A/N: Welcome to my first Wonderfalls Fanfic. Please leave lots of reviews. If this receives a warm welcome there will be other stories to follow. This story takes place about a month after the episode Caged Bird.

This is written in screenplay format with a little modifications to make it easier to read.

BTW: SOTTO - means the line is spoken very softly to themselves or another character.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to others who are not me. There is no intention of copyright infringement. I just want to have fun with characters from a show I miss terribly.


Jaye opens her front door. Eric is standing on her doorstep with a brown paper bag and a bright goofy grin.

ERIC: I brought champagne.

He steps into the trailer. Jaye shuts the door behind him.

JAYE: It'll go great with the chips and popcorn.

Eric puts the champagne in the refrigerator.

JAYE (CON'T): You weren't expecting dinner or anything were you?

ERIC: No, I just brought champagne.

He waggles his eyebrows and gives Jaye and even wider grin.


Eric leads the way to Jaye's bedroom area. She picks up a bowl of popcorn and a bag of chips before following him. Eric plops down on the bed and leans back on one arm. Jaye puts the snacks in the middle of the bed and grabs the remote. Eric grabs Jaye and the kissing begins. She pulls away smiling.

JAYE (CON'T): I thought we were going to watch TV?

Eric sits back on the bed and grabs a handful of popcorn.

ERIC: So what are we going to watch?

Jaye flips through the channels while Eric moves closer and wraps his arms around her.

JAYE: I figure with several hundred channelswe'll be able to find something.



Mahandra is standing in the feminine hygiene aisle face to face with several dozen different brands of pregnancy tests.


She bends down and picks up a test from a lower shelf and begins to read the box. Behind her heavy, somewhat labored breathing can be heard.

MAHANDRA (CON'T): (sotto) What the --

She turns around and finds "the mouth breather" standing on the same aisle with his back toward her. She hurriedly stuffs the box back on the shelf, knocking a few over in the process. Alec turns around. He has a box of condoms in his hand.

ALEC: Hey.


Mahandra tries to use her body to obscure what she was looking at. Alec looks down at the condoms in his hands. He puts them back on the shelf and picks up a box of Magnum condoms. He leaves carefully avoiding eye contact with Mahandra.

MAHANDRA (CON'T): You wish.

Mahandra turns around and picks up another test. This one is a double pack, two tests in one box. She starts to walk toward the checkout line. In the far right lane an older African American woman is putting her purchases on the counter.


She quickly puts the box behind her back and heads to the express lane where she finds Sharon buying an obscene amount of peanut butter.

MAHANDRA (CON'T): You've got to be kidding me.

She stuffs the box on a display of cereal and discreetly walks out of the store.


Jaye and Eric are making out furiously on the bed. Popcorn and chips have been knocked to the floor. Eric flips Jaye over on the bed so that he now has the upper hand. The volume of the television suddenly begins to increase. Jaye sits up knocking Eric off of her.

JAYE: I'm on the remote.

She pulls the remote from under her and turns down the volume. Eric peers over the side of the bed.

ERIC: I think we made a mess.

Jaye looks at the popcorn and chip mixture spread over floor.

JAYE: I'm not cleaning that up, alone.

ERIC: It can wait.

Eric tosses the remote to the other side of the bed. He leans in for a kiss. The wax lion on the night stand animates and looks at Jaye.

WAX LION: Get the phone.

Jaye smiles at Eric and speaks softly through her teeth.

JAYE: It's not ringing.

Eric stops his dramatic "lean in for the kiss" and sits up.

ERIC: Did you say something?

Jaye shakes her head.

JAYE: No, nothing at all.

Eric continues his descent to Jaye's lips. Before he can reach his final destination all the muses in the trailer animate and yell:

MUSES: Get the phone!

Which startles Jaye causing her to flip backwards off the bed. She immediately jumps up and brushes the front of her clothes off.

JAYE: I'm okay.

She calmly starts walking to the front of her trailer. The back of her clothes are sprinkled with popcorn.

ERIC: Where are you going?

JAYE: Uh, to-- to get some champagne?

Eric jumps off the bed and follow her. Jaye picks up the phone while on her way to the refrigerator.

ERIC: Is something wrong, because all of a sudden you're all uptight.

JAYE: Uptight? Me? No.

She opens the refrigerator and bends down to get the champagne. Eric takes this opportunity to brush the popcorn off the back of Jaye's pants. She jumps and hits her head on the top of the refrigerator.


Eric stifles a laugh.

ERIC: You had some popcorn on you.

JAYE: Thanks.

Jaye hands Eric the bottle of champagne.

ERIC: I'm not trying to pressure you. We can just go back in there and watch TV, no kissing.

Jaye puts the phone on the counter and turns around and begins to wash two glasses in the sink.

JAYE: You're not pressuring me and I kind of liked the kissing. It's just --

She turns back around to him.

ERIC: We've never talked about it.

JAYE: Right. And I'm not prepared for it. You?

ERIC: Prepared?

Jaye nods.

ERIC (CONT'D): Well -- no.

JAYE: See! And lack of preparedness can lead toall sorts of consequences, consequences that

I am no way ready for.

Jaye picks up the phone and cradles it in her arms. Eric smiles.

ERIC: I understand. You expecting a call?

JAYE: Huh?

He motions to the phone in her arms. Jaye looks around the trailer. Multiple pairs of inanimate eyes are trained on her.


The phone rings startling Jaye. She almost drops it.

JAYE (CONT'D): Well maybe I am.

Jaye answers the phone and puts it up to her ear.

JAYE (CONT'D): Hello? (pause) Mahandra?

A car can be heard outside crunching on the gravel and garbage that litter the trailer park.

ERIC: I think someone's outside.

He walks to the window.

JAYE: (to the phone) Where are you?

She joins Eric at the window. The look out together.


Mahandra sits in a car in front of Jaye's trailer with her cell phone to her ear. She is haphazardly parked across the grass and the engine is running. She gives a short wave when she sees Eric and Jaye's faces appear in the window. They wave back.


Jaye steps away from the window. The phone is still to her ear.

JAYE: Right now?

Eric follows Jaye back into the kitchen.

JAYE (CONT'D): (whines) But I have company.

Jaye holds the phone away from her ear. The faint, but distinct sound of Mahandra yelling can be heard through the phone. Eric gives Jaye a questioning look. Jaye shrugs and puts the phone back to her ear.

JAYE (CONT'D): Okay. I'm coming -- right now.

She hangs up the phone and puts it down.

JAYE: See, Mahandra is having some sort of crisis and she needs me to come with her -- somewhere.

ERIC: (whines playfully) But, champagne.

Eric waves the bottle in front of her face. She grabs it from him and puts it back in the refrigerator.

JAYE: I know, but she called in every favor I've ever owed her. And believe me that's

a lot. From ages 16 to 18 alone.

Eric pouts.

JAYE (CONT'D): Don't do that. I have to go.

Jaye grabs her purse and jacket and goes to the door. She turns around and gives Eric one last look. Yeah, the pout is still there. A small stuffed puffer fish hangs on a hook near the door. It animates.


Jaye turns toward the fish with a crazed look in her eyes. She speaks softly through gritted teeth.

JAYE: I'm going.

She opens the door and doesn't look back.

JAYE: (to Eric) Lock the door when you leave.

She closes the door behind her.


Jaye walks out of the trailer and toward Mahandra's car.


Jaye opens the car door and plops down into the front passenger seat. She crosses her arms and pouts. Mahandra looks at her.

MAHANDRA: Put on your seatbelt.

Jaye snatches the seatbelt across her body and fastens it. Mahandra shakes her head.

JAYE: What?

Mahandra puts the car and gear. Jaye grips the armrest as tires spin on rocks and the car shoots out of the trailer park.


Mahandra and Jaye sit in the car in the parking lot of the Wonderfalls Pharmacy. Jaye stares at Mahandra with her mouth open and eyes wide in shock. Mahandra pushes her a little trying to break her stare.

MAHANDRA: Say something.

Jaye blinks slowly.

JAYE: Oh my God. Oh my God! Oh--

MAHANDRA: Something other than that.

JAYE: Are you sure?

MAHANDRA: No, that's why I need you.

Jaye looks at Mahandra. She's confused. Mahandra takes a twenty dollar bill from her pocket and hands it to Jaye. Mahandra nods toward the pharmacy. Jaye takes the twenty and looks at it horrified.

JAYE: I'm not going in there and buying you a-- (whispers) pregnancy test.

MAHANDRA: Yes, you are.

JAYE: No, people might think its for me.

MAHANDRA: Ha! No one's going to think that.

JAYE: What? I could be getting some.

MAHANDRA: (sarcastic) Right.

Mahandra pushes a button and unlocks the car doors.


Jaye pushes down the lock on her door.

JAYE: Why don't you go in with me. I'll be there for support.

MAHANDRA: Tried that, kept running into people. My Dad's secretary, mouth breather, even

Sharon. What's up with the peanut butter? She was like buying ten jars.

Jaye shrugs.

JAYE: Aaron!

Mahandra jumps and looks around wildly.


JAYE: Not here.

She receives a deadly look from Mahandra.

JAYE (CONT'D): But he should be. Did you tell him?

MAHANDRA: No! There will be no telling Aaron anything! At least until I know if there's something

to tell. Until then, tell no one!

Jaye scoots away from her a bit.

JAYE: Okay, calm down. You're getting all crazy, it's freaking me out.

Jaye pockets the twenty, unlocks the door, and gets out of the car. She takes a few steps toward the store then stops and looks back. Mahandra motions for her to keep going. Jaye continues to the door.


Jaye walks into the store. She looks around before heading into the feminine hygiene aisle.


Mahandra sits in her car clutching the steering wheel. She stares into to space. Eric walks past the car. He stops and comes back.

ERIC: Hey.

He waves. Mahandra stares right through him. Eric walks over to the driver side and knocks on the window. Mahandra jumps. She looks up at him and rolls down the window.



She rolls back up the window and returns to her staring.

ERIC: Okay.

He steps back and walks toward the store.


Jaye is face to face with dozens of different brands of pregnancy tests. She picks one up and looks at it. It's a double pack.

JAYE: Looks good to me.

ERIC (O.S.): Fancy meeting you here.

Jaye turns around.

JAYE: Eric!

He smiles and walks over to the display of condoms. He picks up a box.

ERIC: Prepared.

Jaye nods.

JAYE: Good.

Eric walks over to her and pushes a strand of hair behind her ear. He looks down at the pregnancy test in her hands. He gets that "I'm going to pass out" look in his eyes. He looks from the box to her face several times.

ERIC: Jaye?

Jaye remembers the box in her hands.


ERIC: Is there something you want to tell me?

JAYE: No. It's not mine. Not for me.

ERIC: Then who?

JAYE: A friend.

Eric's jaw drops.

JAYE (CONT'D): What?

ERIC: (whispers) Mahandra's pregnant?

JAYE: Don't know yet. I mean no. It's not for her. It's another friend.

ERIC: You don't have any other friends. That would explain why she was crazy in the parking lot.

JAYE: Don't tell anyone. She'd kill me, literally.

ERIC: My lips are sealed.

He steps forward and kisses her on the forehead.

ERIC (CONT'D): You're a good friend. Call you later.

JAYE: Bye.

Jaye smiles as she watches his retreating form. The horse on a package of Trojan condoms animates and looks at Jaye.

TROJAN HORSE: Get the phone.

Jaye walks over to it and picks it up.

JAYE: I don't have a phone. (pause) Oh!

A store clerk walks up behind Jaye and clears his throat. Jaye turns around.

CLERK: Can I help you with something?

Jaye turns around.

JAYE: I'm fine.

She puts the package back on the shelf.

JAYE (CONT'D): Hey, is there a phone I can use.

CLERK: At the customer service desk.

JAYE: Thanks.

Jaye walks toward the desk.