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Sora, Riku, Leon and Cloud all decided to go to the karaoke bar one night. Even though it took a hell of a lot to convince Riku and Leon to come to the little bar.

Sora sat there on Riku's lap bobbing his head softly to the music, enjoying the person singing on stage. Riku just sat there enjoying the feeling of Sora so close to him, placed his head on Sora's shoulders and wrapped his arms around the brunette's waist.

Both were wearing pretty casual clothing. Sora was wearing tight blue jeans and a tight red shirt, while Riku was wearing slightly baggy dark blue jeans, and a silver muscle shirt, accenting his silver hair.

"Here you both go" Cloud yelled over the loud cheers and applause, just as Leon got of the stage, glaring angrily at the blonde.

Cloud was wearing black leather pants, and a blue silk shirt. He was getting a lot of attention and managed to get a few free drinks by flirting with the bartender.

"Thanks Cloud!" Sora cried and eagerly chugged down his drink. Riku merely nodded his thanks and turned his attention back to the stage.

"Why am I even here?" Riku muttered softly. Sora batted his arm good-naturedly, and pouted at the silver haired male.

"Oh come on Riku, It can't be that bad, besides Leon sings really good!"

"Well, he is the only god damn person that sang so far that could!"

Sora huffed loudly and muttered that he had to go to the bathroom; He left just as Leon weaved his way threw the crowd.

"Jeez, this is terrible" Riku said under his breath, "When can I leave?"

"Same goes for me" Leon cried glaring at Cloud, "Why the hell did you make me sing anyway?"

Cloud sat down on the chair next to Riku and Sora and sipped on his drink slowly. He eyed Leon slowly drinking in his sight. Leon too was wearing leather pants, and a dark blue silk shirt. Leon felt himself quickly losing his temper.

"Because" Cloud drawled, swirling his straw around his drink, "You sing pretty damn well, and" he let his voice turn into a whisper, "I promised you could have your way with me didn't I?"

Leon just blushed and plopped down into a chair and grabbed Cloud, dragging him into his lap. He slapped the blonde's ass just for good measure, and covered his mouth with his own to cover the angry yells. They were just about to go for a serious make-out session when--.

"Next up we have a real knock out coming for ya! Please put your hands together for the red-hot Sora!"


Loud applause and thunderous cheers drowned out the furious swears coming out of Riku's mouth. Sora stepped out into the spot light in a totally different outfit than the blue jeans and red shirt he wore before.

He was now wearing tight TIGHT leather pants that could be describes as black pant on skin. Sora had a midriff baring cobalt blue shirt on. He scanned through the crowd, just as they music was starting, and locked his eyes onto the sea-green ones of Riku.

He closed his eyes and began…

Here we are

Dear old friend

You and I

Are drunk again,

Laughs have been had

And Tears have been shed

Maybe the whiskey has gone to my head…

Riku, Leon and Cloud looked at each other in total confusion, they have never heard of this song before.

Sora enjoyed the lost looks on the others faces and decided that this was more than ever the time to let it all out.

But if I were gay,

I would give you my heart

And if I were gay,

You'd be my work of art

If I were gay,

We would swim in romance

But, I'm not gay…

So get your hand outta my pants

Riku's mouth crashed open and he looked shell-shocked blinking stupidly at the dancing Sora. Cloud clapped his hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter, and Leon was leaning heavily on the table, laughing uproariously.

Its not that I don't care,

I do

I just don't see myself in you

Another time

Another scene

I'd be right behind you

If you know what I mean

The audience was completely enjoying the song, laughing loudly and bopping their heads to the tune. Some couples were out on the floor dancing wildly and stupidly, laughing at the song.

If I were gay

I would give you my soul

If I were gay

I would give you my whole…being

If I were gay

We would tear down the walls

But, I'm not gay

So won't you stop cupping my ba…hands?

Sora was completely happy. He stopped letting the music interlude take over and looked out at the audience. He manages to see Cloud and Leon having a great time, laughing loudly at his lyrics to his song. Sora turned his gaze to Riku to see the stunned look on his face. Not so innocent now am I Riku? He thought coyly smiling.

We never hugged

We never kissed

I've never been intimate

With your fist

You have opened

Brand new doors

Get over here

And drop



The audience cheered and clapped loudly while Sora held onto that last note. Cloud and Leon whistled and stomped their feet. Riku blinked once…..twice…and then clapped slowly, then faster.

"Yeah, that's my Sora" he cried, smirking broadly.

Sora bowed a few times before hopping down from the stage. He ran over and straight into Riku's waiting arms.

"Told you I'm not so innocent, eh, Riku?"

"Not after tonight you're not!"

Sora just laughed.



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