Let Him Live

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Let Him Live

He can't be dead. He just can't be.

I automatically assumed Charlie would be the last to dies. I mean, after all that stuff with Liam, he seemed pretty unkillable.

And then, a stupid plane crash has killed him. It's unbelievable. Things like this don't happen to people like us. Ordinary people. But, then again, ordinary people like us don't have their names in the paper once a week.

Sinjin's distraught. We were all really close to Charlie and, apparently, the two of them had been making noises about driveSHAFT getting back together. we can't get hold of Liam. That's worrying us almost more than Charlie's disappearance.

Everyone apart from Charlie has at least one kid. Sinjin has Casper, product of a one night stand in Ireland. Liam, of course, has Megan. And I have two, Melissa, four, and Brogan, three. Maybe it was a sense of not belonging, but Charlie didn't seem to fit in.

For a start, I guess Charlie had peer pressure. Being in a band with your elder brother can't be easy. An argument between them was laways horrible. Liam would drag up all that stuff about him being a homebreaker etc and Charlie would go extremely introverted. He wouldn't talk to use.

Liam is a nice guy, but back in the day he had a tremendous ego. I guess it was the girls, the drink and the heroin combined with being the front man of a successful band.

Liam broke a lot of promises. No wonder Charlie had no faith in him. Liam was always saying he's look out for his 'baby' brother, but he never did. I guess he kept one promise, though, From the age of sixteen, he never tried to kill Charlie again.

Poor Liam. What must he be going through?

Last thing we heard, Charlie was still using. Liam lost it with him then.

Maybe, if we keep believing, he will turn out alive.

Please, let him live.

Let him live.

Yes, very short again.