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Chapter 1

It was two weeks before Halloween, at the residency of mutants under the tutelage of Professor Charles Xavier there could be heard a voice winding through the mansion. A feminine one, if Scott heard right. As he got closer to the voice he could detect a Mississippi accent in her voice as she talked to some unknown person. Wanting to know who was talking to Rogue and getting her to speak cheerfully, after the incident of her powers building up and taking over her, he crept closer still. "chucklesno sere, I'm not going to go up to him and say that! ... I know that, but still … is it ready? ... Fantastic! …. The Professor has already given me permission to go with you … laughs like that would stop you from going over there … I thought so, anyways I gotta get off, dinner's ready. See ya tomorrow!" and the conversation was over.

Rogue was about to turn around, when she heard, "Who was that?" she shrieked turning towards what she assumed to be an attacker. thump "…..oh my god! Scott, are you ok? What were you thinking sneaking up on me like that! You could have been seriously hurt! Why won't you answer me?" Scott looked up dazedly and said, "Well, I was coming to say that dinner was ready, but I guess you beat me to it." "Scott, don't scare me like that again! Let's get you to the infirmary." She said, dodging Scott's previous question.