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Chapter 12: The Thoughts of an Ex-Avenger

"That's a La Chupacabra, a Mexican monster which likes to suck blood from goats according to belief" Lyserg said. He aimed at the small imp like monster and struck it in the chest. It disappeared but left no stone, this was starting to get irritating, especially for the shamans who have been searching for the stone for hours. Morphine left the pendulum and looked at Lyserg, who was starting to lose hope.

Lyserg then remembered what Yoh said, and it was to never lose hope. The other one which he always says is "everything will be alright".

"All right, let's go Morphine, we have a lot more ground to cover" Lyserg continued walking and looking for monsters. It wasn't too long before he sensed that there was another monster nearby. That too and because the place where he was at suddenly became foggy for no apparent and logical reason. "Okay, I know there's a monster hiding somewhere here, and whether you show yourself or not, I will destroy you!"

"My, you're a very aggressive boy now aren't you?" the monster said. It was another one of those talking monsters, but it was not spotted by Lyserg yet. "I am a vampire as you can see and it looks like you killed my pet."

"The La Chupacabra is your pet? It kind of makes sense since both of you like blood" Lyserg said. "Even if it was your pet, you're still going down along with it! Morphine! Oversoul in to the pendulum!"

"A duel it is then!" the vampire opened his palm and reached forward, the mist surrounding Lyserg and the monster turned into a red whip. The vampire grabbed the crimson colored whip which appeared in front of it. "Let's see who's better"

"You already know the answer to that! Homing Pendulum!" Lyserg aimed and fired his pendulum at the vampire. The monster tried to dodge it, but the pendulum was not going to stop until it has hit it. Then finally, it hit the vampire; however the wound was not that deep and the part that was hit was its shoulder.

"Heh, nice shot" the vampire slowly pulled the pendulum out of his shoulder. "…but it's going to take more than that if you want to destroy me that badly" Lyserg saw that the vampire's wound started healing, but very slowly. "Surprised? I have the ability to regenerate myself, lucky for you that this is only partial regeneration. Now, I believe its my turn." The vampire pulled on the pendulum that he still held in its hand and it then flew upwards. Lyserg was also pulled upwards due to the force, then the vampire suddenly pulled Lyserg up roughly so that he would shoot up slightly above it.

"Snake Bone Whip!" when Lyserg was at the right position above its head, he used his crimson whip to hit Lyserg hard as they fell towards the ground. Lyserg knew that he was not that good when it comes to aerial combat, so he had a hard time defending himself and avoiding the attacks. "Beat Thorn Barrage!" the vampire slashed the air and sent flying thorns to Lyserg. One hit from these thorns wouldn't hurt, a few hits might hurt a bit, but this was like a whole swarm of angry killer bees heading towards Lyserg's way.

"Morphine! Pendulum Revolution!" Lyserg performed an attack without knowing how to do it yet, but he was able to do it probably because of fear. The pendulum revolved so fast in front of him that is took form of a shield, allowing Lyeserg to block from the thorn attacks.

The two of them have already landed on the ground, both were still standing, but there were already a few rips in Lyserg's cloak. The vampire smiled and charged towards Lyserg, he in turn moved aside then behind the vampire. "Six Hundred Sixty Six Stabs!" Like Ren's Rapid Temple Assult, Lyserg's pendulum moved quickly and stabbed the vampire from one direction. There were a few misses and most of them hit the monster, but it was not yet out.

"Heh" the vampire chuckled softly. "Don't you just hate it when your enemy is a die hard?" the stab wounds that the vampire received regenerated, but very slowly. "Crimson Pillars!" the vampire's whip became as hard as a sword and then it planted the sword on the ground. Lyserg felt a sort of movement below his feet, realizing that the attack was coming from the ground, he quickly used the pendulum as a rope and ties it to a horizontal pole near the top of a nearby building. He rose up to the building before the attack could hit him. Just then, a numerous number of sharp pillars rapidly sprouted from the ground.

"Did you think I was done yet?" to Lyserg's surprise, the vampire was behind him. "Moon Strike!" Lyserg quickly let the pendulum release and let himself fall to the ground. He escaped the attack, but there was a long horizontal rip now at the back of his shirt. "You know, you are not worth my time." The vampire said to Lyserg as he tried to catch his breath. "You move slower than me and you can't block that good. If it weren't for your quick thinking and powerful attacking strength, then you would have been dead by now."

"Just you wait and see" Lyserg said while panting. "I will defeat you no matter what!"

"Hmph!" the vampire answered. "I will leave you for now, because like I said, you are not worth my energy. It is more fun to see you suffer from the wounds and the feeling of defeat, so I won't kill you just yet. I find humans like you fun to terrorize."

"Are you saying I'm weak?" Lyserg shouted. "If you leave now, I will still hunt you down and take revenge for defeating me. So you might as well finish the battle here, I'm not out yet, so why are you retreating?"

"Revenge? So you're the one Master Hao was talking about."


"Yes, the shaman whose goal was to destroy Hao for killing his parents, Lyserg Dithel. All you wanted is revenge, am I not right? That changes everything then"

"So what are you trying to say!"

"You keep following Master Hao and you're being a pest to him, so he ordered me to finish you off once I see you."

"That will never happen, I will never be satisfied if I do not avenge the death of my parents!"

"What will happen then?"

"What do you mean?"

"Your goal is to get revenge, what's next? What's next after that?"


"Revenge is a short term goal. Once you have attained that goal, what would you do with your self next? That's what happens when the only thing some people care about is revenge, they are so preoccupied with revenge that they don't know what to do next. Their world revolves around that very concept, they think that it's their only duty in life; but I can't blame you after all. I do feel pity for you in fact, giving up everything just for that, your studies, your friends, and even your guardian spirit in order to get stronger."

Lyserg continued attacking the vampire, who kept parrying the attacks with his sword. "Well, am I right?'

Lyserg halted for a while, his bangs covering his eyes as he looked down on the ground.

"Well? Am I right Lyserg Dithel avenger?"

Lyserg looked up at him and smirked, not what the vampire had expected. "Do you think I think my world revolves around revenge?" the vampire backed away slightly, but unnoticed. "I have grown up from the concept of revenge. I had to learn it the hard way. You were right, I used to give up everything just for revenge, I even gave up my closest friends just to get powerful; but they still accepted me as their friend even though I betrayed them, I'm very thankful for that. When I thought that Hao was gone, I began to think, what will I do now that I have avenged my parents?"

"You were right, revenge is a short term goal and sometimes its not even worth it; because I found out that revenge will only help you relieve the pain that you felt when a wrong is done to you. Aside from that, it has no benefit at all. Now, my goal is to protect the ones who are close to me and show them that I am doing great and am enjoying my present, not worrying about my past."

"Are you the avenger that Hao mentioned? It can't be you can it?" the vampire said.

"I am the avenged that Hao mentioned, it's just that I changed my view on things" Lyserg readied himself, he was going to give his all on this attack in order to finish the enemy. "Big Ben Attack!" a giant clock tower facing downwards fell on the vampire whom did not anticipate the attack and was therefore destroyed. The monster disappeared and what took its place was a dark green stone which turned into light green. The word written on it changed from "prejudiced" to "tolerance".

"So he really did grow up" Hao watched Lyserg retrieve the stone.

"Did you lie to the vampire when you told it that Lyserg Dithel was an avenger?" the shadowy creature asked.

"No I didn't lie, I just did not tell him that Lyserg has changed."

"So you were playing with it, even though it held one of the stones?"

"You are right there, I just wanted to test all of them to see if they can survive before midnight."


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