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Training, Chapter 1

Aaah, there he goes already. How long has it been? An hour? Two maybe…

He's going to the same page as before I think. Must be a good part…

Uh oh, he's looking at me. Don't look at me while you're reading PORN! Damn he's still looking…

"What are you staring at Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked rudely. She was lying on her back only a few feet away from where he reclined in the grass. He blinked slowly before responding.

"You were staring at me first."

Wow, that wasn't childish at all.

She continued to stare at him upside down. Her legs came up and crossed as she tried to think of something to say. She knew what she wanted to say but wondered if she should or not. Kakashi didn't seem inclined to break the silence as he stared at her.

Screw it.

She decided to go ahead with what she really wanted to say.

"I'm only staring because you refuse to train with one of your students and instead opt to read porno." She quickly turned her head to the side regretting immediately what had just fallen from her mouth.

Ah god! Why do I say these things? Oh well he kinda deserves it anyways.

Still, she was angry he wouldn't spar with her or show her any new jutsus lately. But she knew why he didn't want to.

Inevitably if she started to spar with him Naruto and Sasuke would come over and demand to spar with him as well. If it could be called that anyway.

It would always happen the same way. Kakashi would fight one, or both in the same day and they would loose. Horribly. Sometimes the fights even got nasty.

She shivered remembering one afternoon in particular. Sasuke had tried to use his sharingan against Kakashi during the fight. The end of the battle with Kakashi as the victor seemed imminent and everything seemed to spiral out of control. She thought Sasuke's arm was broken when she got Kakashi to let go of him.

At first she'd tried to shrug off the boys' behavior as enthusiasm. But it soon became clear after that particular episode that both of the young nin meant to beat Kakashi anyway they could. Naruto wanted to become Hokage and saw Kakashi as probably the perfect opponent to beat. Often Jiraiya was unavailable as well and that really only left Kakashi to train with. Sasuke just wanted to beat Kakashi because Itachi had accomplished it and in doing so might put him closer to his brother's level of strength.

Kakashi was still staring at her but she didn't expect any kind of response. She turned her head away from him to watch the ensuing battle further-a-field. Fire leapt from the boy's mouths and flew towards each other. She sighed and closed her eyes as an incredibly hot breeze swept over her, blowing hair onto her face.

I wonder, if I don't say anything, will they go far enough to hurt each other seriously?

She guessed that most likely they would. A glint of metal flashing out from their fists caught her eye as they clashed in a burst of ashes from the scorched grass.

"Sensei." Kakashi blinked to let her know he was listening. He seemed to still be trying to find something to say to her. He always took his time and never rushed words with her. Or he was going to ignore her question altogether. Both were equally likely since it was Kakashi.

"You should stop them now. Naruto has to meet with Tsunade-sama this afternoon. It's almost lunchtime. He'll want to go for something to eat before hand." She rolled over onto her side away from the fight as the sounds of kunai striking and swearing drifted up to her. The smell of burnt grass and something that smelled horribly of scorched flesh reached her nose.

Probably some poor little animal won't be making it back to its burrow tonight.

Kakashi rose steadily from his seated position and headed quickly towards the boys. She closed her eyes and waited until the arguing voices got close enough before standing and rubbing her hands over her face.

"Were you sleeping Sakura?" Sasuke's smooth voice floated over to her as the three males reached the crest of the hill she and Kakashi had been resting on.

"Something like that." She took a quick inventory of both boys as they stood in front of her. Both their faces looked sunburned and painful. Naruto's arm was bleeding above the wrist and Sasuke had a nasty bruise forming on his collar bone.

"Sakura-chaaan! Heal me first!" Naruto practically shouted at her.

"She's standing a foot away from us baka." Sasuke said with a sigh and glanced sideways at his best friend.

Naruto's vicious glare in Sasuke's direction made Sakura smile.

Always the same. What would I do if I didn't have them?

Her glance included Kakashi as she thought this; he was a part of her list of people that belonged to her. Even if it was sometimes stressful to be around them she never wanted to be apart from them for long.

Her hands came up in front of her chest as she performed a complicated line of seals. When she finished the last seal, blue chakra gathered at her hands and she placed a palm on both boy's cheeks. They closed their eyes reflexively as she healed there skin and soothed some of the muscle aches in their heads and necks.

"Aaaaah, Sakura-chan you're so good at this now! Your chakra feels really good too, how do you do that?" Sakura blinked her eyes in surprise. No one had ever told her that her chakra felt good. She wasn't even sure what that meant. She slipped her hands away from the soft skin of their faces.

"Mm, it felt cold this time, kind of like water being poured under my skin." Sasuke's words made her eyes go wide. Even though his words were even, it wasn't really a compliment. He rarely had something to say that wasn't a criticism about her techniques.

"Really? I don't know why it feels like that. I just perform them how I learned them." She couldn't help the blush that rose in her cheeks so she turned and started heading back towards the village.

My chakra feels good? What does that mean? No ones ever mentioned it before…

Konoha came into sight as Sakura scaled a tree to the highest branch that would support her weight. She smiled as a cool breeze threatened the coming of rain in the distance. Her smile quickly turned into an amused grin as Sasuke and Naruto passed below her still arguing over who had won their latest match.

She dropped herself down to a lower branch and almost got knocked over as Kakashi tried to land in the same spot. His arms came quickly around her waist as she started to slip.

"Thanks sensei." He gave her a small smile before leaving her to continue his path after the boys. She frowned and quickly caught up with him; matching his jumps so that they landed on the same branches. She couldn't pass up the chance to have him alone. She'd been itching to have this conversation with him but they were never alone long enough lately.

"Kakashi-sensei…" He turned his head slightly and waited for her to continue.

"When you spare with the boys, why don't you just beat them right away?" The look he gave her made her blush. For some reason she felt a little foolish questioning him like this.

"What makes you think I'm not trying to beat them as fast as I can?" His paced slowed and Sakura matched him. She let Naruto and Sasuke fade from sight through the branches before continuing.

"Because, when you fight with them you never use the sharingan, and I've seen you when an enemy nin is around…" She wasn't sure now how she wanted to phrase her words without bringing up anything that she wanted to forget about. Mainly sparing between Kakashi and the boys during their training sessions.

"Do you want me to treat them like enemies?" His head cocked to the side in thought. "I'm not here to fight them. I'm here to train them….And you" He added as if in afterthought.

Like you think I count anyway…

"But if you just got it over with right away than nobody would get hurt!" She knew it sounded childish but she was afraid of a bloody repeat if Sasuke or Naruto didn't leave on a mission or went of to train soon. She could feel the tension building every time they all got together like this. One of them was going to ask to spar unless she did first. Which would make it all happen again anyway. Then she'd be stuck feeling responsible for what would most likely ensue.

"Do you blame me for what happened?" He said quietly not looking at her. They had stopped moving without her noticing.

"No! I…"

"I know I'm your teacher and I should be able to control those kinds of situations…"

"Stop!" She'd never heard anything like this come from him before. His voice held worry and regret and something else she couldn't place. She didn't like the emotion she was seeing in his one exposed eye either.

"It's not your fault! Sasuke tried to use the sharingan against you. I'm glad you did what you did. I don't know what he would have done to you if you didn't stop him." As she said it she knew it was true. What she'd seen Sasuke try to do scared her more than anything.

"Sakura…" But their attention broke from each other as first Naruto then Sasuke appeared through the foliage.

"What's going on?" Sasuke frowned at Kakashi. Naruto was giving Sakura a curious look as she slowed her breathing into a calmer rhythm.

"Nothing. I'm hungry. Where do you want to go Naruto?" She jumped to their branch and then headed on quickly before he could answer.

Just for reference the kids are about 16 here. And yes this will most likely be a Kakashi Sakura pairing. Basically because I don't really Sasuke or Naruto for Sakura. Or at all in general.

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