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Chapter 1: Double Double Toil And Trouble

The houses of Funbari are furnished with all sorts of decorations. Cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and spiders hung on the walls and scattered all over the backyard of their houses. What time of the year is it you ask? Why…none other than Halloween of course!

This is a favorite holiday of the youth, for today is the day where they can dress up as monsters, ghosts, witches, and more. They knock door to door saying "Trick or Treat" in their scariest voice as they are given candy. They roam the streets all and gather as much candy as they can; and when they're done, they party all night long. A high percentage of those who enjoyed Halloween, were of course, the shamans. Unknown to ordinary people, these shamans can see ghosts as they roam the streets on Halloween night.

A short blonde haired boy walked along the foggy streets of Funbari, his destination was the onsen. "Boy it sure is chilly out here, what a coincidence the weather matches the mood for Halloween this year" Manta continued walking, ignoring the ghosts that were floating happily down the streets.

Manta ran to the entrance of the onsen and flinched as he saw it decorated with skeletons, cobwebs, spiders, and two jack o lanterns; one was badly carved, and the other one only had half of its face. Manta knew that there were only two people in the whole world who makes jack o lanterns like those: Yoh and Horohoro.

He opened the door, removed his shoes, and entered the house. He saw Anna in her usual outfit watching a horror show in the T.V., one that Manta would rather skip out on. "Hey there Anna, Happy Halloween!"

"You too shorty…" Anna said in her usually calm voice. "Now go help Yoh prepare for the Halloween party or else I'll make you cook."

"Uh…yes ma'am" Manta rushed out of the room and roamed the house looking for Yoh. He finally found him in the kitchen attempting to carve a jack o lantern that looks presentable, according to Anna. Horohoro got kicked out of the kitchen for eating the pumpkins, so he got sent to the backyard to help Ren fix decorations. "Hey Yoh and Amidamaru! Happy Halloween!"

"Happy Halloween to you too Manta!" Yoh said happily as he finished carving a face on a pumpkin. "Hey Manta, what do you think of this?"

Manta scanned at the pumpkin and looked at it. "It looks fine, but the left eye is way bigger than the right eye…but it would make a good scary pumpkin."

"Thanks Manta…" Yoh stood up and put the jack o lantern beside the five other jack o lanterns that he carved; all were deformed, but they could make a good horror house decoration.

"Where'd you get all the pumpkins?" Manta asked, looking at the twenty pumpkins that were stacked on top of each other.

"Jun and Ren brought some over" Yoh grabbed another pumpkin and began removing the stuff inside it.

"Hey Manta, Happy Halloween!" Ryu entered the door carrying a small pot. Tamao entered shortly afterwards and greeted Manta a Happy Halloween, both he and Ryu were in charge of cooking. Manta greeted both of them back as he watched Tamao gather the stuffing that Yoh removed from the pumpkin.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Manta asked, then Anna suddenly came in, as if she were waiting for him to say those eight words.

"You can either help Yoh carve the pumpkins, cook with Ryu and Tamao, prepare the drinks with Lyserg and Chocolove, or decorate the backyard." Anna said. Apparently, her show was done, and it was time for her to either help out or give orders.

"Uh…see ya Yoh, I'll help with the decorations…" Manta ran out of the kitchen as fast as his legs could go. He ran past the corridors and into the back yard. If you look at the way it was decorated, it would already seem as if you were in a cemetery.

The fence was decorated with red and green spray painted newspapers and bright violet Christmas lights. Skeletons sat in the corners of the fence and trees; don't be surprised if they were real. Some of Yoh's badly carved pumpkins were set somewhere on the ground a long with the Styrofoam tombstones. There were also a few scary head masks on the ground and smoke came out of their mouths, for a smokescreen machine hid beneath it, courtesy of Ren and Jun of course. The bushes were covered with some toilet paper, cobwebs, and spiders. Candles were also neatly aligned at the sides of the backyard; the hose was even pulled out in the backyard and disguised as a snake. A big stereo was set somewhere near the big space disguised as a ghost.

The guys have out done themselves this time, for the decorations weren't even half done yet. There were three tables aligned together for a buffet which was covered with a black cloth with jack-o-lantern pictures. The only thing that was on it were the plates, cups, utensils, and four punch bowls. "Hey guys! Happy Halloween!" Manta greeted as he stepped off the porch and into the slightly foggy backyard.

Everyone greeted Manta back. Chocolove and Lyserg were reading the ingredients and mixing them for their drinks; Kororo provided the ice and the center piece of the table which was skillfully carved by Ren to make a figure of a headless horseman holding a pumpkin in its arms. Horohoro and Ren were busy hanging the plastic bats on the trees. Faust and Eliza were arranging the skeletons; like it was said earlier, don't be surprised if the skeletons were real.

A car honk was heard outside the onsen, the ones who came in were Jun, Pirika, and Jeanne, who picked up more stuff they need for the party. This was going to be a great party. All of Yoh's friends and their main spirits are going to be present today.

"Move it Yoh!" Anna walked behind Yoh who was carrying six pumpkins at a time while she carried the big dish that Ryu prepared.

"I have a feeling this is going to be the best Halloween party that we'll have" Yoh said while setting the pumpkins beside the buffet table. Actually, it was everyone's first Halloween party, because before the shaman fight, they celebrated their Halloween alone with their family, some of them didn't even consider celebrating Halloween.

A sinister figure sat on a roof at a random house in the distance, watching Yoh and his friends prepare for their Halloween party. "Interesting holiday…I'll give them all a grand Halloween trick and treat of their lives." With one wave of his gloved hand, he made several portals appear on random areas of Funbari. Strange and oddly shaped shadows crawled out of the portals with their eyes glowing in different shades and colors. They started roaming the streets and they scattered in different directions. "Now, it's time to pay my little brother a visit."

"Alright…just a few more preparations and decorations and then we're ready for the party!" Yoh said as he set another dish made by Tamao on the table. A growl was heard from somewhere in the backyard.

"Can't you wait till the party starts Horohoro?" Ren complained as he hung a lantern shaped like a monster's head on a tree.

"Dude…that wasn't me…" Horohoro said as he listened to his stomach closer and didn't hear any rumbling. After checking all the other suspects, everyone started wondering where the sound was really coming from. "One thing's for sure, we know now that it's not in the backyard."

"Maybe some one's outside…" Tamao said as she started walking out of the backyard. "I'll check and see who it is."

Unfortunately for them, the one who was outside suddenly and literally jumped over the fence and into the party. The gang couldn't help but stare at the person, or rather, creature that did such a stunt.

"Uh…nice trick kid…but isn't trick or treating supposed to start at around 6:30 pm? It's only 6:00 pm…" Yoh said scratching the back of his head and examining the creature from top to bottom. It was a black gorilla-like man that towered three meters above the ground; his fangs were showing, his claws were long, and he looked rabid. "Are you supposed to be Bigfoot? Great costume kid, it looks very realistic!"

The Bigfoot slammed both fists on the ground and caused a very light earthquake. "Hey, take it easy will ya? Joke's over!" Chocolove said, but the Bigfoot kept rampaging around the backyard, destroying some of the decorations.

Ren tackled the Bigfoot to the ground with the help of Ryu. "Do you know how long it took for us to put those decorations up you brat?" Ren started violently pulling Bigfoot's head so that the mask would be removed. "Why won't this stupid mask come off? Ryu, did you find a zipper or something?"

Whoever was wearing the costume was now thrashing on the ground as the others held him down trying to find some sort of zipper or lock that would remove the costume. "Hey Yoh…the costume's not coming off..." Manta said nervously as they saw the creature thrash about on the ground, tossing aside all those who were pinning him down just awhile age; now he was really mad. He stood up and growled angrily at the shamans. "Guys, it's real, the BIGFOOT"S REAL!"

"WHAT?" Everyone tried to hold down Bigfoot who was still rampaging about. They tried their best not to hurt him, but the Bigfoot was trying its best to hurt them.

"I have an idea! Kororo, Spirit ball mode, Hyo Gattai!" Horohoro merged with Horohoro and stood in the path of the charging Bigfoot. "Icy Wind!" Horohoro blew a cold breath towards Bigfoot and slowly froze him stiff.

"Nice work Horohoro…" Chocolove said as they examined the Bigfoot. "What is this thing? Is it for real? I thought Bigfoot was only a legend?"

"Believe it or not…this thing is real…" Anna said as they continued examining the monster. "…but it's not from this world…it was summoned…"

"Summoned? Who could have the power to do such a thing?" Jeanne asked. The saw the Bigfoot blink its green raging eyes, cracking the ice that it was frozen in. "It's breaking free, we have to do something!"

'Destroy it…' a voice that only Yoh heard spoke. 'Do you want your friends to be hurt?' the voice whispered mockingly to him.

Yoh pulled his sword involuntarily and ran towards Bigfoot, slashing it in to two halves. His friends were astonished at what he did; it was so unlike him to attack like that. As the frozen Bigfoot fell on the ground, it broke down, shattered like glass in to a million very tiny white lights and disappeared. As the tiny white lights disappeared, they heard a soft clap on top of the roof.

They turned around to see who it was, to find their worst enemy which they thought they destroyed months ago. "IT'S HAO!"

Hao stood up on the roof and smiled down on them. "It's so nice to see all of you again…" He looked at them as they quickly drew their weapons, Lyserg fired his pendulum at Hao, but the strangest thing that happened was that it went through him. "Tsk, tsk…you didn't even let me finish yet…" He raised his hand and a gigantic red hand, which belonged to none other than Spirit of Fire, carried Hao from the roof to the ground.

They all took a closer look at him and something seemed different. There were some parts of him that were blurry and transparent, while some of his parts seemed normal. The same went with Spirit of Fire, some parts on its body were blurry and some were normal. "Surprised?" Yoh and the others stared at him from top to bottom; he looked like he was half ghost and half human, literally. "As you can obviously see…I have returned, but not fully…"

"Let me narrate from the beginning…" Hao started to explain his story. "After Yoh delivered the final blow and left, I managed to use the last of my remaining Furyoku to revive myself; however, this is what I was only able to revive, fragments of my body and fragments of the Spirit of Fire. This was it, even if I recover my Furyoku, I can no longer return to my normal body; but I remembered that I read something before. In order for a human who is half a spirit to recover the remaining fragments of its body, he must perform a ritual."

"A ritual?" Anna said. Even if Hao was a spirit, she can't send him to the other side because he still has fragments of his human body.

"Yes. The ritual can only be done once by the caster, on the 31th day of the 10th month." Hao said. "Six hours before midnight, the caster must have the eighteen summoning stones. The eighteen stones will take form of eighteen creatures while they roam under the moonlight for six hours. At the stroke of midnight, the monsters will disappear and the stones will be absorbed by the caster. He who receives all the eighteen stones will be ten times more powerful than he was before!"

"Hao!" Yoh tried to slash him in half, but it just went through his body.

"Don't waster your time trying to hit the fragments in my body…" Hao said as he jumped back on the roof with Spirit of Fire. "I also made this thing a little more interesting; instead of only eighteen chosen monsters roaming around Funbari, I decided to make things liven up by summoning all the monsters in the forbidden world!"

"You did what?" Ryo fired a shot at Hao which unfortunately went through him.

"Like I said, stop wasting time trying to hurt me…" Hao said calmly. "The clock's ticking, by the end of six hours; I shall rise up and destroy all humans and worthless shamans in this world!" Hao disappeared after the flames of Spirit of Fire covered him.

Everyone sat down on the living room waiting; they have fixed the backyard, and it looked like the party was going to be delayed.

"I've got it…" Anna went inside the living room and sat down with a book in her hand. Finally, after fifteen minutes of reading over her spell books, she was able to find a remedy to the ritual that Hao performed. "You see this magic circle?" Anna showed them an illustration in the book. "Before 12:00 am, we have to gather the eighteen stones and arrange them in this circle."

"How will all the stones fit in here?" Chocolove pointed to the black and white illustration in the book.

"Idiot, we have to draw the circle on the ground!" Ren said while pulling on Chocolove's nose in the process.

"Actually, the circle has to be carved on the ground" Anna continued. "After all the preparations are done, Yoh must read this spell in order to break the ritual."

"Huh? Why me of all the people?" Yoh asked after getting glances from some of his friends.

"You have the strongest Furyoku among all of us here, that's why" Anna said. "I'll be beside you, just do what I do and everything will be fine."

"Sure, no problem with that." Yoh smiled quickly. "So now our only problem is the monsters. How will we find the eighteen stones if there are over a thousand monsters roaming around the area?"

"We have no choice but to split up then" Faust suggested. "It would take too much time if we try to find them in groups."

"I agree" Lyserg added. "So where will we carve the circle?"

"The best place would be in the cemetery" Ryu said.

"Okay, so here's the plan" Yoh instructed. "Each of us will split up in to different directions. When we have all the stones, we'll meet up in the cemetery. Let's make our deadline 11:00 pm so that we can have enough time to set up everything."

"How will we know when we have all the stones?" Tamao asked.

"With this…" Jun handed three talismans to each of them. "It's a homing talisman. When one of you receives a stone, just toss this in the air and it glow yellow then it will fly back to me. When I have eighteen yellow talismans, I'll signal all of you to come to the cemetery."

"Is everyone ready?" Yoh asked. They were all assembled outside, ready for the battle.

They all nodded. Everyone was already armed; Jeanne used Lyserg's angel while Pirika borrowed one of Jun's summoning talismans.

"Remember guys, nobody's allowed to die, okay?" Yoh smiled goofily. "Remember, when Jun gives us the signal, we have to get to the cemetery as soon as possible."

"Right!" everyone agreed before running out of the onsen in to separate directions.

Hao was on a tall building and he watched them scatter in to different areas from the onsen. He also saw his monsters roaming around the city; they were causing quite a havoc down there on the city; majority hid in their houses and locked the doors, the police were helpless against the monsters, and he saw some shamans who were not Yoh's friends, and they were fighting the monsters.

"This is going to be quite an interesting Halloween indeed, let's see if they'll make it…" Hao looked at a clock which was a short distance from the building. "6:30 pm…"


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