Chapter 27


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A month and a week later…

"I'm here now aren't I? Babygirl why you got to be like that?" John was getting madder, by every word that came out of his girlfriend's mouth but he tried his best to keep calm.

"Yeah but I just don't understand why you had to push your come back date!" Persephanie walked into the kitchen to get more food. She was angry at the fact that John decided to not fly over to see her last week.

"Yeah but I'm here now." John stood right behind Persephanie, with his chest pressed onto her back. He thought maybe, just maybe, it'd get her to calm down.

"That's not the point though!" Persephanie moved away and stood on the counter,diagonally from him. "John you scheduled yourself to fly back to me the end of last week but you passed up the opportunity, to do god-knows-what with Reanna!"

"Oh my god! Damn where the hell is all this shit coming from? Look it's not my fault I have to live a three way spilt life! Being in the wwe business is hard enough already, but to have to deal with two pregnant women? That's a tough job to fulfill, but babe I am trying my best to take care of you two, alright?" John cupped her cheeks, but she was stubborn.

"No! I still don't understand! I don't understand why the hell you had to put her before me! In fact, why do you even have to take care of her? Isn't that what she has Kurt for?"

John shook his head. "No they broke up. She's going through an emotional up hill right now."

Persephanie rolled her eyes. "Oh what and I'm not? Shit I'm all alone here! Pregnant with an eight year old to take care of! How hard can that be for me?"

"An eight year old?" John spaced out for a second.

"Yeah see last weekend was the perfect time for you to be here, but you've missed it! You know, I'm not even sure if you remembered it was Daisy's birthday last Friday! And now you've missed my first ultrasound! You weren't able to find the sex of our baby with me!"

"I missed all of that? Babe why didn't you tell me?" John had a concerned look on his face. He felt bad now that everything was starting to sink into him.

"Well I did, right before I left." Persephanie answered.

"Before you left? Babe that was 5 weeks ago!" John looked at her weirdly.

"What? Shouldn't important events like that stay in your head? You know I mean unless something or someone got your mind off of it. Besides, I tried to tell you but every single damn time we were on the phone you'd always have to go so soon for me to be able to tell you anything!" Persephanie explained.

Silence. John felt bad, he knew she had a point. He'd been so busy with trying to make Reanna's life perfect he forgot it was also his job to do the same with Persephanie.

The silence was broken by neither of them but a ring of Persephanie's cell phone. "Hello?" She listened. "Okay I'll be there soon alright? Okay bye." She hung up and instantly looked up at John. "That was Daisy. I need to go pick her up right now."

John nodded. "You want me to come with you?"

"Uh- I don't know… I'm not exactly sure if she'd want you to…" Persephanie said slowly.

"Oh…um…. a-alright…um I guess I just wait." John said.

"Yeah I'll be back in a couple minutes." Persephanie got her keys and left.


Minutes did pass and it gave John enough time to set up dinner, to make things up with his frustrated girlfriend. A little too much time. By the time he knew it, it was two hours since she'd left. His eyes slowly began to close. Soon falling into deep sleep….

Though a couple minutes later he was startled by the sudden noise coming into the house. It was Daisy with a batch full of balloons coming in. John got up and tried to help her but she didn't want it.

"No! John I want to do it myself, don't help me!" Md nudged him away and propped the balloons up on the other side of the room. Away from John.

He sighed and walked over to Persephanie. "What's up with all the balloons?"

Persephanie fidgeted with her purse. "Oh uh, Dave gave them to her."

"Dave? Wait you were at Dave's? Then why the hell did it take you two hours to get back to me? I was waiting for you."

Persephanie rolled her eyes and fast walked up the stairs with John closely behind her. "Yeah well now I guess you know how I feel. Only I had to wait 4 weeksplus an extra week. And you only had to wait 2 hours, so what are you complaining about?" She walked into her room and got changed. While John flopped onto her bed watching her closely.

"Yeah but what the hell can you be doing there for two full hours?" John asked mad.

"Talking. What else?" Persephanie continued to undress herself, revealing her growing stomach to her boyfriend for the first time.

"Wow." John whispered, stunned. "You're still hot…" He received a weird look from her. "Oh uh- I mean… what's the sex of our baby exactly?"

Persephanie joined him in bed, pulling the covers just around her mid section. "Oh um, are you sure you even care to know?"

"Oh course I do baby!" John moved closer to her, but she didn't mind makingany effort to take anything further.

"Hmm well all I can say, is that it wont be able to make the second generation in the wwe that we've always talked about." Persephanie said plainly.

"Oh it's a girl! Wow. I always wanted a girl! I'd be a bit overprotective with it but who cares? I'm just hoping to grows up to look as beautiful as it's mother." John said sincerely to get back on her good side, but it didn't quite work. Persephanie had too much on her mind to let anything get to her. She just sighed and didn't say a word.

Breaking the silence, John informed her his plan to get things going between them again. "Oh baby I was able to make dinner for us. I think we should head down stairs and eat."

Persephanie shrugged. "No but I already ate at Dave's. I'm actually really tired so I think I'm going to sleep right now." Persephanie glanced over at John, to see his reaction. She knew that in some level, he was hurt.

"Oh really? Okay. I guess I'll just clean the stuff up and let you get rested." John tried to give her a kiss on the lips, but she moved away so it only landed on her cheek. John decided to not do or say anything so he just left. Both their hearts were breaking by this point and something had to be done.

Persephanie felt bad for having him set up a nice dinner for them, but she was afraid that it might end up making things worse. She for some reason wasn't able to get over the fact that he stayed on road to take care of Reanna instead of her. She wasn't sure if she could keep her mouth shut about it, so turning him down was her only option.

Persephanie sighed and rubbed her stomach lightly. "Oh babygirl what am I going to do about your dad?" She leaned her head back on the headboard. Staying very still she could feel the fetus make fatal movements inside of her. She smiled. "Oh boy can I not wait till you're making full kicks…hmm…but you know what mommy is more afraid of? I'm afraid to death that it might get to the point where your daddy and me are only together for you, and not for love. I'm trying so hard to just accept that he has his duties with Reanna, but you know mommy needs her time too right? Am I being so selfish? If I am than I am truly sorry, but I just can't help it. I need you dad, I'm going to go crazy without him."

Persephanie wiped her last tear of the day. Every single night, she cried herself to sleep, just talking to the growing life inside her. She favored that baby. She couldn't wait till it was born, knowing it's where she'd find happiness. That baby would be the one thing for sure that'd never leave her. Persephanie was deeply hurting, making her vulnerable to anything…


Since John did take a short nap earlier, he was able to stay up real late. Which gave him enough time to think things out. A sudden huge turn in plan was coming to him, and it wasn't good. "Shit I can't give it to her." John held onto his precious item. "If I do, it'll only hurt Persephanie more."

After all the thinking, John came into conclusion that he wasn't going to give his item to the girl he'd wanted to please. He was scared if he did, it'd make the situation even more overwhelming that it already was. Instead he'd do the complete opposite and he was ready to confront her tomorrow. (Are you guys confused? Wells I'm already giving hints, but he WAS planning on giving a girl something…. just read on to find out who its for, and what it is. Italics, as I said is from a song, and it's just to let you guys see how John feels.)

Baby come here and sit down, let's talk
I got a lot to say so I guess I'll start by
Saying that I love you,
But you know, this thing ain't been
No walk in the park for us
I swear it'll only take a minute
You'll understand when I finish, yeah
And I don't wanna see you cry
But I don't wanna be the one to tell you a lie...

"Damn it took you long enough to get back here, I didn't even know you left." John said with a mad look on his face.

"Well sorry geez. I needed to drop Daisy over at Dave's and I didn't want to wake you up, so I just left." Persephanie took a seaton the couch next to John.

"Pssh. No wonder you took so long. I've been awake for 45 minutes already and you've just gotten back. Why the hell does it take you that long to be over there?" John asked bad tempered.

"Well Dave's my friend, so we talk for a little while. Sheesh calm down will you? It's no big deal John!" Persephanie said.

"How can I calm down? Just yesterday you were complaining about how you needed me here, and when I'm here you're over there with Dave!" John got up and sat on the other couch.

"Sheesh maybe I shouldn't even have came back if that's how you're going to be!" Persephanie got up as well, but went up the stairs, in her room.

John groaned getting more and more frustrated with his girlfriend. "Persephanie…" He walked into her room and sighed. "Look we need to talk…"

How do you let it go? When you,
You just don't know? What's on,
The other side of the door
When you're walking out, talk about it
Everything I tried to remember to say
Just went out my head
So I'ma do the best I can to get you to understand

There's never a right time to say goodbye
But I gotta make the first move
'Cause if I don't you gonna start hating me
Cause I really don't feel the way I once felt about you
Girl it's not you, it's me
I gotta figure out what I need (oh)
There's never a right time to say goodbye
But we know that we gotta go
Our separate ways
And I know it's hard but I gotta do it,
And it's killing me
Cause there's never a right time
Right time to say goodbye

Persephanie hugged her pillow and said nothing.

"I know that we haven't been in good condition with each other lately and I know it's hurting you baby but…" John got in the bed and sat right in front of her. Looking in her eyes carefully he continued on. "I really don't know any conclusion to make you stop hurting. And I honestly think that it'd be best if you go on without me…"

Persephanie's eye suddenly burned with tears. She clutched onto her pillow tighter and looked down.

"Look it's hurting me so bad to see you like this, and I know it's all because of me. And I just can't go on with this relationship, when it's tearing you up inside like that. Someday you'll understand why I'm doing this…I don't want to leave you but…" John cupped her wet cheeks.

"No John don't!" Persephanie couldn't stop crying. "You can't tell me that you don't want to leave, when that's just what you're going to do! How can you say that to me?"

"Look breaking up has been on my mind, and I've made up my decision. I think it's the best solution." John said, getting teary-eyed himself.

"Leaving me is no solution." Persephanie looked up at him.

"It is when your hurting that bad, I mean…I've seen you sad but never like this…your eyes are full of defeat nowadays when your with me. I've never seen them like that." John said. "Look Persephanie, I think coming into your life was the best moment of mine, but I think we were just meant to be together for that amount of time, maybe it's just not forever."

Persephanie looked at him weirdly. "Oh what? That you just came into my life to give me hope that I can find happiness? Why do you have to give me hope? Why can't you just give me actual happiness?"

"Because you're not going to find it in me. With Reanna and all, I don't know if I can give you what you want." John sniffled. "Baby you'll heal sooner or later. Trust me I thought about this all night last night, and I just think that it's better to end this now than for you to have to deal with more of the shit I might give you later on…alright?" John lifted her chin up.

Tears flowed down her cheeks, and she choked up.

But now your heart is breaking
And a thousand times I
Found myself asking, "Why? Why?"
Why am I taking so long to say this?
But trust me, girl I never
Meant to crush your world
And I never
Thought I would see the day we grew apart
And I wanna know

How do you let it go? When you,
You just don't know? What's on,
The other side of the door
When you're walking out, talk about it
Girl I hope you understand
What I'm tryna say.
We just can't go on
Pretending that we get along
Girl how you not gonna see it?

"Look don't worry I'll be gone in a couple minutes. I didn't find time to unpack yesterday so I can easily just go." John got out of bed and looked at her one last time. He was about to walk away but Persephanie stopped him.

"What about our babygirl?" She didn't want to loose him, finding every way to keep him she asked.

"I don't know, Persephanie. If I can't be with her for the time she's still growing inside of you, I don't know how I will be able to do that when she's born. And if I miss any precious time on that, than I think maybe I just shouldn't show up in any point in time of her life. I'd just ruin it and I don't want that."

Persephanie shook her head. "Unbelievable."

John didn't know what else to say, he walked over to her and gave her one last kiss on her forehead. Looking back he closed the door and left her.


"Shit Kimmy you need to come here right now!" Persephanie sobbed.

"What? Wait sweetie what's wrong? Why is your voice breaking up?" Kimmy asked concerned.

"Well because…I don't know can't you just come here? I need someone right now!" Persephanie sniffled.

"Well what about John? Isn't he there? Sweetie I'm all the way across the country how am I suppose to get there?" Kimmy asked.

"John? Who's John? Oh you mean the John that broke up with me!" Persephanie said sarcastically.

"OH MY GOD!" Kimmy felt her heart stop beating. "He broke up with you? How? Why? When? Let me talk to that fool!"

"He left already. Pssh look you know what I need some 'me' time, and I can see its impossible for you to come here, so I'll just call you back later all right?"

Kimmy sighed. "Ok but take care of yourself! Call me whenever okay? I'm here for you, like I always have."

Persephanie hung up. "Shit I don't know what the hell I'm going to do."


"Damn John how could you do that?" Randy yelled over the phoneto his best friend.

"What? I didn't want to break up with her but c'mon we got to be honest with ourselves now. It was problem after problem with that relationship. Look just because I broke up with her, that don't mean I don't love her. I still love her, no doubt about that. But everything is just hard to explain right now…." John said.

"Yeah that's a perfect way to go about it! Get the girl pregnant, and then break up with her! Wow she must feel so much better now she has you off her shoulders huh?" Randy asked sarcastically.

"I know that's another thing! I'm scared that I'll chase her away later on." John reasoned.

"What the fuck, how can you possibly chase her away, fool she loves you and your all she depended on! There's no way she'd leave you." Randy was getting pissed.

"No but I'm giving her enough problems right now, and you know how tough it is when you have a child! I'd just add onto it!" John said.

"Pssh, that's bullshit. But whatever do whatever you want. But I'm just warning you, don't be surprised if you don't ever talk to her again." Randy was best friends with John but he also knew how hard Persephanie has it in life. It was now his duty to protect her, from her past protector, which was John.

"Yeah wellz you know it was a shock for me too you know!" John said.

Randy laughed sarcastically.

"No Randy I'm serious. It was kinda her actions too that got me to break up with her." John explained.

"What?" Randy asked curious.

"No coz she was hanging over at Dave's a lot. And just last night I was…"

Randy was left stunned after hearing what else he had to say. "I was going to propose to her, but I thought it might hurt her more. So I broke up with her instead…"

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