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Chapter Seventeen

The muggle orphanage, as it turned out, was one Professor Dumbledore was very familiar with. It happened to be the exact muggle orphanage he had come to many years before, to find a young Tom Riddle. He could only imagine the significance of destroying this place to the Dark Lord, Voldemort.

A team of Auror's were assigned to watch duty, while many members of the Order were on alert, just waiting the signal to step in to action. They didn't have long to wait.

Within three hours of the notification that something would happen, the alert was sent out, and quickly Order members arrived on the scene. Bellatrix Lestrange was one of the first Death Eater's to arrive, and she quickly shot out a Killing Curse at one of the Auror's who managed to dodge it, just barely.

Quickly the orphanage was becoming a battlefield, and the children who had at one time occupied the tiny place were safely tucked away at another location. A quick confusion spell had allowed Dumbledore to easily convince the women working with the children to relocate them, due to a muggle gas leak.

While Auror's were busy engaging in battle with the Death Eater's, Dumbledore was biding his time, helping where needed, knowing that if he would show up at any battle, it would be this one. The Dark Lord would never be able to resist seeing the fall of the one place he'd detested so as a young boy.

Three Auror's were dead, and five Death Eater's were injured severely by the time the Dark Lord had arrived. Albus Dumbledore immediately stepped forward as the snake like man cried in outrage. "How?" he hissed.

Dumbledore merely shook his head. "How is not important, Tom." he told him, wisely.

"You old fool!" Voldemort said in outrage. "You'll pay for this dearly, old man. As will your precious Order. SECTUMSEMPRA!" he shouted in anger.

Dumbledore wasn't quick enough to ward off the entire spell, but had managed to deflect a lot of it. As a result, he had several minor cuts covering his face and body, but nothing detrimental.

In the end, Voldemort and his Death Eaters fled the scene, and the Auror's and Order took their dead and injured back to St. Mungo's. It was a disheartening victory. They had won this battle, but not without losses. It was a definite turning point in the war.

While the battle was waging in muggle London, at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry something else altogether was going on. Something that, as a former future Head Girl, Hermione really shouldn't have been participating in. There was a party raging in the Gryffindor Common Room. A party that was quickly swerving out of control.

Peter Pettigrew was doing impersonations of several Slytherins off to one side of the room, a group of giggling girls, including Angie were gathered around him. Remus Lupin was... "Oh, good lord." she muttered. He was drunk! And not only was he drunk, he was dancing atop the table in the center of the room, singing none other than "Werewolves of London." Sirius whistled, cheering him on, while laughing heartily.

James and Lily, the Head Boy and Girl of the school, were in a world of their own, in a far higher than PG-13 make out session on the sofa. Hermione choked back a laugh when Remus lost his footing and crashed onto the table top with a thud. She quickly grabbed a cup of punch and took a drink, nearly choking when she tasted the amount of alcohol added to it.

Sirius caught sight of her just after Remus fell. He waded through the sea of people until he reached her side. "Enjoying the party?" he asked, loudly.

She gave him a look that clearly stated how bad of an idea this was. "Relax, Martin... it's just a bit of fun." he said.

Hermione knew this was what was needed. Not exactly a party, but a release of tension. The war was quickly becoming serious, and no one was quite sure what the future held. Well, Hermione knew... but that was something else entirely. It was that reason alone that let her make the decision to not break the party up herself.

Several hours and many drinks later, Hermione found herself sitting in front of the fire with Lily and the Marauders as well as Alex and Angie. They were the few that were left awake, the others of their house having made it to their dorms, or passed out at least, several hours before.

"This is nice." Alex sighed contentedly into Remus' side. Remus for his part, was a bit sheepish after his display earlier. He remained quiet. Alex giggled. "My wolfie."

Hermione giggled then, using Sirius' arm around her shoulders to support her weight as he sat up.

"Think it'll always be like this?" Sirius asked, in a rare moment of well... seriousness.

"Like what?" Lily asked.

"This. This... nice. Us all together, no matter what. It should be this way, at any rate." Sirius muttered.

"We'll always be like this, mate." James said, smiling. He smirked then, waggling his brows. "We're marauders, after all."

"So bloody arrogant." Lily said, though this time, unlike all others, she said it with a smile.

"It should be this way." Hermione repeated, hoping and praying that with the Fates help, she could make sure it would be this way for a very long time.

Okay, the song... "Werewolves of London" If you've never heard it... it's a silly little song, that I like to sing to myself on odd days. It always makes me think of Lupin anymore though. came out sometime in the 70's, I heard it on the radio earlier today, and thus... it appeared here.