Oh my, you would not believe what happened to me this past month! I went to Asia! I went to the Philippines to do some volunteer work there--I heard Evangeline Lily (our KateÜ) had been there as well! Anyway, I'm sorry for leaving you guys hanging that way for such a time and I'm sorry that this one's short. I hope you haven't given up on this story (and on me) yet.Ü

Don't Move On

Chapter 12

Sawyer woke up so suddenly that he felt his head hurt, but it wasn't that that made him realize there was something wrong—for the first time in days, he woke up with his pants on; he instantly remembered what had happened last night.

He had very much wanted to shout at Kate for lying to him that way, but he knew that no matter how much he shouted, he'd still feel as betrayed. He had very much wanted to throw her out of his car, but he knew that doing that would only make him more worried than he already is. What he had very much wanted really, more than anything else, was to go back out their patio; to what could have been the lovely dinner he had so religiously prepared for. But instead, he pulled over the driveway of a fancy hotel, let the valet take his car, walked up the reception not noticing that it could be a consolation that they weren't wearing their normal clothes, went straight up to room 7217, threw his keys and his gun on the bedside table, took of his shirt not for the reason he had earlier planned when all of this had not yet happened, and went straight to bed trying to catch the sleep he didn't get until it was way into dawn.

Kate, on the other hand, with her blonde wig over her curls, watched all this as silently as she could. She had very much wanted to say something, anything to Sawyer, but she was scared that she might say something that would hurt even more. She had very much wanted to just laugh all of this off—The dress looked better on me when I had my curly hair, don't you think, she thought she would attempt—but she hadn't gone out of her mind too much for her not to realize that that would have been tasteless. She would have even gone as far as to seduce Sawyer and make love with him right then, but she realized that would be another betrayal, another lie.

So both of them just lay there, silent and not stirring, knowing that the other was still awake, dreading that sooner or later surely, tomorrow morning; they would have to say something, anything.

"I'm goin' back to the house—gettin' some things—you need anythin'," Sawyer just blurted out the moment Kate stirred, even when she isn't really awake yet.

"Hmmm? What? Sorry?"

Sawyer immediately turned his head towards Kate thinking that she was saying sorry for last night. But the sleepiness in her face was enough to tell him she wasn't. He got up, put on the shirt he had worn the previous night, and made straight for the door.

"Stay here," he said simply but firmly as he went out and closed the door behind him.

Kate looked at the door long after Sawyer had left. Then she got up, fixed her lopsided blonde wig, straightened her deep red dress, grabbed the hotel room keys, and made her own way out the door.

That was the quietest argument they ever had so far, and yet somehow, especially to Kate, it said so much.

Sawyer warily parked his truck in his own driveway and just as cautiously made his way into his own house to grab some clothes and cash. He thought he was making, what ironically was, a 'clean getaway' when somebody called out to him as he threw his stuff at the back of his truck.

"Mr. Ford, is it," called out a rather high but unmistakably formal voice.

Sawyer pretended not to hear, or better yet, he thought he'd pretend he wasn't 'Mr. Ford'; but the woman only made her towards him.

"Mr. Ford," the woman said again when she was already standing a few feet behind Sawyer who was still stacking up his stuff at the back of his truck.

"What," Sawyer said curtly, feeling the need to respond now.

"I would like to speak to you about what happened last night, if you do not mind… if you have the time."

Sawyer turned around to face the woman and tell her off, but he was slightly surprised to find himself in front of Janice, the next door neighbor who had shot her—whoever it was he shot Sawyer didn't really care—and who had ruined things for him and Kate, especially for Kate.

"I do mind and haven't got the time," Sawyer replied in a voice of forced patience and calm. He then slammed the door of the back of his truck and made his way to the driver's seat.

"I know what you do to her, Mr. Ford—what you do to Tina," Janice said firmly, but Sawyer knew she was no more than just desperately trying to get him to stay.

"Look, what happened to you was tragic, but you've ruined more lives than you could possibly know," Sawyer said in one breath as he plunged the key into the ignition and made to start his truck.

"Yeah, you do know a lot about ruining lives, don't you—keeping Tina locked up like that. I tell you I'm going to make sure you pay for that" Janice shot her eyes on Sawyer, but she was already shaking.

"You'll find that Tina would have been locked up in worst places," Sawyer replied through gritted teeth in no less than a whisper. Without waiting for her reply, he started pulling out of his driveway.

Janice eyed him dangerously. "We should have shot you last night too," she managed to say before she broke down into sobs and before Sawyer had drove away.