the next. Sayid ran for the weapons box.

"Locke had a pistol." Boone mused. Sayid straightened up.

"Charlie!" he muttered. He pushed past Jack into the medi-tent. "He's gone!"

"Uh oh." Shannon muttered.

"Come on! We need to find him!" Sayid ran into the jungle, everyone else following. When we finally found Charlie, Ethan was lying still on the floor and Locke looked disgusted. Jin tapped Sayid on the back and handed him the mended handcuffs. Sayid grabbed Charlie's arm and placed the handcuffs on it. For now, he locked it to his own wrist as well.

If any of us has noticed anything different about Charlie, we put it down to anger. We left him chained to the plane. I noticed Locke stuck by him. I sat just out of view of them, but close enough to hear.

"Why didn't you bloody tell them?" Charlie was saying.

"You heard what he said. There's no coming back from it."

"I guess you're right. No one's ever valued my life that high before." Charlie's voice was slightly hoarse, as though he needed a drink. I got up and went to get him one. "Thanks Claire." he murmered, not reaching my eyes. I noticed that Charlie had a bit of a struggle drinking it, but I said nothing.

"I'm going to make them take these cuffs off you." Locke muttered. "It's note as if you can do anything."

"Don't do anything stupid!" Charlie called out.

"I wouldn't do anything you wouldn't do," Locke said with a grin. He came back a minute later with Sayid. For some reason, Sayid had grabbed Charlie's arm.

"We can't." He said briefly. Then, he gave Charlie's arm a tug, in thought.

There was a bone shattering crack.