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Kagome Higeroshe is a normal 9th grade student, besides the fact that she can travel back and fourth through the magic well!

It was a normal day besides the point that Kagome had to do a school report on endangered animals…..WHEN…. a sudden light flashed and Kagome saw herself, getting animal DNA put in here.

"What happened, was that a earthquake?" Kagome said un aware of what just happened

The next day Kagome woke up still tired and was a bit wary

" I feel like a truck hit me," said Kagome loudly as she new, today she had to go to the Feudal Era, but before she went she had two stop by Central Park (IMAGINATION) to pick up Sota from a friends birthday party

Central Park

As Kagome approached the park, she noticed that there was someone weird pink haired girl flowing here, but she ignored here and started looking for Sota

"I'm excuse me miss but can I ask you a question" said the pink haired girl who's name happened to be Ichigo (or Zoey) as she kept starring at Kagomes mark on her hand that was shaped as a paw print with a circle around it

"Were did that come from," Kagome said surprised as she new her mom would kill her since it looked like a tattoo

"Ahhh… get it off of me" Kagome shouted

"Come down… please come with me so I can explain, and what ever you see please don't be afraid" Ichigo said in a positive way

Mew Mew Café

"Were are we? Its like a palace" said Kagome as she looked around, she was so amazed that she almost for got to breath

" Hello Ryou(or Elliot),Keiichiro(or Wesley), is anyone here"Ichigo said LOUDLY

(Walks down stairs and rubs eyes)" What are you doing here your shift isn't until 12:00" Ryou said still tired and drowsy

" I think I found another DNA animal can you check," said Ichigo as politely as possible

"Whatever" (comes and looks at Kagome she is HOT

To be continued.

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