Welcome to my first Wonderfalls Fanfic. Please leave lots of reviews. If this receives a warm welcome there will be other stories to follow. This story takes place about a month after the episode Caged Bird.

This is written in screenplay format with a little modifications to make it easier to read.

BTW: SOTTO - means the line is spoken very softly to themselves or another character.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to others who are not me. There is no intention of copyright infringement. I just want to have fun with characters from a show I miss terribly.


Jaye steps into the bathroom and closes the door.

JAYE: Here goes.

She walks up to the sink where the pregnancy test sits. She picks up the box and reads it.

JAYE (CONT'D): Okay, one line not pregnant, two linespregnant.

She takes a deep breath and reaches for the test. A mermaid on a bottle of shampoo animates.

MERMAID: (sings) Don't tell.

JAYE: Who sang that?

Jaye picks up stuff looking for the source of the song. She spins the bottle of shampoo around to reveal the mermaid. The mermaid bats her eyes and starts to sing.

MERMAID: Don't tell.

JAYE: Alright Ariel. Don't tell who, what? You're gonna have to be a little more specific if you want me to do your bidding.

MERMAID: (sings) Don't tell.

JAYE: I don't have time for this.

She turns the bottle so the mermaid is no longer facing her.

JAYE (CONT'D): I'm in the middle of a situation here. Now is not the time to be talking to thingsthat --

She looks down at the pregnancy test and sees two lines (pregnant).

JAYE (CONT'D): Oh my God!

The mermaid swims around the bottle and faces Jaye again.

MERMAID: (sings) Don't tell.

Jaye looks at the mermaid. She is incredulous.

JAYE: Don't tell? You're talking about Mahandra and Aaron, aren't you? How can you ask me to do that?

MERMAID: (sings) Don't tell.

JAYE: Listen fish lady, this is where I draw the line. We are talking about my brother and my best friend. I can't keep this from them.

Jaye heads to the door. The bear on a package of Charmin toilet paper animates and speaks in a very deep melodic voice.


JAYE: Oh great. Now I'm being double teamed.


Aaron is sitting on a chair. Mahandra is in his lap.

MAHANDRA: What the hell is she doing in there?

AARON: Okay now this is just ridiculous.

Aaron gets up and gently lifts Mahandra off his lap and sits her in the chair. Aaron stands in front of the bathroom door.

AARON (CONT'D): What is taking you so long!

JAYE (O.S.): I'll be out in a minute!

AARON: Come on! How hard could it be to read a pregnancy test.

He looks back at Mahandra.

MAHANDRA: One line negative, two lines positive.

Aaron turns back around to the bathroom door.

AARON: Two lines she's pregnant, one line she's not!

JAYE (O.S.): I just want to make sure I'm reading it right.

Aaron looks at Mahandra.

MAHANDRA: She's your sister.

AARON: But you're the one that sent her in there.


Jaye kneels on the floor. She is face to face with the Charmin Bear.

JAYE: You cannot play with people's lives like this. Tell me, what good will it do humanity. How does not telling them they're pregnant benefit the greater good?

She looks between the mermaid and the bear. No one speaks.

JAYE (CONT'D): Silence. That's just great.

She heads for the door again. This time the mermaid and bear sing together in harmony. They repeat:

MERMAID: Don't tell.


Jaye stops at the door and turns around.

JAYE: What is this a musical now?

The muses stop singing. Jaye looks at them.

JAYE (CONT'D): I'm still telling.

The muses take a deep breath and start singing again. Jaye opens the bathroom door and walks out.


Jaye comes out of the bathroom. She shuts the door, muffling the sound of the singing muses. Aaron lifts Mahandra off his lap and they stand in front of Jaye.

JAYE: (a little grossed out) Were you just sitting on his lap?

Mahandra snaps her fingers in front of Jaye's face.

MAHANDRA: Focus Jaye. The test results.

JAYE: Yeah, that.

From somewhere in the back of the trailer the wax lion can be heard counting down.

WAX LION (O.S.): A, 5, 6,7 8...

All the muses in the trailer begin to sing a harmonic jazz version of Don't tell! and Shut it! Jaye stands in front of Aaron and Mahandra with a blank expression on her face.

AARON: Jaye!

MAHANDRA: Now is really not the time for a dramatic pause.

JAYE: (defeated) Okay. The test was negative. You're not pregnant.

The muses stop singing. Aaron immediately hoots and rejoices.

MAHANDRA: (disbelieving) What?

Jaye walks up to her.

JAYE: That wasn't the reaction I expected from you. What's going on?

Mahandra shakes her head. Jaye walks over to Aaron and smacks him on the arm.

MAHANDRA: Jaye, no.

Aaron immediately stops rejoicing.

AARON: What?

JAYE: Not everyone shares your joy.

She motions to Mahandra. He walks over to her.

AARON: You're not happy, why aren't you happy?

MAHANDRA: (unconvincingly) I am. Whew what a relief.

JAYE: (to Aaron) She's not happy.

AARON: I know. (to Mahandra) Wait a minute. Did you want it to be positive?


Aaron has a goofy grin on his face. He looks at Mahandra.


AARON: You wanted to have my baby!

MAHANDRA: Really not necessary to say it that loud.

Aaron starts to pace and mumble incoherently to himself. Mahandra sits down. Jaye sits beside her.

JAYE: You want to have his baby?

Mahandra shrugs. Aaron stops pacing and makes a dramatic turn to face Jaye and Mahandra.

AARON: Now we have to do it the right way.

He returns to pacing and mumbling. Jaye and Mahandra look at each other.

JAYE: Right way? What's the right way?

MAHANDRA: (directed to Aaron) I want to know what was so wrong with how we were doing it before.

JAYE: Oh, that it. (she's a little disgusted) No, you can't do that. Well, not here anyway.

Aaron stops pacing and turns to them.

AARON: The right way, with flowers, candles, rings a church, and then the babies.

Mahandra stands up.

MAHANDRA: Uh, babiessss! Wait a minute, are you proposing?

Jaye stands up beside her.

JAYE: (shocked) Are you proposing!

Mahandra looks at her.

MAHANDRA: Would you stop.

JAYE: Stop what?

MAHANDRA: That little parrot thing you're doing.

JAYE: What little parrot -- oh, sorry.

Jaye shuts her mouth and sits back down. Mahandra directs her attention back to Aaron.

MAHANDRA: (a little angry) Are you proposing?

Aaron takes a step back from her and holds up his hands.

AARON: Whoa. Only if you're going to say yes.


AARON: Okay!

MAHANDRA: No, not okay okay. Just okay.

She takes a deep breath.

MAHANDRA (CONT'D): Let's backup a second. Emotions have been running a little high today. I don't want you to regret this tomorrow.

AARON: I wont.

MAHANDRA: But it was a spur of the moment thing. And things like this shouldn't be done in spurs they--

He walks up close to her and grabs her hands.

AARON: It's not the first time I thought about asking. It's not even the second or third. But in my little fantasy you say yes.

MAHANDRA: What if I am?

AARON: Well I guess I'm asking you to marry me then.

Mahandra smiles up at him. He cannot resist leaning down and placing several soft kisses on her smiling lips.

MAHANDRA: (breathlessly) Yes.



Jaye jumps out of her seat.

JAYE: Yes!

She quickly covers her mouth with her hands. Mahandra and Aaron do not notice her outburst. They are too busy with the kissing. The brass monkey sits on a shelf in the corner. Jaye walks over to it.

JAYE (CONT'D): Can I tell them now?


JAYE: Look at how happy they are. Come on, can you honestly tell me there is a good reason not to?


JAYE: Care to tell?


JAYE: You're going to keep your little monkey trap shut, aren't you?


Jaye grunts in frustration.

JAYE: I gotta tell somebody something before I burst.

She tiptoes over to the phone and picks it up. She begins to dial. Mahandra breaks away from the kissing and spots Jaye.

MAHANDRA: What are you doing?

JAYE: Nothing?

Jaye puts the phone down. She does her best to look very innocent.

AARON: Who were you calling?

JAYE: Oh please, you gotta let me tell mom. You can tell everyone else.

Jaye picks up the phone again.

JAYE (CONT'D): Ooh, maybe Sharon will be there too. That'll be good.

Aaron walks over and snatches the phone from her.

AARON: You're not telling mom or Sharon.

JAYE: Come on. I can just see mom's face. She'll probably do that thing where her eyebrow starts twitching. She might even have a stroke.

Mahandra joins them.

MAHANDRA: Your mom loves me. She wouldn't--

She smacks Aaron on the arm.

MAHANDRA (CONT'D): I thought you said she still loves me.

AARON: Ow. She does. Jaye's just--

He does the cuckoo gesture with his finger. Jaye smacks him on the other arm.

JAYE: I'm not crazy.

Mahandra and Aaron look at her.

JAYE: Whatever. (to Mahandra) Yeah, mom loved you when you were just the best friend and then the girlfriend. But now you're going to be the wife and steal her precious baby boy away.

MAHANDRA: I told you she hates your girlfriends.

Aaron puts the phone down and wraps his arms around Mahandra.

AARON: But you're different.

Jaye takes the opportunity to quietly grab the phone again while they kiss.

MAHANDRA: (between kisses and without turning around) Put it down Jaye.

Jaye slams the phone down. She starts to speak. All of the muses, seen and unseen, in the trailer animate and yell.

MUSES: Shut it!

Jaye jumps.