An: according to my creative writing professor, I need to make a few things clear. Sere is from Sailor Moon, she has various powers and will possibly in the beginning, come and go from her senshi. Rogue is from X-Men Evolution, as she put it, "if I were to touch you right now, skin to skin, I would absorb your memories, your abilities, your powers, and if I held on long enough, most likely your life-force." In the show she has no control over it. Scott has the ability to produce red laser beams from his eyes, however; due to a plane accident, he lost his parents, brother, and his brain was damaged enough that he cannot control the beams. He has to wear ruby quartz eyeglasses or visor in order to be able to look at the world, though in a red haze. Jean (if you support her then you should most likely leave cause I bash her at least a little) has telepathic and telekinetic abilities. However, she seems almost too goody-goody and must be using her abilities to manipulate everyone into liking her. Except Rogue. Others will pop up. Ja ne!!!