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Warning: slash, get over it, or get out.

Author's Note: Just a very, very short epilogue, which I've been meaning to write for months now, to round things off. Sorry it's been so long in coming.

Hungry Like the Wolf


I wake early on the last morning before the new term, and turn immediately to reassure myself that I am not alone in my bed, that the past several days were not just some sinfully taunting dream. I relax when I see him beside me, feel his heat, smell that unique and vaguely spicy scent.

His face is half buried in the pillow, half covered by his sleep-tangled hair. The covers have slid down almost to his waist, leaving his smooth back bare for my perusal, and I can see the still-bold bite mark at the base of his neck. I run a gentle finger over the mark, wondering if it will fade with time, or if it will stay there forever, proof of the wolf's claim.

He hums in his sleep, moving slightly into the caress, but doesn't wake.

The sound of the door opening startles me, and I look up to see James. I blink at him for a moment, trying to figure out what he's doing here, then remember that his parents were going away, so he had to Floo back a day early.

His eyes quickly take in the scene, and he quirks an eyebrow in question, nodding at Sirius.

I grin in response, and he smirks.

"Thank you," I mouth at him silently.

"Course," he winks. He digs in his trunk for a moment and pulls out his broom, which he waves at me in explanation before heading back to the door. He tosses me a cocky salute before vanishing down the stairs, letting the door slam behind him.

The noise jerks Sirius from sleep, and he blinks around bleary-eyed for a few moments before settling his gaze on me and relaxing, teeth flashing in a smile that makes my insides melt.

"Hey, you," his rough morning voice is almost a purr.

My own voice is husky as I laugh, and I feel no guilt whatsoever when I tackle him to the pillows for a proper good morning kiss.

END (really, this time)