A/N- This is my first attempt at a fanfiction for anything other than Veronica Mars, and I only wrote 2 for that so I'm not really that great at this yet. I'm a little nervous about Grunther's dialogue too, I can never get accents right. Anyway, eventually this is going to be Achmed/Rhapsody.

Rhapsody rode harder than she ever had in her entire life. The horse would need to rest soon, she was definitely pushing it past normal endurance. There was a town coming up, she could trade this horse for another one and move on. She couldn't stop. In this haze her sudden depression had landed on her she could at least hold on to that one coherent though. She could not stop. He most likely knew where she was heading, and was probably trying to ride as fast as she was. This was where her size was a bonus. He was much taller and more muscular than she, and therefore could not push the horse as long and hard as she could. After riding like this for what seemed like forever, a soft whimper drew her out of her fog. She looked down at the bundle tied to her chest. Meridion was a relatively quiet baby, and at a few months old, could already sleep through the night. Under any other circumstances she would have stopped right there and find out what was bothering her son but she had to get as far away from him as possible. Gradually the whimper escalated to a full-blown wail. She knew what was wrong with him now. That was his hunger cry.

"Shhh, don't cry little one," she said to the baby, still looking straight ahead. "We're almost there, I'll feed you then." She started to hum a lullaby and he slowly fell asleep.

Rhapsody sat on a rock and pulled out a jar of food from her pocket. As she fed Meridion, she listened to Grunther yelling at the soldiers who were attempting to clean the mess made by Anwyn's attack a few months before. She smiled to herself as Meridion giggled and waved his arms around. She thought back on the past few months. She would miss breast feeding. It was a way she felt utterly connected to her son. By the same token, it was fascinating to watch how he grew and matured. She could always tell when he took a trip through time because his eyes would go blank and unfocused. The first time that happened she and Ashe had worried to no end. At the thought of her husband, Rhapsody's smile faded. She closed her eyes to guard against the tears that were threatening to come when she felt the sun blocked by a Grunther-sized shadow standing next to her.

"All right Duchess?" He said, concern evident in his voice. Rhapsody took a few deep breaths before answering.

"Could I stay here for a few days?" She asked, squinting against the sun as she looked up at his massive face.

"O' course ye can! Ye know that!" She smiled weakly and nodded. He thought about questioning her further about what was wrong but decided against it. She didn't look like she would answer any questions he might have anyway.