Chapter Four:

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"Speaking in Italian."


Sky Prov:

'And so unfortunately begins the first class of Divination for the year. Today we're throwing bones to see the future. Seriously, throwing bones! Can this get anymore unrealistic? Almost all of the Slytherin sixth years are in this class. Then again I guess I shouldn't really be that surprised, possessing knowledge of the future must be seductive to a dark wizard.'

"So, does she like really expect us to touch these things?" Pansy asked in a disgusted voice, while poking at her bag of bones.

"How would you say it Sky? You would be correct in that assumption, by the third section of the coincidental law of ironicism." Blaise said, smirking.

"There is no such thing as a coincidental law of ironicism, much less a third section of it. Oh and may I just point out, ironicism isn't even a word." I said, slightly irritated. 'If Blaise thinks getting on my nerves is anyway to get back at me for what happened in the common room, he has another thing coming. I can handle nerves; my favourite pastime is writing exams. All right so that is a lie, but I like exams so I'm pretty confident in thinking that I can handle a little pressure.'

"How does this work anyway?" Malfoy asked, looking at his bag of bones with anticipation. 'Oh yeah; knowing the future is defiantly seductive to dark wizards.'

I picked up my bag, emptied the bones into my hand and started shaking them. "Oh great bones of divination; show me the future!" I said in a dramatic voice. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes and threw the bones.

Prof. Trelawney gasped as she walked up behind me, "You are going to betray a dear friend of yours!" she said in her normal voice, which was always dramatic.

I rolled my eyes, picked up the bones, gave them a little shake and threw them again, "There, now I won't." 'Maybe I am suffering from the nerves; I just said that like it was second nature.' Or maybe, you're finally getting in tough with you inner Slytherin, a tiny voice echoed in the back of my skull. I chose to ignore it.

Prof. Trelawney paled a few shades and her bugged eyes enlarged to enormous proportions. " You can't . . . it's not right . . .I never!" She began rambling and shaking. She practically melted into jelly right on the spot. I raised my brows; 'well I can't say that I was expecting that.'

Blaise threw his arm around my shoulder, "If I wasn't straight I'd say I'd fall in love." he said laughing.

Pansy sighed and looked at me smiling, "Yeah, tell me about it." Malfoy however shuddered and looked like he'd seen a ghost. 'Wonder what got.' I stared laughing. 'Maybe the bones have shown him the future.' I knew in wasn't right for me to be laughing like that, in light of blowing my cover and all. But I hate divination and the thought was just so funny to be at that moment. Malfoy looked like he was thinking that strangling me was very appealing at that moment. 'No way, to muggle for him. He'd probably go all the way down to the green house to find a plant to do it just so that it could be done magically!'

Of course in line of thought just made me laugh harder. Then, something weird happened. Pansy, smirked a smirk that seemed to evil to befit her pug like features. "Something really bad must happen to the Gryffindor's."

Of course, it didn't take me long to understand what she meant, I stop laughing all together. 'What am I doing, getting all chummy? These people aren't my friends. Most of their parents would kill me if they knew who I was. Most of them wouldn't bat an eyelash at that happening either. Evil, which is what, occupies some of their hearts. I can't forget that, or it might be the last mistake I get to make.'

Pansy Prov:

"Da da da da da da dum dum dum da da da da da dum dum-" I was cut off from singing her theme song by a whack over the head from her partner in crime.

"Pansy shut up already!" Millicent said. "What in Merlin's name are you doing anyway?"

"I was singing our theme song. Sky said that where he comes from, all people on important missions have theme songs!" I said as Millicent rolled her eyes. I was dressed in all black, along with black eye shadow and matching lipstick. I was a woman on a mission. A mission to see Sky when he was taking a shower! What do you expect; I'm a Slytherin after all. I started singing my theme song again. "Da da da da da da dum dum dum da da da da da dum dum- we're here!"

"Oh Merlin this is fascinating, yeah I can't believe it. I'm standing in front of the prefect's bathroom. Oh this is defiantly the highlight of my life; no doubt about it." Millicent said sarcastically.

I glared at her," You should wipe off your voice Millicent. You don't want to go dripping all that sarcasm down the hall."

"Whatever, and exactly how do you expect us to get in. You're not a prefect this year, remember?" Millicent said, checking her nails.

"Oh yea' of lil' faith-" I began.

"What?" Millicent asked, lifting a brow.

"It's another one of Sky's saying. Anyway like I was before you interrupted me. Sky is a prefect. Blaise is Sky's best friend. Blaise couldn't wait to give me the password when I told him my plan. He says Sky might not seem like it, but he's shy. He likes a woman to make the first move."

"Or maybe Blaise just wanted a good laugh at how this turns out. They seem to have some kind of hate love thing going on. What are you going to do anyway? Jump him while he's in the shower and say 'Take me Sky, I'm all yours!'" she finished off, fluttering her eye lashes.

"Tch! No, what do you take me for? A Hufflepuff? I'm going to snap a few pictures of him in the shower. Then I'll get him to go out with me or I'll show the pictures to the whole school!" I said, taking out my camera. And just in the sport of this mission, my camera was black, I usually only buy camera's if their pink.

"Oh thank Merlin, the girls still a Slytherin." Millicent muttered to herself.

"Care bears." I said to the statue. I snuck into the bathroom with Millicent right behind me. "They have got to stop letting the Gryffindor's come up with the passwords. What the freak are care bears anyway?" I whispered to Millicent.

"What the freak? Let me guess, another one of Sky's sayings?" she asked. I made a shushing motion as Sky came into view. He was singing.

"I didn't count on this

Before my very first kiss

This isn't a path we choose

But there's so much we could loose!

So team up! Are you up for it?

Put you're hand in mine; it's the perfect fit!

Team up! 'Because it's up to us

But it's hard to save the world when you're falling in love

La, la, la, la

La, la, la, la

If we band together like birds of a feather

We'll be friends forever

Going, up, up, up!

Team up! 'Because it's not to late, we can save the world if we collaborate

Team up! Because it's up to us

But it's hard to save the world

Yea it's hard to save the world

When you're falling in love

La, la, la"

I had to quickly shove my hands over Millicent's face in order to stop the sound of her laughing to reach Sky's ears. I never would have pegged Sky as someone who sang in the shower. Much less sang songs about banding together and saving the world. It's just so un-Slytherin! "It was probably just some catchy tune he heard somewhere." I said, trying to justify his singing to Millicent. It didn't help. She laughed harder. I couldn't take any pictures until she stopped laughing or Sky would hear. So I decided to stick to admiring unstill she decided to shut up. Of course, Sky obviously wasn't done singing.

"Do you know which one of us five controls the fire?

And which one is the queen of air

Do you know us can do magic tricks with water

And who's got power over earth

You better run because witch will strike together

Witch we're on

We're strong

Like nothing you've seen

We will find a way to save the day for once and for all





We will turn this world around

No doubt for once and for all


By now Millicent was crying and clutching her stomach in pain. I'm never going to get those pictures of Sky in the shower if he keeps on singing and causes her to keep on laughing. And then I wanted to slap myself over the head. Am I a witch or not? Well I'm obviously not like the witches he was singing about. Maybe on his way here he was tortured by Gryffindork girls. They must of sang songs about goodness and now poor Sky can't get it out of his head. I shuddered at the thought. Wait how did my line of thought get all the way over here? I was talking about myself being a witch and using magic to shut Millicent up. I took out my want and pointed it at her. "Silenco." I whispered. Well everyone always did say that I had a short attention span. And by everyone I mean Draco. Now that Millicent was laughing her lungs out, literally, I took out my camera. Black. As previously stated for the mission. I took a few shots of Sky and pocketed the camera again. I just hope that he doesn't come out singing in the pictures.

Sky Prov:

Oh, Blaise is so dead. That idiot went ahead and made 'psychic' plans as he calls it without me knowing. Of course he played all innocent and said it was all part of the plan, but I think he thinks it's pretty funny that not only Pansy but also Millicent saw me in the shower! Of course he has no idea that I happen to sing anime theme songs in the shower, helps get some energy pumping for studying you know, but they probably heard me! God I'm so embarrassed. Blaise is going g to die, by this time tomorrow evening there'll be a new throw rug in the Slytherin common room! I was just going through my devious plan on dismantling Blaise when Pansy skipped into the room. Yes, skipped. It was quite disturbing. "Oh Sky," she said in a singsong voice, "guess what I have." she held up a stack of photos.

Right, it's go time. Not in the physical sense of course. "It's a stack of photos of me in the shower which you plan to use by blackmailing me into going on a date with you." I said bored. Everyone looked at me. I raised a brow, "What?"

"That's just not right," Millicent said, shaking her head and scurrying off to her dorm.

"So, are you going to go out with me or what?" Pansy asked.

"I don't have much of a choice, now do I?" I asked.

"No you don't, but this is going to be the best date you've ever been on. I promise!" She kissed me on the cheek and then ran off to her dorm.

"Love by blackmail, how romantic." Blaise said, while fluttering his eyelashes.

"Do the two of you have to act like such . . . Gryffindorks?" Malfoy asked, sneer firmly in place.

"Malfoy . . ." I began and left the sentence hanging.

He waited a few moments, "What?" he asked when he realized I wasn't going to continue.

I patted his shoulder and he glared at my hand, " Stop using the bleach, you're natural blonde colour is much better."

Malfoy blinked, "What the hell?"

"Hey Malfoy, what's the time?" Blaise asked, pointing to his watch.

Malfoy growled. "Do you have to point to you're wrist every time you ask for the time? I know where my watch is, where the bloody hell is yours? You don't see me pointing to my crouch every time I need to use the bathroom!" With that he stomped off out of the common room.

"What's his problem?" I asked.

"Must need the bathroom or something else to do with his crouch." Blaise said laughing.

"Blaise?" I said, not sure if I should.

He looked at me curiously, "Don't worry, we're making good progress."

"That's not . . . I mean, well." I didn't really know how to ask what I wanted to ask.

"What if Pansy tries to kiss you? Well you can always try to turn your head away so she catches your cheek or, well . . . let me think about that." He said.

"That not what I was thinking about, and by the way, so gross." I took a deep breath. "Do you want to kill me Blaise?"

He stared at me for about two minutes, before sighing, "Sometimes, yeah I do. But not for the reasons you think. You have to understand that sometimes in life we do things we don't want to. The only reason I want to kill you," he paused and looked me dead in the eyes, holding onto my shoulders, "Is because it's the only way I know how to save you, Sky." He left me confused, I couldn't think. I was sort of joking, sort of. What I really wanted to ask was if he would protect me if anyone found out who I was. 'He wants to kill me, to save me? He knows more than he pretends. If I didn't know better, I'd say Blaise is more in control of the situation than anyone else.'

There was a scream, a girl scream. This actually turned out to be Malfoy's scream. He came rushing out blindly and tripped over the sofa, landing on top of me and knocking me off the couch with all his wriggling so I crashed down on my butt. "Malfoy!" I screamed angrily, more out of having gotten a fright than anything else.

He stopped and looked up at me innocently with the face of a little boy who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His hair had turned pink and he had grown a blue beard. This could only mean one thing. The idiot had tried to read Blaise's diary. And there it was, clutched in his arms, as he tried to hide it away quickly. Peeve's had given Blaise the idea, after he performed a similar trick on Mrs. Norris.

Malfoy looked completely helpless. I couldn't help taking advantage of the situation. I looked down on him and smirked evilly. He swallowed. I raised Pansy's camera and took a snapshot. Malfoy sprang up immediately, discarding the diary. "Griffin what are you planning on doing with that?"

"Oh a boy never knows when he might have to blackmail his fellow prefect." I said, playfully.

Malfoy lunged and started chasing me, "Sorry but I can't allow that to happen!" It was a game, we both knew it, but it was fun. I realized while running out into the dungeon hallways that there was no way Malfoy was stupid enough to fall for such stupid spells. He must have heard what Blaise said and he was trying to cheer me up. That intrusive voice at the back of my head told me he was trying to get me to trust him so that he could manipulate me. But that was tomorrow's problem. Right now I was having fun and for once I didn't care what the hidden agenda was.

Pansy Prov:

I had no idea what was going on when I was woken up with an owl pecking me. It turned out to be carrying a note from Sky, telling me out date was at twelve, that very night, up at the astronomy tower. Well I can tell you, set a new record for time needed to get dressed and put on makeup. I rushed up as soon as I could to find Sky already there, with some snacks and pumpkin juice and, what got my heart doing somersaults, rose scented candles.

I sat down next to Sky, he was watching the stars. He only broke his gaze away momentarily to pass me a thin blanket, before returning his gaze skywards. I didn't say anything, there was no need. It was perfect. 'He's perfect. No one else would ever think of doing something like this with me. His own private time and he shares it with me. He could have been a jerk about what I did but he wasn't.'

And that was how we sat, the whole night, not saying a word, just staring at the stars. And I can honestly say it was the best night of my life.