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Kagome/ Ryou

Inuyasha/Ichigo (I'm not 100 on this one)

"Hello Shippo" said Kagome happily

"Why do you look like Inuyasha?" said Shippo deep in his thoughts

"It's along story and if I explain it now than the rest of the group will ask the same question" said Kagome trying to be polite

"OK," said Shippo eager to find every one else

Back at the Ranch… I mean Keade's hut (yeah Sango and Miroku is there to)After explaining the whole "Who I became a Mew Mew" thing

"I see," said Shippo who know was very sure about Kagome being a Mew Mew are

"That's very interesting," said are one and only beloved pervert monk Miroku " Ohh. And if you don't mind me asking, Lady Ichigo will you bare my child" said Miroku as he touch Ichigo

"WHAT! I'm sorry but I already have Masaya" said Ichigo as she slapped Miroku and was blushing

"Well at least I tried," said Miroku with a slap mark on his face

At this time there was a loud crash and everyone ran outside not believing their eyes

"Are you ok?" said Kagome as she saw Ryou on the grass just sitting there with disbelief in her eyes "what happened"

"Some type of chimera came into the café and now I'm hear," said Ryou with a sweat drop

"Hmmf, whatever" said Inuyasha sensing something about this kid

"Here Ryou let me give you a hand" said Kagome being nice

"Thanks" said Ryou

"No problem" said Kagome in response

After this there was another loud BANG… And everyone looked up and saw……….

Kagura, Sargon (or in "Puddings Words" Tar), Naraku, Deep Blue, Tart, Kohaku, Kanna, and Kish

"I hope you don't mind us being here," said Naraku being EVIL!

"Kagura attack now" said Deep Blue being demanding

"Hmmf, whatever, DANCE OF THE DRAGONS," shouted Kagura as she attacked Kagome (notice I'm singling here out)

"KAGOME!" shouted Ryou and Inuyasha as many puzzled faces were there

But at this moment as Kagome got attacked something amazing happened to Ryou, a sudden light flashed and there stood a blonde boy still with short hair but had DOG EARS? And very shape claws with Inu eyes

"Did I miss something?" said Ichigo who evidently didn't notice that her hair was now BLACK like Kagome's? (A/N: LOL I now I'm bending the rules but you will see and yes this is a Ryou/Kagome and Maybe Ichigo/Inuyasha)

"Hmmm… Ahhh… Now I remember my Master (remember the guy that watched Miroku as a kid since his father died and if you don't this guy is kinda like his adopted father) told me a story about an hmm……What was it called again… ahhh yes…. " Two Dogs and Two Miko's" it told a story about two half dog demons who were trying to win the love of two fair miko's " said Miroku thinking if the myth was true

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