1All right, this is the last chapter in the story, so let's see the finale.



Jake was currently trying to find Victor again. If he was telling the truth, he had to beat him before he could control that power, or he'd be killed, and there's no telling what would happen to his friends...and Rose. But where to find him...

'...I think I know...'

Jake once more, headed to the skyscraper they'd waged war at before. And he was right, as he could see the roof glowing, Victor in the middle of it. Jake landed, but grimaced when he saw Victor's armor returning to normal, and the mask falling away. He was human again...which might mean...

"You wanted me to find you this time, right?"

"It took you this long to figure that out?" Victor asked, stepping towards Jake.

Panderas watched now, wondering if it was wise to go along with this plan. He backed away, so he wouldn't be noticed, as Jake and Victor stared each other down, close and personal. They said nothing. It was pretty apparent they didn't intend to let the other live.

"You stopped my one hope of ever knowing my mother..."

"You were going to kill everyone in the city to do it."

"Lives mostly of human beings, who are ignorant, prejudice, beasts at heart." Victor stated, "If you and the rest of the magical races had the sense to reside apart from them, you wouldn't have been in danger."

"It's our choice. And people aren't all jerks like you say!"

"Then head down to the street. Head down there as you are, and reveal yourself. Humanity will be jealous of your superiority to them, and seek your destruction so they can claim to be the masters of this planet."

"I'm still not backing down."

"Neither am I..."

Victor then started the battle, by swinging an ice-encased punch at Jake, who leapt back, then sprung forward, tackling Victor, pinning him, as Jake clawed at his chest. The armor was scratched, but held, before Victor unleashed a magic blast of energy that sent Jake hurtling high into the air. Jake stabilized himself, then dove down at Victor as he got up. Jake was greeted by a stone wall suspended in mid-air, which he met personally.


"Haven't you figured it out? You can not win now..."

The wall vanished, and an injured Jake fell to the roof, bleeding from his mouth and nose, before Victor picked him up with one hand.

"I may as well control reality itself now Jake. My natural affinity for the elemental forces of nature, and your immense magic power...I can shape this world as I see fit!"

Victor then blasted Jake back towards the edge of the roof with a burst of wind from his hand, Jake groaning, trying to get up, as Victor floated over to him, carried by the air.


"Rise before a king."

Victor then used a gesture to point upward, a geyser of water formed from nothing blasting Jake up off the ground. Victor laughed, before Jake came down, feet first, landing on Victor. Jake followed up with several blows, trying to knock Victor out before he could conjure more magic. Victor's face started to bruise, and he growled, shaping the roof to grab Jake and throw him off, Jake slamming into the door down into the building, as Victor got to his feet. Victor then gestured at Jake, in a hand motion for him to come to Victor. This action made the wind grab Jake and send him at Victor, who knocked him away with a punch to the face. Jake laid limp next to the stairwell, Victor walking over to him slowly. Panderas watched, terrified, realizing Victor was now infinitely more dangerous than before. Victor stood over Jake, forming a sword in hand, using his control of flames and earth to make it.

"This is it Jake. If you hadn't ruined my experiment, I would've let you live, and merely shown you the harsh reality of humanity. But now, I must kill you."

"Wanna bet...? GRAAAAAHH!"

Victor yelped in surprise, as Jake mustered up the strength to use his flame breath on Victor. The inferno, however, was much greater than the normal for Jake, and it was something Victor shielded his face from before use. Most of the roof was torched in the blaze, and Panderas had to dive out of the way, as the roof was consumed in a massive roaring flame, before Jake stopped. Jake expected to see only ash of Victor after this...but no...the armor was red hot, the shroud completely incinerated, and Victor was in pain, but he was alive, and his head mostly untouched. He was scowling, furious.

"You...you'll...pay for that! As will your allies..."

"You leave Rose out of this!"

Jake roared at Victor, which wouldn't amount to much, except for the light blasting out from Jake in all directions. Victor himself yelled when this hit him, trying to shield himself from it, as his feet dragged on the roof, carving into it to leave permanent marks.


Jake was too angry to be surprised at this, even when he saw what looked like Victor when he was a double of Jake, phase out of Victor's body, and be blown away, fading into nothing. His armor had also lost it's shine, being more flexible now. Victor immediately sensed what happened.

"You...how did you take my power away?"

"Now let's try this again, Victor."

Jake, despite being in bad shape, leapt onto Victor, clawing away, Victor struggling to get him off. One of Jake's slashes broke into the armor, making Victor yell when blood came out. Victor then blasted Jake off with his lightning gauntlets. Despite the fact he'd lost the power he'd taken from Jake, he still had his functioning armor, and intended to use it, although his confusion about how Jake stripped him of the magic power boost was making him fight rather badly.

"You couldn't possibly have accessed your power. You're too injured!"

"Yeah, well tell it to my fist!"

Jake punched Victor in the face, making him back off, before Victor kneed Jake in the stomach, then grab Jake's arm, and judo throw Jake to the ground. Victor then tried to stomp on Jake's head, but his foot was caught, and he was thrown near the edge of the roof. Victor grunted, getting on his knees, as Jake came at him.

"Go ahead and kill me. My bloodline will end sooner rather than later."

"Ohhhhh no, I'm taking you to the Dragon Council along with Panderas...You ticked me off, but I'm not going to go psycho like you did!"

Victor then stood up, staring Jake down, Jake returning the favor.

"And bear even more dishonor on my family? I'd rather die..."

Victor then stepped backwards, balancing on the edge of the roof. His foot brushed up against the mask, which had been thrown around the roof during the fight to here. He picked it up, and then put it on.

"Hah, yeah, right...Like I'll fall for-"

Then he stepped back again, and fell...


Jake leapt towards the edge of the roof to look, to see what happened. The last time he 'saw' Victor fall to his death, he survived...this time was different...he saw Victor falling through space, with no effort to stop himself. No jet boots, no riding lightning, no pre-arranged plan...just a sudden, shattering crash into a car, then silence...motionlessness...

"...ah no...he did it..."

Jake slammed his fist on the roof.

"I wanted to kill him, yeah, but I wasn't...:"

While Jake was kicking himself about the death, Panderas was heading to the door down. He was almost home free, until he was pinned to the door. The sound was familiar to Jake, who turned to look.


Rose, still in partial Huntsclan uniform, has used one of the damaged staffs of the Huntsclan to pin Panderas to the door by his cape. She was still sort of shaky, but all right.

"You're all right!" Jake cheered.

"Yes, but you aren't...what HAPPENED?"

"Long story..."


Rose was currently at the shop with Jake, Gramps, and Fu Dog. The Dragon Council had come to take Panderas for his part in what happened. He did say he was threatened into it, but they weren't letting him ENTIRELY off the hook. However, they did also judge Rose, since she was part of the Huntsclan. They were considering imprisonment, blanking her memory, and other things...up until she revealed one simple fact. Victor had, earlier, single-handedly...slaughtered almost all the rest of the Huntsclan in New York. That included her uncle. With them gone, there wouldn't be anyone forcing her to act on their part anymore. They decided to wait on deciding, until later. Now, Rose was waiting for Jake to wake up. The healing potion was potent, but like stated before, had limits.

"I hope he's all right."

"He will be young one. And even though he was a mortal enemy, I am sorry about the loss of your uncle." Grandpa told her.

"Thanks...I guess...he was consumed with fulfilling heritage. He and Victor were alike that way...they let their past haunt them until it controlled them..."

There was silence, then Rose waited, to see Jake well again...

-The End...?-

There was confusion, wonder, and fear. The crowd had gathered, to see the spectacle of the armored body laying on the ruins of a car. It was laying spread eagle, still, as they slowly approached. Until the twitching of a hand...followed by sparking...made them back away..They then gasped, as the figure got up, staggering and battered, heading away from the car, as a vehicle drove up, and they got in. The crowd was raving on, wondering what happened, as the car sped off. Inside, Victor moaned, removing the mask, bleeding from his eyes, nose, and mouth, dropping the mask to the floor, as Boris started treating the wounds on his head. The car itself was driver by a young, handsome man, who looked in the rear view mirror. In the reflection, we can see a close-up of the eyes, and the faintly visible circuitry in the iris.

"Are you all right Victor?"

"Urgh...just...take me home..."

"What about-"

"Home!" Victor said forcefully, laying back in the seat.

"Yes...now, we must get the armor off your body and-"

"I...can't Boris..."

"Why?" Boris asked.

Victor then groaned, raising his right arm, showing it was bleeding...straight out of the metal.

"It...IS my body...Jake...fused it to my body...now I have more to get revenge for..."

-The End-

This is the last story concerning Victor. NO begging for another sequel. And what happened? A sort of pseudo-Ultimates version of Doom.