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Laura took her seat in the back of the class. She was the first to arrive, but soon more Juniors joined her in American Lit. She got out her laptop and checked her e-mail. She had no new messages. She shut her laptop. Pride of the state, her school was issued over 2,000 laptops for the students. Not many people e-mailed her, and she didn't have much more use for the computer other than music. Westside High authority kept warning people about only using the machines for academic use, but they never did anything. Finally the teacher arrived and class was ready to start. Mrs. Armitage went to the board and began to write. She kept having to erase for she swears she has some sort of 'writing big on any surface' disability. She didn't notice the new kid, but Laura did. He looked around the room, slightly scared. He decided to take the easy way out and sit in back next to Laura. She watched as he slowly walked towards her. She observed him: brown hair, very plain, not ugly. He was almost cute. He finally sat down.

He looked over to her, hesitated and spoke, "Hello, my name is Charlie."

"Hello Charlie, I'm Laura!"

They ceased talking when the teacher stopped writing and began to preach to them about the importance of homework. Laura looked sleepily at the teacher but Charlie looked Laura over. She had long black hair, emo bangs in the front. She was wearing all black and had pale skin. The pale skin made him think of someone he knew. She was very pretty. She did her make-up beautifly and though she wore all black she looked beautiful. She was wearing a velvet skirt with some skater shoes with these heart things on them. Her shirt had big beautiful, classical looking sleeves. He then paid attention to the teacher.

He didn't notice Laura move. She got out some markers and looked over her green notebook. She finally found a place on the front that was not drawn on. She drew a bloody angel for the rest of the 30 minutes. She was a perfectionist. She made sure everything from the wings to the sword to the blood was real looking and flawless. Charlie looked over and was in awe. All her drawings were very good. He felt like blood should be running over her desk. Finally the bell rang. Everyone got up from their desks and made their way out. Laura put on her black messenger bag and she began walking twards the door but stopped when she heard a voice.

"Laura, wait a minute!" Said Charlie. He struggled with his books. She walked back to him and took a couple and carried them for him. He had bigger books than her. She read the top one's title: "An Intense look into Advanced Algebra". She realized that he was a smart kid and thought that was cool.

"Thanks," he said somewhat shyly.

"You should think about getting a bag for those."

They then walked in silence through the crowded halls of the school. Laura said 'Hi' to a couple people she knew. They finally walked outside. Laura squinted her eyes. It was too bright and her eyes were about to water. She walked past everyone and went to the far end of the courtyard to where there was grass. She stopped under a tree that was growing beautiful pink flowers. She sat down and Charlie did the same.

She spoke. "Sorry, I can't introduce you to people. Everyone's sick with that strep that's going around."

"Oh, it's all right."

They had spent about a half an hour getting to know each other, when Laura's cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket and opened it and checked the screen "4:02 - Mom". She answered it, as her mother explained that she was busy and her step-father was also. In other words, she needed a ride. She closed her phone and asked Charlie, but he seemed very undecided. She studied his face and she could see the debate in his brown eyes. Finally, he decided.

"Sure," he said weakly. "I think we should leave now. I need to get home."

He gathered his stuff and Laura again helped with his books. They walked behind the school. They walked past the parking lot to a place with trees. Suddenly Laura noticed an odd glass chamber. The door opened and Charlie stepped in. She gave him an odd look. He just gave her a reassuring smile and motioned for her to get in. So she stepped in. Now she was very curious of Charlie. Soon the contraption lifted into the air, which surprised Laura causing her to fall to the ground.

"Sorry, I forgot to warn you."

"It's all right. What is this thing?"

"An elevator!"

Charlie then joined Laura on the floor and she sat up. They continued talking from where they left off just minutes ago. They were both surprised when they finally landed.

"Well it was great getting to know you Charlie. And you seem quite interesting, I would greatly enjoy going to your place of residence some time." She gotten herself used to saying that as not to offend poor people, though she doubted he was poor. She might offend him if she said house, too. He was probably rich.

"I'll have to talk that over with Wonka first."


"Forgot what I said."


She got off and they waved their goodbyes. She watched as he flew up in the air in his odd glass elevator. She then made her way through the house, and into her room. She got out her homework, but found it impossible to work on. She really wanted to know where Charlie lived.