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Chapter Ten

After making some minor adjustments to the navigational settings, Obi-Wan engaged the hyperdrive and left the cockpit, joining Padmé in the ship's lounge. She had made his favorite tea and was pouring him a cup as he sat down across from her.

"I have to admit, that this was one of the more interesting missions I have been on." He took a sip of the steaming liquid.

Padmé smiled in return but then sobered, warming her hands on the outside of the teacup. "The negotiations for Republic admittance went so quickly and so easily. It was almost like all the groundwork was completed before we even arrived."

"They were rather complacent and did you notice the way they almost rushed us off planet? Strange, especially since they specifically requested our presence. It was like they didn't want us there."

"I noticed." She grinned once more at the memory of them immediately being ushered to their ship once the negotiations had settled. "Here's your parting gift, have a nice trip! And what about this gift they gave us anyway?"

Obi-Wan turned to look at the small tree sitting in its rather oversize pot next to the bridge entrance. "It's called a Joatia Tree. Named after the planet for its environmentally sensitive properties."

"What's so special about it?" Padmé's stared at the compact tree, its three short branches stretching up and bursting with small bright green leaves. "It looks just like a miniature tree to me."

"Like the other plants on Joatia, I suppose it needs a nurturing atmosphere, free of hostility." Obi-Wan drank the last of his tea and turned once more to look at the tree.

Padmé had never stopped looking at it, as if suddenly the plant had sparked an idea in her head. "So, it needs pleasant thoughts and actions, compassionate surroundings, free of hatred and anger, full of love."

"Yes." Obi-Wan turned to stare at her, his brows furrowing at her enunciated words.

Surely he's not this dense! Padmé sighed in frustration before continuing. Time to be blunt. "Let's go water our tree Obi-Wan."

"Oh...Oh!" A wide grin spread across the Jedi's face as he stood, took Padmé's hand and they headed for the sleeping quarters.

Their second joining was the complete opposite of their first, this time with all the tenderness and love that burned inside of them both. Each giving and taking equally, drops of sweat mixing with tears falling from two pairs of eyes.

Obi-Wan pulled Padmé close in the aftermath, not wanting or willing to let her go. They had three days before they reached Coruscant, and besides the need for food and an occasional visit to the restroom, he intended on staying in bed and making love to her for the duration of the trip.

"Mmm. Can we just stay in bed until we reach Coruscant?"

Apparently she felt the same. He placed a gentle kiss to the head that was tucked tightly under his chin.

The sudden blaring of the ship's warning system startled them from their euphoria and they both jumped up from the bed and rushed to the lounge.

Before them was a huge tree, its branches stretching along the walls and ceiling of the lounge and into the cockpit. Obi-Wan climbed over several limbs and eventually made his way to the navigational controls, pulling away a branch that had pressed an abort button. Padmé had followed him, a look of surprise and amusement on her face.

"I was going to suggest that I keep the cute little fellow in my apartment, but I don't think that's such a good idea."

"We'll have it planted in the Jedi Temple Garden. But for now, let's see if we can move it farther toward the back of the ship, away from the controls."

The ship landed in Coruscant as scheduled, the docking platform crowded with workers, who soon were shuffling to make room for the approach of two Jedi, a tall dark-skinned one and a much shorter green one. They both stood silent, awaiting the completion of the landing cycle. The exit ramp hissed open and began lowering, and then all eyes on the platform were immediately drawn to the sight. What appeared to be tree branches and roots burst forth from the opening of the ship, followed by two scantily dressed figures exiting from an emergency hatch in the cockpit.

Stunned expressions then all turned to the diminutive green Jedi Master who mumbled something about watering a tree before he burst into loud and raucous laughter.

- FIN -


AN: This story actually was inspired by a writing challenge on the Obidala Fan Forum (See my profile for a link). The line in chapter two - "I'm sorry Master Kenobi. Senator Amidala does not wish to see you. In fact, she said she never wants to see you again..." - was the challenge line. I hope you enjoyed the story that it inspired. Thanks so much for the reviews.