Notes: Please, beware, this is a little more... graphic... than the last chapter.Also, I'm writing on the assumption that River is 20-ish (i.e. legal). Suggestions/advices/criticisms are most welcome. And thanks to Aleigh's review, I now have the "Hunting Jayne" jingle stuck in my head. :)

He sits on the edge of his bed, toweling off his hair.

He remembers her legs around him. Her taste under his tongue. The sharp edge of her hipbones against his palms. He can't forget the slippery feel of her surrounding him or the way she pushed against him. The image of her standing naked and wet and flushed from him is burned in his head.

He's had her.

But now he wants more.

He watches her from across the dining table. The crew chatters around them, but he is silent, staring. When she leaves the table, he follows.

He catches up with her in the corridor. Reaching out a hand, he pulls her to him. He runs his hands under her shirt to stroke the cool skin of her back as she sinks into his chest. He breathes heavily through his mouth. He's crazy for the feel of her.

Leaning back so he can see her face, he asks, "Wanna go to my bunk, girl?"

She smiles angelically at his leer.

"Wanna kiss me, boy?" she asks with the same, lusty lilt that he uses.

He frowns in frustration. "C'mon, now. I ain't gonna kiss you."

She pulls away from his grip and looks up at him sorrowfully. "Then I ain't gonna rut with you," she says softly, then turns and walks away.

He watches the edge of her black skirt disappear around the corner. Gritting his teeth, he slams his fist against the wall.

The next morning he sits on the edge of the catwalk, resting his chin on his folded arms. She's dancing below him. Her body slinks. Her eyes lock on his. She strokes her hands down her sides, twisting and rotating her body. Jayne can't take his eyes off her.

He walks down the stairs to where she dances for him. He stalks towards her, catches her around the middle and lifts her against him, her back pressed to his chest. He slides a hand under her shirt as he continues walking. Her head falls back on his shoulder as his palm covers her breast. When he presses her against the cold wall of the cargo bay and rubs his hips against her ass, she lets out a hot hiss of breath.

"See, girl? You still need me," he grunts as he slides her skirt up the back of her legs.

"Don't. Don't need you," she whispers. "But need and want run parallel. Still want you."

He grins. "Fine. Don't much care which it is. As long as you'll let me sex you."

He uses his hips to hold her up against the wall, and searches under her shirt again. He didn't have enough time to explore her in the shower. Now, he wants to feel everything she has.

"Turn me around, please," she asks.

He immediately complies, pulls her from the wall to sit her on a nearby box. He yanks her legs up around his hips before he begins to bury his head beneath her shirt.

He can hear her breath catch as he laps at her skin.

"You're kissing me," she whispers as she holds his head to her chest.

He quickly removes his head and looks at her sideways. "No, I ain't. Kissing's for lips."

"Yes. On my mouth." She drags her finger across her wet lips.

"No," he grumbles. "Just let me get between your legs. You don't need no kisses."

"But I want them. From you. Kiss me, and I'll baptize you," she demands as she moves her face towards his.

He freezes as her lips come towards his. He tightens his mouth as hers descends on his.

When her tongue slides across the seam of his lips, his fingers unwillingly bite into her shoulders. He wants nothing more than to open his lips, invite her in, devour her in turn. He brings his hands up to her face, strokes his thumbs across her cheekbones, and pulls her away from him.

She stares hard into his eyes. Realization breaks the frost in her glare. "You've never been kissed," she states.

He frowns at her. "Kissing's overrated."

"The boy is the key," she says as she slips her hands around his waist and pulls him against her. "The girl can break the dam."

"You ain't breaking nothing. And you're not worth kissing," he says as he pulls away and stomps out of the room.

They're planetside when Mal orders him to guard River while the rest of the crew plays some elaborate con. He follows her faithfully, letting his eyes focus on her ass while she flutters around between market stalls. She keeps looking back at him, her gaze hungry. He knows she wants him. He decides to follow her closer, letting the crowd push him into her. She stiffens whenever his hard front brushes against her soft skirts.

Grabbing her by the shoulders, he lowers his mouth to her ear. "I know you want me, girl. I can smell you."

She turns and forcibly pulls him to her by his belt loops. "You smell me. I feel you." She accentuates her point by rubbing her stomach against the hardness in his pants.

"C'mon," he says in his husky voice, "you didn't need kissing the first time I pinned you. Why do you need it now?"

"You filled me, fueled me. Need the cap. It will keep everything from spilling out again."

She slides one hand under his shirt, splaying against his flat stomach. "Why has no one kissed you?"

He frowns. "No one wanted to. Didn't need kissing."

"But I do. I need yours. Your lips, your mouth, your taste." Her eyes flutter closed as she speaks.

A growl catches in his throat as her nails scratch across the skin of his stomach. Her other hand leaves his waist and digs into his pocket so she can grasp him discreetly.

"Hot damn, girl," he groans.

He bends down and catches her behind the knees, lifting her up into his arms. "C'mon, we're out of here."

He wades through the crowd with her tucked in his arms. He sees the aspen forest on the edge of town and makes for the trees.

He drops to his knees in the small clearing. She lies back in the grass, grabbing fistfuls of his shirt to pull him down on top of her. He leans over her, her hips cradling his perfectly. He supports his weight on his forearms, bracing himself above her.

"All right," he says as he brushes strands of her hair off her face. "I'm gonna kiss you. But only once. Then I can lie with you, right?"

She nods and her hips roll beneath him. He chuckles nervously.

"I never kissed nobody before. So, no laughing at me," he says as he lowers his face towards hers.

He moves closer to her lips. They're slightly parted; her breathing is shallow and quick. He brushes his mouth lightly against her top lip. It's full and warm. He opens his mouth slightly and tentatively touches her with his tongue. She hums quietly beneath him. She opens her mouth a little more and traces her tongue against his bottom lip, then catches it delicately between her teeth.

He thrusts involuntarily into her.

With a groan, he catches her face between his hands and opens his mouth fully against her. He plunges into her mouth, stroking her tongue with his. His lips caress against hers, molding and tasting and pressing. He hears her whimpers begin to build. Her hands are on his back, under his shirt. They pull him closer, and he willingly puts more of his weight on top of her. Her tongue is in his mouth, dancing behind his teeth and along the roof of his mouth. He continues devouring her lips, licking her tongue, rubbing his chest against hers.

He can't believe the joy he feels in kissing her. He feels physical pain from the realization that he could have been kissing before this moment, but realizes that probably no one else would taste like her – taste of chocolate and cherries.

Her hands are working his shirt up his chest. He works his arms out of the sleeves and breaks his contact with her mouth to get rid of the fabric. Once his head is free of the shirt, he dives back into her, refusing to abandon the pleasure of her. His hands slide under her head, forcing her mouth even closer.

She begins to speak haltingly against his mouth. "You kiss… benediction… my flesh…" her voice fades into a moan as he suckles her tongue.

"Want you," he breathes between kisses, "want you. I want you. I want you."

He pulls one hand from her face to trace down her neck and across her collarbone. He massages his palm against the side of her breast before continuing down to the hem of her dress. His hand caresses her slender leg before pushing up her dress, leaving her lower half naked against his stomach. Kicking off his boots, he shimmies out of his pants and settles back into her hips.

Her bare feet run up the back of his legs and buttocks before locking around his waist. He can feel her arching into him with every lap of his tongue in her mouth.

"I wanna keep kissing you while I do this. Does it work that way?" he asks as he slides his lips across hers.

"Mm-hm…" she murmurs as she scores her nails up his sides.

He shudders in response, holds his face still above hers, and slowly slides into her.

They both moan in harmony at the feeling of his length forced inside her.

He kisses her softly now. Her tongue laps at his mouth insistently. He has to use the weight of his body to keep her hips from thrusting violently against his. He keeps one hand behind her head, but moves the other beneath her bottom. With his arm behind her hips, he tilts her against him, further sheathing himself.

She cries out, she tries to rock against him, but he holds her steady with his hands, his weight, and his kisses. Only when his body begins to quiver uncontrollably against her does he start to move.

Slowly, he moves. At first. He tries to match the deliberate rhythm of his kisses. But she is desperate. Her nails claw at his back. Her hips spasm against his. She's keening his name into his mouth. Over and over she cries for him.

He can't stand it anymore. Can't hold back anymore. He erupts. He pumps fiercely into her, within her. He grits his teeth and grunts against her mouth that wails for him. The sound of his name on her lips and the stroke of her flesh around him are all that he is aware of. She surrounds him.

He feels the creep of electricity slowly travel from the back of his legs to his groin. It builds, waiting for her. Waiting for only her.

Her hips start to buck as she tightens around him. Her scream boils his blood and he explodes into her as she trembles beneath him, around him, in him.

He collapses on top of her, making sure it's impossible for her to run away again. His lips are still against hers as they gasp for breath.

"Tyen, tyen," he breathes out as he wraps his arms around her. "You're so good… so good."

He rolls to his side and holds her, kissing her lips as he tries to catch his breath. Her face is flushed but radiant. She rests in his embrace and smiles up at him. "It is finished."

"For now," he responds, and kisses her deeply again.

Two hours later, they begin their walk back to Serenity as the sun is setting. Again, River walks in front; Jayne, two paces behind. The crew is back and welcomes them home again. Simon asks his sister if she had a good time.

"Yes," she answers with a smile. "Jayne's a very good kisser."

Jayne beams proudly and catches her chin in his hand. He kisses her again, quickly but familiarly.

He heads off to his bunk, ignoring the crew's bewildered stares. The only look that matters is hers. And she's happy.