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The Fates have a plan, and it involves Hermione. What, you didn't think Fate wouldn't intervene in the war, did you?

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Sirius/Hermione; Remus/Alex (OC); Severus/Celeste (OC); Lucius/Narcissa; James/Lily; slight Harry/Ginny

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PROLOGUE – Plans of the Three Fates

A beautiful young women dressed in pure white robes, gazed into the portal opening before her, The young wizard known as Harry Potter, was fighting against the Dark wizard, Lord Voldemort. The Fates had been keeping close tabs on the progression of this war. Usually, they chose to not interfere in these matters, but this one was urgent.

The outcome of this war could change not only the wizarding world, but also that of the non magical mortals. It could make things better, or unbearable, depending on the outcome.

This war, was one that not only the Fates watched, but so did their cousins, Destiny, Hope, and several other Higher Beings, and sources.

In all actuality, the fate of the world rested on the young wizards shoulders.

"Brother, how much longer must we wait?" she asked.

The young man, also imperceivably beautiful, and also dressed in the purest of white robes, knelt next to her, and peered into the opening. The boy was visibly weakening. His will almost broke. He had hardly anything left worth fighting for. His parents were taken long ago, his godfather taken through the veil, just a few years previous, His mentor, The Headmaster of Hogwarts, taken a year ago, by a trusted...well, by Professor Snape.

While the boy, Harry Potter was his name, knew the truth, he knew the Professor had acted under the orders of Professor Dumbledore, to implement himself farther inside the Dark Lord's inner circle, and to save the soul of another boy. It had worked, as far as plans went.

The Fates had only been able to stand by and watch thus far, but always knowing they would intervene once the time was right.

"Come, Sister, tell us what you think."

"I think we should have names, to determine ourselves from one another." The smaller, yet still just as beautiful woman said, as she crossed the room, to kneel next to her Brother and Sister. The Brother smiled slightly at his smaller sister. An amused look was shared between the two women.

She peered closely into the opening. Things indeed were looking bad. The boy was moments from death. The young girl he'd loved was dead, just a few feet away. The Traitorous Death Eater, Severus Snape, was also dead. AS was the boy's best friend, Ronald Weasley. Few remained standing. Remus Lupin, Nymphodora Tonks, Hermione Granger, and the boy, Harry Potter, were the remaining on the "Light Side" On the "Dark Side", there was Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Rudolphus Lestrange, and of course, Lord Voldemort.

"I think, sisters, that it is time we call a meeting." The Brother Fate said sadly, as he gazed at the destruction caused by this one evil man.

"Yes, Brother." both sisters agreed, just as sadly. The two women closed their eyes, and chanted softly. The Brother waited patiently, knowing it would only be moments before everyone involved would arrive for this meeting.

Sometime Later

The Brother Fate looked around the long table, making sure all were present. His sister Fates, sat one to each side of him, Cousins Destiny, Hope, Faith, Love, Humanity, The directors of emotions-four young ladies-and finally the representatives for the Powers That Be. Astra, Melisande, and Alexander, were present.

"My sisters and I have called forth this meeting, to show you all what this war between the wizards, Voldemort, and Potter, is doing to their world. We fear that if we don't intervene soon, all will be lost." Brother Fate said, beginning the meeting.

His smaller sister stood, and waved her hands, chanting slightly. The portal they'd been watching through before once again opened, this time larger. "I urge you, to look in on them, see for yourselves the destruction taking place. See for yourselves, we must intervene soon, if we hope to save any of them."

The older Fate sister nodded. " I fear if we wait any longer, there will be no hop. We need to find the strongest of the lot, the one with purest of intentions, a level head, and knowledgeable. We must find The One soon."

All eyes were watching the battle intently. Several faces looked up, almost at once, the same horrified acceptance etched on their features. It was cousin Destiny, who stood and spoke. "Cousins, you know we must have clearance from The Powers."

"Yes, we do know." The Brother spoke.

"If we do get clearance, do you have a plan formed?" Cousin Hope asked.

The older sister now stood, ready to outline her plan. "Yes. We will chose the one. The One will be sent back into the past, with the strictest of instructions. Stop the deaths of James and Lily Potter, destroy the one called Voldemort, and set the steps for a brighter future. Once their mission has been completed, they will be sent back to their own time."

"You understand the weight you will be placing on this mortals shoulders?" Cousin Humanity questioned.

"We do." All three spoke.

"And have you chosen the one yet?" One of the timid directors of emotions, asked.

A look was shared between the three Fates. "We believe we have." Younger sister Fate answered.

"And The One would be?" Cousin Faith asked.

"Her." Brother Fate pointed into the portal.

"And she would be?" One of the Counselors to the Powers asked.

"Hermione Jane Granger, what the wizards term a 'muggle-born' witch. Her intentions in this war are pure, she's brilliant, often referred to as the smartest witch of her age."

Brother Fate took over from Younger sister Fate. " You see, She is the best choice, because she would be most likely to want to see the boys parents saved. TO see his godfather saved. To see the Dark Wizard, Voldemort, defeated."

"She is the best candidate. We believe she is strong enough, physically, emotionally, and mentally, to take this task, and complete it to satisfactory." The older sister Fate added.

Several heads nodded.

The Counselors, Astra, Melisande, and Alexander, stood. "We shall discuss your proposition with the Powers, and contact you with an answer." With that, the three left.

Everyone waited patiently. The three were only gone minutes, although to them, it had been hours.

"We have your answer." Melisande spoke.

Everyone turned to them, and waited anxiously.

"Your proposal has been accepted."

A breath of relief came form every power present. It was time in intervene. And now, maybe they could save many lives.

On earth, Harry, Remus and Hermione fought with everything they had. They were losing, and they knew it. Voldemort was hardly winded, and Lucius Malfoy, though winded was still fighting with every spell he knew. The Lestranges, were both struggling to remain upright.

All present were distracted, even Voldemort, when Hermione Granger suddenly started glowing white, brighter and brighter, until she was blindingly white, Harry, Remus, Lucius, and Voldemort all shielded their eyes, as she glowed. The glow suddenly vanished, and Voldemort immediately turned his wand in her direction.

Only, where Hermione had once stood, there was only open fields.

"An interesting trick, for a mudblood." Lucius sneered.

Harry didn't reply, because he was just as surprised by that turn of events as everyone else.

Higher Planes

Hermione Granger stood in front of the three extremely beautiful people. Surprise was written clear on her face, as she took in the pristine surroundings. A portal of sorts was open, and as she peered inside, she saw the scene she'd just left from. Anger coursed through her, as she looked at the individuals. "Why am I here? Who are you? Are you in league with V-Voldemort? Well?" Hermione demanded rapidly.

The three Fates shared an amused smile. Oh, yes. This girl was The One, no doubt.

"Lower being, you have been chosen." The older sister Fate began.

The younger one rolled her eyes. "Honestly, we chose her, no need for her to be called a lower being."

"WHO THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE?" Hermione yelled. She was confused, tired, hurt, and wanted to get back to the battle.

"We are The Fates. We called forth a meeting, and it was decided amongst us, that we would intervene. Your battle, was a lost cause. Your side, while brave, stood no chance of winning. It was a hopeless battle. We have chosen you, Hermione, to do our will, and save the future of your worlds." Brother Fate announced.

"Excuse me?" Hermione was bewildered. This was not possible, her logical mind insisted.

"The Powers That Be have granted us permission to intervene. We have Chosen you, to be the one to carry out our plans on the earthly plane. Do you accept you mission?" Older sister Fate asked.

"I'm sorry, but please, explain this to me. I don't' understand. What am I meant to do?" Hermione asked wearily.

The Three Fates explained her instructions to her, and Hermione listened as they outlined their plan. She weighed her options. In reality she knew they were right. If she stayed, and fought beside Harry ad Remus, and Tonks, they'd probably all die. No, they almost assuredly would, and the only hope was that Harry could take out Voldemort before his own demise. The battle was almost lost already, and here she was, given a chance to stop it all before it even started. She could save Harry's parent. She could save Sirius. Neville's parents, she could save so many others, and all she had to do, was agree to their plan.

The choice was already made and she knew it. If there was even the slightest chance of saving so many, she would take it.

"Your answer, Lower being?" The Older sister Fate demanded.

Hermione took a deep breath. "I accept."

"Very well." The three Fates said as one, as once again, a bright light absorbed Hermione.

She dissapeared from their Higher Plane, and the three Fates smiled, as they opened another portal.

"Good luck, Chosen."

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