Author's note;

None of the characters are mine, blah-dee blah. I'd be rich if they were. And I'm not rich. It's late at night and I'm supposed to be doing Sociology and English Literature homework, but I like this idea I suddenly got. So here it is. And I hope you like it. Review, please!

The World and Lily According To James.

Friday, May 10th.

This, as you can see, is my new Lily-Journal. Well, no, you can't see, because no one is supposed to read it. So, Sirius, if you ever find this. Bugger off. Or I'll tell everyone about you and Henrietta Knill. And the toad incident in Potions.

I'll tell everyone Sirius Black snogged a toad willingly.

So stop reading.

But this is for me. This journal. To record everything about me and Lily. Not that we're even going out yet. But I could look back at things I'd said and IMPROVE. Couldn't I? Yes, James Potter. That's what you're going to do. Improve. And get the girl of your dreams. Lily Evans.

Christ, she's beautiful. Her hair just…flows in a beautiful red-gold sort of way, like leaves falling off a tree. Her eyes are like deep green pools, sort of like cat's eyes, but green. Emerald, really. I'd better stop before I turn into blinking wotsit. Shake-thing. Shakespare. No, Shakespeare. We did him in Muggle Studies. Before I quit. That was a crap class.

Cats can have green eyes though, can't they?

Prongs, you plank, what's this little diary thing? EH?

Even if you did tell about the toad, no-one would believe you, because I'm excellent, and also, I think this is better than any toad snogging exploits. Because James Potter keeps a diary of his failings with Lily. You must be desperate, mate. Wait till I tell Moony and Wormy...

I think you should leave this in a more hidden place than under your pillow, too. Just in case. Tip for the future. But next time I'll steal this.

There's just nothing interesting in it yet.

Sunday, May 12th.

I hate you, Sirius Black. Die. Now I'll be hiding this in a charm-encased place. Just so you can't get to it, you horrible little git.

On a lighter note, I spoke to Lily today, and she didn't tell me to get knotted! I think maybe I'm working my masculine charm on her. Finally. It was about time. All that time we spend putting on a little show for her with Snivelly, and she doesn't seem to appreciate it in the slightest. Women.

Granted, maybe she didn't tell me to stuff off because I only asked to borrow a quill.

But she gave me one, anyway.

Monday, May 13th.

Lily. Lily Lily Lily.

Funny how you never get tired of that name, isn't it?

I like to just say it again and again, then Lily and James. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Lily and James Potter.

Lily Potter.

Mrs Lily Potter.

I thought it was only obsessed fan girls like Henrietta that did this.

But I can't help it. I love her.

Wednesday, May 15th.

Okay, why does she do that?

Just blow up in your face. Honestly, she might be a prefect, but so's Moony, and I don't see him telling me to 'grow up' and 'act my age'. I do act my age. I'm very mature for a sixteen year old. Really, it wasn't even any big deal. We only pushed Snivelly into the lake.

We've done it about four times before.

But this time old poncey-skirts has to come up and notice it. And appeal to McGonagall for detention. Which of course we get. Not that it makes much difference. We always get detention. We spend more time in it than we do lessons. So it's not that great a punishment really.

Why does she make you do that? Hate her and love her at the same time?

I wish she'd just hurry up and go out with me. After all, I'm good looking, and nice. More than nice. I'm chaser on the Quidditch team. What more could a girl want?

I hate her.